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  1. Picked this up this morning and it just completely absorbed 4 hours of my life. Skipped lunch and also played it while having a dump. Delightful stuff. The game is pretty good too.

  2. I think I'm done with this game. I like it but feel like I've seen all it has to offer. Got the best gear I can without doing the raid - which I have no intention of doing.

  3. Yeah, normally you can, but the queens wrath missions only have the one icon on the mission select. When you get in game it adds 2 more, but you cant see what they do.

    Sorry you are right and thanks for the link!

  4. Ok Xur is up

    He's downstairs in the hangar, in a little lounge area

    He's selling:

    Titan chest: 13 coins

    Hunter helm: 13

    Lock helm: 13

    Syria Regime! AR: 23 (I have 24 coins phew)

    Exotic helmet engram: 23 MOTES

    Also some upgrades to the sparrow for 23 coins each, they give it more durability and a purple or green 'contrail while boosting'

  5. Just soloed the 'very hard' story part on black garden. Very hard indeed! Died 24 times and took 1hr 20mins.

    Got purple helm as reward, already have an exotic in that slot fml Edit: got the helm 3 times in a row... 4 times now

  6. Won't mention the stream name on here but

    If you go to Reddit F1 page there should be a link to a stream named after a woodland animal with a bushy tail. Always worked well for me.

    Brb going to check if I can see any squirrels down by my local stream.

  7. Is adjusting to hard difficulty the same as the "heroic modifier" for bounties?

    Yes, you can see the little icons above where you select mode (ie hard mode level 20) if you cursor over the icons one says heroic and there are other modifiers applied sometimes.

  8. You will only level up a talent spec by having it 'equipped' your previous spec will not gain any progress to the next unlock.

    After you hit 20 you will still gain experience for your talent specs.

  9. Just completed a bounty for not dying on a strike, quite chuffed about that. On the previous attempt I got to the last boss and died when he was on 10% or so. I know they were only 'normal' difficulty, but still!

  10. Also I can understand the negative reviews for this even though I love it. The story is ok but presented very badly, no character development and the world is incredibly bland. But when actually in combat it's just brilliant, strikes are my fave. I love levelling and looting and improving gear and the game is great that. I'm doing *ok* at PvP but not really enjoying it, very frustrating getting nuked before I can react, I guess it's my age though :)

  11. The first time I did the moon strike I died something like 35 times and we all stayed in the first room - killed adds and shrieker then nuked boss when we could. I've heard going to this room basically causes mobs to spawn infinitely.

    Best way is to get straight into the main room, ignore boss until all mobs dead then nuke boss while circling the room around the pillars. Weak spot is his stomach iirc. The adds will stop spawning after a while.

  12. Got a Titan to level 20 earlier and thought I'd try it's secondary class. You have to start the whole talent tree again, which is fucking stupid because I went to do some low level Patrol quests and couldn't even double jump to get to some of the objectives, kept having to switch back to main spec to jump up a ledge. Retarded.

    Love this game though btw. Have a blue in every slot except heavy weapon. Pew pew

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