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  1. Best method is to get them to come after you. Inch forward, shoot them up, then back peddle shooting until the zone is cleared and move forward. Can't believe people needed to glitch this. You just need a bit of luck in the first and last section.
  2. That's like comparing Resi 1 and 2. Totally different pacing / atmosphere. 2 has way more action. The last part is like Streets of Rage.
  3. Man, I forgot just how chilled out the game is. The music when you're just walking round the garden and into town must drop your resting heart rate by 20 bpm or something. It's a reminder of what we're missing nowadays also. Nobody is really really pushing tech like they did back then. It took at least 5 years for everyone else to catch up with what was achieved here. When was the last time that happened? Half Life 2 in 05?
  4. There's a part during the demo when the whole ray tracing stuff really clicked with me. I was jumping up onto some platforms and you see the light change as you get higher and higher until there's an enemy above. Really stood out as a 'woah' moment to me as nobody in their right mind would put that much effort into such a mundane lighting situation. I'd love to see full ray tracing implemented into more old games. Ray traced shenmue? come on! lol it'd be amazing.
  5. Ray tracing is incredible but I think it's one of those things you need to experience not see in screenshots. Nvidia are selling this as the next big leap, however it's not true ray tracing as it uses some AI trickery to do the ridiculous amount of math involved to 'predict the light'. You can download the Quake 2 demo and see what it's like. http://amietia.com/q2pt.html There's no way this stuff will be running much higher than 1080 at 60fps. The tomb raider demo was 1080p at 30fps btw with RTX switched on.
  6. Shit. They actually replied to my ultra wide screen post on Steam. + points Sega.
  7. Looks shit tbh. I've followed them since the XFM days - easily their best work. Karl isn't as dumb as he makes out (listen to the early shows) and when he started bitching about money people got sick of him; the guy is a millionaire or close to it. The schtick doesn't work when you're rich pretending to be a normal northern lad. He was head of production at XFM then he got on air with ricky. He should have kept doing the idiot abroad stuff imo, if Merchant says it isn't working anymore then it isn't.
  8. What fucked up his life so bad he needed 17 limited edition copies of Shenmue?
  9. Shenmue Doji has a good breakdown. Original DC mag photo. That makes sense as I recall originally the boat part was supposed to be the start of 2 - he fights chai again. So... Shenmue II was 2-5 - the very, very start of 5.
  10. Ok, so for those playing ultrawide you can hex edit 21:9 in. Most of the emu fixes work and there's already a page on steam for bug fixes. Assuming once the dust has settled we'll get something like the apex emu version. 60 FPS with the reshade.
  11. Yes. Just waiting on the widescreen gaming guys to confirm if it'll be 21:9. Looking forward to hearing the 'dun dun deeeernnnnnnn' noise again. Had it as my message noise years back.
  12. There wasn't much CGI in Fifth Element it was mostly filmed like Independence Day with tiny buildings etc. Never seen the blu ray so I'm not sure how well those effects hold up but ID4 looked awful.
  13. Correct. LG and Samsung are pushing 21:9 pretty hard atm on the pc side. I think that'll become the new standard down the line - films look incredible on it. RE: 144hz. https://www.nvidia.co.uk/coolstuff/demos#!/g-sync Be interesting to see peoples reactions if this demo was used in show rooms - flicking between 60 and 144hz. It's a pretty incredible way to illustrate how amazing things look when everything is running as intended.
  14. Messed about with a few setups now and 4k seems basically pointless if it's not at 144hz. Once you've seen games running at 75hz and above the upgrade in resolution isn't worth it. I'd say in a few years when you've got 4k UW at 144hz you'd have reached gaming perfection - for third person and fps anyway. I'm more intrigued what sort of aspect ratio we'll eventually end up with now given the tug of war between games using more vertical and tv companies pushing wider and wider displays.
  15. This is a random update to a 3 year old game and konami want to diminish any credit he takes, so it wouldn't be shocking at this point considering they've already removed his name from most things.
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