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  1. I had an email from them today with codes for the preorder bonuses. Hoping they'll ship it tomorrow to arrive Thurs or Fri.

    Really looking forward to playing this again, will play on hard with listen mode off I think. Only had 1 play through on PS3 (and a fair bit of MP) and sold it before the Left Behind DLC.

  2. If anyone else has a spare PS4 code I would be extremely grateful, especially as I don't have to work all day tomorrow.

    Edit: got one, thanks to Bobbyinterwebz

  3. Hi all, long time WoW player here since release but haven't played much since my old guild on Dunemaul left to play SW:ToR. Haven't found a friendly guild since and the odd LFR here and there been soul destroying!

    I'm quite keen on the idea of levelling a new char on your server if you'll have me. I would migrate a char but tbh I like levelling and now heirlooms are cross realm I can do it pretty quickly.

    Is there any class or role you guys are lacking? I've levelled all to 90 and have no major preference, except I don't like to tank raids particularly.


  4. Bioshock and Far Cry

    Can't say for sure what it is I dislike about Bioshock. Never played the 2nd and tried Infinite on PS+ and hated it.

    I got hyped for Far Cry 3 due to decent reviews and lovely looking screenshots. Was so disappointed in the opening few hours that I traded it in. The reason? Shockingly bad frame rate, truly terrible and ruined any sense of immersion in the world. Made my eyes hurt.

  5. Only played for an hour or two and seems alright. Played a few games of the competitive mode and quite enjoyed that, however, the voice over can fuck right off.

    Was expecting more from the graphics as well if I'm honest, nothing next gen going on here. I know it's an alpha but hope it gets a decent amount of attention before release.

  6. The multiplayer mode was excellent, if a little limited.

    Plus I was actually half decent at it, unlike most online games. I think the slower pace suited me more than the usual fast paced shooter.

  7. If anyone plays around 12 noon to 4pm GST, let me know? I am 7/8 hours ahead of you.

    Any other asian players other than Tyagi, Farrows and bobontheway?

    Shimmy, I will have my revenge..

    I play during the day, NNID old_smelly_socks

  8. I can't decide if I love this game or hate it. The action and shooty stuff is great and the world is beautifully created and a joy to explore. I can live with the clichéd chars and plot.

    However, every now and again something fucking annoying happens and spoils everything. Yesterday I chased after guy who committed a crime, and a witness dials the cops saying 'shots fired' (not by me). Great, I think to myself, I can see if they arrest him. Nope - they come after me with their x ray goggles.

    Tonight it was the hacking mini game where you have to change the switches to complete the circuit. It was ok the first time, but after the third or fourth time - no thanks!

    And the in car music is shit.

  9. Realised late last night that pressing any of the four directions while jumping off ramps does little tricks (back flips, front flips etc)

    Love this game, need some serious practise though, can't compete against you lot :)

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