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  1. I'm really enjoying reading these, thanks for doing it - a really fascinating read. Lethal Weapon, Full Metal Jacket or Bill and Ted!
  2. Jim


    Just binged all the Black Mirrors, fucking excellent.
  3. Mad Max trilogy 2001 This is England Dead Mans Shoes Nikita Old Boy Hard Boiled Zatoichi
  4. I can thoroughly recommend Motorsport Manager to anyone with an interest in F1 or sim/management games. Highly addictive time sink.
  5. Fucks sake this is the first time PSN being down has been a problem for me, wanted to watch the footie on th PS4 Sky app.
  6. Very rarely replay games, even if they are great. Only one in recent memory was TLoU.
  7. Jim


    Watched Get Santa with the kids and really enjoyed it, their fave scenes were Santas 'mean face' and when the female copper gets poo in her face. Also watched Blue Ruin late last night, incredible, tense and very violent. Brilliantly shot and after checking IMDB the director unsurprisingly has a history of being the cinematographer. Might seek out some of his others. Would not of known these 2 films existed without this thread, so thanks guys!
  8. Just asked my 8 y/o daughter : Minecraft Subway Surfers Toca Nature Toca Town Toca House Pretty much all of the other Toca Boca games Township Crossy Road Minion Rush Jelly Band Also we got Monument Valley yesterday and that seems to be going down well
  9. I was just about to buy The World Ends With You for my iPhone 6 but saw in the reviews that a lot of people have had problems with it not working on iOS 8. Does anyone have it on a 6 that could see if it runs ok? Thanks
  10. Just tried the MC raid again, think it's had a nerf as its much easier now. Didn't get booted and done in just less than 1.5 hours
  11. MC is mental, how they expect 40 randoms to communicate and organise a raid I have no idea. It's the trash that's the problem, or rather the fact that nobody understands what a patrolling mob is (remember those?) and that maybe it would be safer to pull things back 40 yards. Expect many deaths on every pull. The bosses themselves are actually fairly easy, decursing is a pain because now we have a cool down, doesn't stop the full caps screaming of MASS DISPELL US!!! Yeah, that won't work on curses. In a way it was like the 40 mans back in the day, just these days people seem so much more impatient and just expected to face roll it and collect their epic. So, after a shaky start the group I went with started getting into a decent groove and calmed down a bit. We got go over the bridge after Baron Geddon and BOOM - everyone gone booted from the instance. Complete waste of 1.5 hours!!
  12. Garrisons appear to be broken again
  13. Once I got logged in last night it was great, not a single lag spike and the zones look so much better when mobs are all present I don't see how the queue issue will resolve itself now as I can't see people leaving the game in the next few months as it seems like a very good xpac. Free transfers is the only real answer I think.
  14. Very much enjoyed Chronicle last night, wouldn't of known it was on if not for the list, so thanks!
  15. I knew it would be busy tonight so got the missus to queue me when I was 2 hours from home. That was 3 hours ago and I'm still 1200 in the queue, so probs another 2 hours? This is on Dunemaul which last week was a medium pop realm. I'm usually quite patient with Blizzard but honestly this is taking the piss. Just before 6.0.1 I was defending them saying the launch would be fine. 6.0.1 was a complete fuck up and I ended buying Windows for my Mac just to make it playable. They have completely and utterly failed to meet the demand.
  16. Every single server is 'locked' with 2 hours queues if you have a char on them. Presumably they've capped the realms again like last night.
  17. I'm done with this, single player mode is ok but the lack of online even for time trialling and challenges has killed it for me. Disappointment of the year. Fortunately it was a rental from Boomerang. Will return it today, hopefully it won't come back.
  18. Just rejoinedl boomerang and put this top of the list and it's been dispatched already. As I tend to get bored of racers pretty quickly suits me fine!
  19. Amazing demo, loved it. I found it easier to play on the gamepad though, which surprised me. It was, as previously mentioned, the placement of the buttons in the pro controller. Kept messing up a simple Y tap, I'm sure I'll get used to it though. Gold, Gold, Silver was the best results I got after 2 plays through. Feel like I need to rest my hands for a few hours now!
  20. Looking forward to playing this tomorrow. Pro controller works I take it?
  21. Loving Simmys clip, presumably there's no in race music so you can add your own Benny Hill music after. Despite the reviews I'm still hopeful that I'll enjoy this. If the handlings good and it looks so gorgeous tbh I can't see me not enjoying going at it over those Scottish vistas. As I was typing this C4 showed an advert for it. http://blog.eu.playstation.com/2014/10/02/watch-new-driveclub-tv-ad-now/ Lol FH2 advert straight after.
  22. I feel like I should know what Autolog means, as it's been mentioned a few times now.
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