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  1. Virtua Fighter 6? Saturn Mini? SEGATA SANSHIRO?
  2. Genuinely not sure if it's LGBT inclusive or poor modelling but that dopey-eyed lass with the helmet appears to have a magnum dong.
  3. The Drain Deimos in current graphics have the possibility of being nauseating.
  4. "Untested" when used in eBay game listings translates to "100% knackered, but I can get more money this way".
  5. Great season, but I notice that the actual Castlevania elements from the games have faded into the background. I would have expected it to time skip to Rondo of Blood, and the season after that to Symphony, then maybe Bloodlines or Aria. Surprised that they kept it in the same era. But yes, there were original plot points and characters they could have easily had things from the games on instead of. Such as: All in all, while I enjoyed it, I get the feeling that the writers adapted a previous story they'd written into a Castlevania story.
  6. As someone who always likes the idea of manager sims but is massively intimidated by all the massive stat screens on the Football Manager games, would I be alright with this?
  7. Nick4 must be Perfect Dark?
  8. It is indeed Barry when he spots the pool of blood in the original Resi!
  9. Agh he beat me to Chu Chu Rocket. Also this is the best thread in the history of everything. Some of these might be a little tricky: RJ1: https://voca.ro/a1DXgq60gzS RJ2: https://voca.ro/iqSYNrzd2qf RJ3: https://voca.ro/8OBjzeDsPJS RJ4: https://voca.ro/oeY78Eri8T6
  10. Update, while my above post's questions are still open, I've bought NMS for PC now as only being on PS4 meant I could only play at family's, plus mouse control will probably help with building etc. Plus, starting again means I can pay closer attention.
  11. Right, I've been muddling around and some things are starting to become clear. I went back to that one original mysterious signal and claimed/repaired the big ol'space lorry that was there. I've also got a scientist and another helper lad at my incredibly basic two room base. I've learned a fair amount of Gek, been around the friendly Unicron anomaly and done a bit of the main story. I still somehow feel lost though. What tips would people give me? I've mainly been jumping around gathering materials to repair slots on my ship and new multitool. Also, electrical circuits. I know they look simple but I just can't get my head around them. I think it's the UI. If I want to power a gateway, say, do I daisy chain a solar panel, battery, switch and then the gate in that order?
  12. Oh yeah, forgot about that. There was a lot, especially at the start. Sounds like someone trying their hardest to keep quiet during a knee trembler.
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