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  1. Ys. Think "ease", not "wise". I suggest a quick edit, Mr. Jeff spotted the faux pas but he might be lenient and only slaughter your firstborn if you show willing, who knows.

    Eek! I even read that a few months ago. I had been calling it Y's for 25 years since I had one of the early ones on the Master System. Also, autocorrect!

  2. Also, I get far too much enjoyment out of dashing into, and knocking over, the guy in town carrying all those apples. "you fiend!" indeed... :blush:

    Yes great fun, until you do it too many times and get locked up in jail for your antics!

  3. I guess, also, everyone these days has a tablet or phone and games on those are comparatively cheap and easy to get hold of and similar in power.

    It's the controls on a Vita that sold me, I could never play an FPS, racer or platformer on an ipad

  4. Finally got my 32gb card in the mail and installed a backlog of PS+ goodies.

    My son loved Lego LOTR and I had a blast on Sine Mora, I didn't even know this was a side scrolling shooter - haven't played anything like this in years. I love the art style and boss fights, great fun.

    Also got a grip which makes things so much more comfortable http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B009NWGZ1O/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?qid=1380570608&sr=8-2π=AC_SX110_SY165

    Will play these over the net few weeks: VLR, Unit 13, Velocity Ultra, Katamari, Gravity Rush (couldn't get into this before, but seems to be well received), UC:GA and Rayman Origins

    Why is this console not selling, it's wonderful with great games. Maybe bundle it with a PS+ sub?

  5. My first Vita installs were FFVI and FFIX

    If any of you guys have friends list room it would be great if you could send an invite my way, if only for comparing high scores etc - I don't get to play online as often as I'd like anymore. Thanks!

    PSN: Jim_835

  6. I got the iOS manual app. It's pretty good. Has a google maps style interactive map which actually helped me find one of Trevor's bail bond quest targets because of the extra graphical detail.

    Edit: the manual also explains that when one of your purchased vehicles is trashed is returned to your garage. Or the impound centre. I think someone asked about this earlier in the thread

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