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  1. Really enjoying my return to the GT series. It's a good challenge getting golds, although I'll have to settle for silvers in some. Fuck getting gold in that X-Bow, can barely get it round the corners.

    AI seems suspect on these 'Missions'. Lost count of how many times I was doing well at Silverstone on the GTR, only to be violently shoved off on the last few corners by the rival red one. Funny how he doesn't get disquified for it. Infuriating and also brilliant at the same time.

    I'd love a few more forumites on my friends list for comparing times and maybe online racing once unlocked. ID is Jim_835

  2. Got mine in the post today.

    Update took justt under 10 mins on my 60gb fibre and 8 or so to install. There was then a minor patch in game which took seconds.

    Haven't played a GT game since I think GT2 or 3 so was eager to play this. Just did the tutorial which was slightly annoying with the pop ups reminding you to brake for corners!

    Initial impressions are that it looks lovely, I like the between the race UI. I can notice the sub standard frame rate in the in car view though - although I never use that anyway. Prefer above car or with the dials only.

    Bought my Honda Jizz. Fun times ahead!

  3. I'll tell you something missus, so far I've seen more marketing on the Telly for PS4. Feels good, like when the Log adverts first came out. Hardly seen any one ads.

    Seems to be the other way for me, seen plenty of Bone ads and a huge poster/billboard campaign in my part of Bristol.

    Only saw my 1st TV PS4 ad yesterday, the Driveclub one. Looked awesome, just pure game footage no faff.

  4. Aliens Colonial Marines at £3.39, not sure I would play that piece of shit again if you paid me the £3.39. Think I lasted less than 15 minutes before returning it to lovefilm.

    I feel genuinely sad for people that paid full price for that. So much wasted potential.

  5. Got Mario 3D World delivered today.

    It's for my boy for Xmas.

    He won't know if it doesn't have a sealed wrapper on.

    Bought 5ltr tub of ice cream and 12" pizza. No work tomorrow, kids at school.

    At 9am I shall be having all the Mario. I feel ashamed of myself.


    I couldn't do it. The thought of having to pretend to my kids that I'd never played the game before filled me with guilt.

    I shall wait for Xmas day. I want to discover this game with the kids, want to see the smiles on their faces and not have to pretend I just worked out how find a magical super power up.

    I will be picking up WW HD tomorrow though and play that in secret haha!

  6. I bought the poverty spec pack last year and still haven't got round to picking up Wiimotes and a sensor bar, what would be the most cost effective way of getting a couple of official motion plus controllers and a sensor bar?

    I bought 2 of the Wii Party U packs from Game for £31.99 each (think they are same price at amazon now). I took the games out and sold them as new on ebay for £20 each, they sold within 3 hours of listing. So, basically, got the Wiimotes (with motion plus built in) for £12 each.

  7. Don't worry - someone will be along soon to confirm that you're not actually having fun, that's not possible anymore since the PS4 and XBone are out and they instantly make everything on the Wii U obsolete. Mario 3D is last-gen and can't possibly hope to compete with Knack and Ryse. Also, millions of other people you don't know haven't bought one.

    Sorry to be the one to break the bad news :(

    Not here! Not in this thread!

    This is the thread of joy, happiness and lovely bright colours. Where gamers who smile while playing games come to!

    The place where nobody complains about sequels and remakes! The place where resolutions and gigafloppys are never even discussed!

    If you don't smile at the picture below you do not belong in this place!


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