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  1. Can anyone give me some advice? I want to get into comics properly, specifically DC and Marvel and that ilk. I've tried a few times but one of the following always happens: I get overwhelmed by all the alternate timelines/universes running parallel A big company-wide mega-crossover happens that demands I buy loads more comics to understand it all and I say sod that Series abruptly start/end and I can't find a simple list of release news without lots of reviews etc From what sites I've looked at it's surprisingly difficult to work out what's ongoing, really. Maybe I need to find the right one. But yes, are there any good, ongoing, easy-to-get-into comics that are mostly self-contained (I don't mind the occasional crossover) right now?
  2. Yes, though that one in particular is a pisstake of such things (hence the fire and "ANGER!"). RE thread: Dunno if this counts but I swear the amount of waiting I do in MGS5 could be optimised better. Sitting in the chopper leaving mother base which is then followed by a loading screen for example. I assume the loading could have been done in the chopper bit.
  3. Blood dragon's is funny the first time but puts me off playing most of the time since.
  4. Indie games with stupid left-field run-on titles like "Oh Shit! My Genitals Are Now Wasps!" or whatever. Another vote for "sick of faux-8/16-bit", not just because there's so many but they're all starting to look the same. "Open a Ubisoft/2k/whatever account to continue." Overwatch copycats Also, long intro sequences put me off replaying games I'd normally happily restart. MGS5 and Mass Effect 2 are recent offenders. There should be a new game plus setting that puts you straight on Mother Base/The Normandy. Also this doesn't quite fit (since I'm actually playing them) but I'm playing the Shantae games and something I really don't understand is the combination of kid friendly jokes/dialogue/general art style and massive bouncing anatomically impossible breasts.
  5. Looks like Kelsey Grammer when it's all gone wrong for him.
  6. I'm happy you bought SS2, I'm sure you're really gonna enjoy it, it's fantastic. But bumping this topic and getting my hopes up makes me wanna shove your head up your arse.
  7. There was an awesome acid jazz rearrangement of Lost Woods on my music player years ago, I think it was called Follow the Rabbit. Must have been an oc remix but no luck finding it, booo. Edit: same situation with a chamber version of the ff7 world map theme.
  8. Can you play the aftermath story without finishing the main mode? Gonna play it on the sib's console, which I don't have a save for.
  9. I remember after 2/waiting for 3 that was a fan theory so popular that many just took it as a given. The real twist was, of course, that there was no twist. Something Mass Effect 3 ran with.
  10. Does this work like a genuine light gun then or is it sort of like a modified ps move?
  11. I haven't started this yet and have no immediate plans to, but might do so now just to annoy grindmouse.
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