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  1. just enjoy what you have, even if its a laptop running on integrated graphics with a bunch of humble bundles and steam sale games.
  2. Those were clearly "take the piss" and "have fun" episodes. They all still have an ST vibe about them - exploration, encountering unknowns and dealing with them. Picard is just... crap
  3. Obviously ruined by the starting credits, but still had that OMG it's 7 of 9 feeling at the end!
  4. Ferrari went all out with their launch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXZCkDzHvbM
  5. If you have GamePass etc. you will always have a backlog!
  6. I just started ME3 on PS3, shall I wait? After all I have put off playing this for ages
  7. Rob advertising AWS, what has the world become
  8. There is a gap in the market for mobile PC gaming, but we're not there yet in terms of tech. Got to get smaller still.
  9. I am over a generation behind. Have a stack of PS4 classics (all bought on the cheap), haven't played other than to test them. Meanwhile, am finishing up my PS3 catalogue ever so slowly. About to start Mass Effect 3 this weekend! Still bought a Switch and played Mario and BOTW of course.
  10. What is up with the voice acting? It's like they're on their deathbed.
  11. I was hoping they would repeat Into the Breach, missed that little gem!
  12. Not really. All she has to do is consistently show a bit of humility and be nice when meeting new people, and people will soon forget the bad stuff. "All she has to do" being the difficult part for her, of course.
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