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  1. Not everyone's cup of tea but I like Farming Sim 2013 Only other things I play on mac are borderlands 2, FTL and WoW. I nearly bought Prison Architect the other day, but couldn't justify £20 for a buggy alpha. Will get this on release for sure though.
  2. Jim

    The Last Of Us

    Just ordered through Simply Games, hope it comes early, if so I'll be using them for GTA V
  3. Decided to buy 2 club nintendo codes from ebay for £8 each and claimed AC as my free download. As good as Luigi and DK look, I really couldnt see myself playing through them, i've become a bit fussy in my game choices lately! Lego undercover was tempting for my 4 y/o boy, but would probably be a bit tricky for him. Hope I get the code early on the 14th, going to be a special day with The Last Of Us out on the same day!
  4. My hype level for this is now through the roof. I want to sleep until the 14th
  5. Thanks for the info on the controls guys. Might well d/l this today
  6. Just tried Phoenix Wright HD trilogy on my ipad, first few cases are free. Never played these games before, although have been trying for a while to get a DS one cheap on ebay. Very impressed so far, was a great feeling exposing the lies in the first case. Going to try the next free one and will almost definitely buy the trilogy.
  7. If anyone has played SW Kotor on iOS yet I would love to hear any impressions of the control method. Would not want to drop £7 on this only to get frustrated and delete it 5 mins later. Thanks. £6.99
  8. I've thought about getting the promo code for this and decided to just download from eshop on release day (or is available to d/l at midnight?). I need to be playing it day 1
  9. I really don't know how I feel about the event. I laughed out loud at the name announcement of Xbox One though, even Infinity, 720 and Durango seem more appealing. I kinda like the look of the box and controller, but honestly can't see myself talking to an xbox and opening a web browser whilst watching a film. Wont ever use it for watching TV on either thanks, I have a Sky box for that. Its's down to the games for me, whichever has the best looking new IP's/exclusives.
  10. Thanks, added all from the front page. Really can't wait for this to come out, haven't been this excited for a game for years. Nothing lately has kept me interested for more than a few hours.
  11. Long time lurker, first time poster here. I'm really looking forward to this and pretty much got a 3DS for it. I have no Nintendo friends yet though, can you guys add me. I would love to visit some towns and chat here about the game. Code is 4785-4889-4937 Thanks!
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