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  1. Cheers for the season lads No chance, I understand your just midunderstood
  2. Cheers lads, thought pilot was MOTM 2nd game!
  3. Yup, unless there only the two of us! Haha
  4. Cheers, I wasn't sure but thought it was a possibility. Dilemma aborted
  5. Gonna have a dilemma soon. Got Xbox one so unless I can find a 3mnth membership or summet might have call it a day for bap. Unless you can switch ya profile between the two?
  6. Hopefully all of us do. No talkin unless it's a moan at mo. onwards n upwards
  7. Took me ages to read all them posts on this thread! We all on tonight then?
  8. Sounds like they were close then, well I am all gigged out for now so normal service resumes
  9. So how did we get on? Agree there ain't much action in this thread tho!
  10. Heyup, scored a hat trick once n now riding the crest of a wave!
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