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  1. Just thought I'd mention that Sainsburys are doing their 'double up' nectar points vouchers until 31st March. So if you had £20 worth of points you can claim a voucher in store for £40 to spend on this.
  2. Can't change driver after Qualifying
  3. Impressive stuff from Sauber, must be very happy with that. Nice to see Ferrari on the podium too even if it is Vettel. Alonso has made the worst career move in history.
  4. I know Verstappen must of been a bit pissed off but come on lad, give the fans a wave!
  5. I only switched on at 5, why is Bottas not racing?
  6. Wow I knew McLaren weren't going to be in the top 10 or anything but that was fucking terrible. Red Bull looks shit too, TR looked better with 2 drivers who have never driven the track before. Shame nobody is anywhere near Merc though, was hoping for a 3 way fight with Williams and Ferrari. Do hope Manor sort themselves out, if only to give McLaren someone to race.
  7. This is excellent and running very nicely on my 2013 iMac via boot camped Windows 8. I toned down the 'tilt shift' under graphics options as I don't really like the effect personally but other than that it's nice and smooth on full settings (so far, will see when I have a sprawling metropolis). Everything is just so logical, especially if you have played a Sim City before. For example simply right click to cancel a road placement, middle button for tilting the view. You can also rebind keys which I had to do for page up/down on my Mac keyboard.
  8. Excellent reviews all round it seems, I particularly enjoyed the Lazy Games Review vid 2 hours until I can spend 4 or 5 hours resetting and restarting and making sure my first road and residential zone is in exactly the right place.
  9. Really looking forward to this tomorrow, it looks great. I haven't watched many streams as I want to find out for myself what works and what doesn't. Also very chuffed with myself for sticking to my principles by never buying the most recent Sim City, despite being a lifelong fan of the series. Probably old news but I just read that you can have the cars driving on the left hand side of the road, nice touch!
  10. I made this mistake but fortunately was able to get a full refund. Would not even load up. I found a used DS cart on eBay for £6 and currently really enjoying it on my 3DS
  11. The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and for a Brirish spin on the genre, Straw Dogs
  12. Jim


    Was browsing the British films selection on US and saw a little indie film called Sightseers, about a brunmie couple who go on a caravaning holiday in the UK. Did not expect it to be one of the most darkly hilarious films I have seen in years. Would totally recommend!
  13. Jim


    Been meaning to watch this, thanks for the tip. Watched The Prestige last night, can't remember which region it was on though. Really enjoyed it and can't believe I hadn't see it before.
  14. Jim


    Watched Irreversible last night. Have never pysically put my whole fist in my mouth before this. Do not watch this film. That is all.
  15. Jim

    Nintendo 3DS

    Used the last code, thanks!
  16. Jim


    I think I saw all these on Netflix: Let the right one in Sinister Kill list
  17. I'm enjoying returning to this. Some things still annoying me though: - Very hard to see the track name/country, would be nice if this was more prominent. - Visuals are too dark. Needs a gamma adjustment slider. I'm having to adjust my TV settings just so I can see it properly. - Would be nice to be able to change the car colour on the car selection screen. I'm sure there's a way you can change it but why is it not on this screen Haven't done many races with other cars yet so can't comment on the AI improvements yet.
  18. Just downloaded this and going to give it another shot. Noticed space in rllmuk Cosmos, so have requested an invite to that - hope that's ok, will be playing regularly but not to a great standard
  19. I never spent mine and have 12,000 to spend. Just tried to add a red Pikmin keyring (1700 points) to basket and it says "you do not have enough stars".
  20. I quite liked the voices, especially Riki when he calls Melia 'Melly' so cute However, I literally did a little shudder every time Sharla announced she could do with a shower.
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