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  1. I'm hoping for more Cyber Sub-Zero style mixing up of established roles - Stuff like, say, Scorpion is framed for killing Sub Zero's family instead of the opposite, Sonya being in the Black Dragon - not specifically those actual examples, but that sorta ball park. It seems it might considering how Aftermath ended with certain roles being transferred to others.
  2. I dunno, I reckon it's still got merch potential.
  3. Playstation's shite response to cross-saving. With Xbox, it's a common thing in my experience that I'll be able to resume my game on Xbone, SX and, if supported, PC. I've been playing Resident Evil 4 on my PS4, then resumed it on my sib's PS5. And now I can't switch it back to PS4. No problem, I think, I'll resume a PSone game I've been playing on PSplus. Save doesn't even show up on my PS4 or the PC Plus program. It's a PSone game, surely whatever emulator they use should be able to interpret the save files, at least on the remote streaming consoles if nothing else. Pain in the arse.
  4. Yes! People moaned about it missing stuff or whatever, but they didn't get it: this is basically Resident Evil Arcade, designed to be blasted through multiple times.
  5. Interactive English Dictionary lol Not haven't played exactly but the Total War series is something I really want to play but for some ADHDesque reason just can't wrap my head around.
  6. Don't worry, he APOLOGIZED*! * And shortly after that was uploaded...
  7. Am I the only one who can't get on with these British-derived accents in fantasy settings? They always take me out of the experience for some reason.
  8. Oh hey it's the EXACT SAME FUCKING GAME again but with robots instead of ghouls or samurai or Lovecraft rip offs.
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