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  1. The sib's been wanting to get into XCOM style games but found 'em too complex and doesn't have a PC for games. This should do nicely. I hope the Chimera Squad is recruitable in XCOM 3. I really wanna see Torque verbally rip Central a new one, etc.
  2. Well SOMEONE hasn't trained up a single Ranger with the Bladestorm skill, given them the Assassin's Katana and sent them off on their own into a mission with the Horde sitrep...
  3. Oh hey Yuffie is now every "bubbly" anime girl ever.
  4. There was a place that tried this once but only lasted a couple of months, allegedy because of selfishness on the part of customers who didn't get exact mega rare games they wanted. Also apparently someone complained when they got Shenmue? I hope this is more successful.
  5. Does anyone know if this will have the shop/upgrade elements from Ultimate? I liked the idea of those for a change but can't get on with the controls/physics of that game.
  6. I hope you're ready to blub all over again 'cause there are three pieces of free DLC on the way: More info and pics of the new characters here: https://thunderlotusgames.com/spiritfarer-roadmap-2021/
  7. I'm thinking a single Anger with the Unceasing Top?
  8. Free fake internet points in exchange for a PM?
  9. I In unrelated news in my second trilogy playthrough over this christmas I went with female Shepard + Garrus as a pairing. I'm a straight bloke but I think I worried some family members with how much I enjoyed Garrus's flicking between brooding Space Batman and awkward adorkable approach to the relationship.
  10. On both my big trilogy run-throughs everyone survived but Miranda who for some reason was just dead on the way back to the ship. I didn't mind.
  11. Dexter coming back: It's got the original series 1-4 showrunner: It's got Clancy Brown playing a baddie who appears to be part political man-of-the-people and part blue-collar pickup-truck brick-shithouse: Fuck it, set enthusiasm to maximum.
  12. In all seriousness, I loved it. Better than the original and Doom Eternal, and really strikes a balance between dark narrative and black humour. I did find some segments frustrating (the battle in the courthouse in particular was an exercise in anger management) but other than that it was great. The two halves of the game do a great job in having you feel knackered and vulnerable in the first and like an anti Nazi Ubermensch in the second, and the baddies are brilliantly hateable. I haven't played Youngblood yet but I will be soon, and I can't wait for 3, which I assume is gonna be called Wolf
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