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  1. I feel exactly the same Jamie John. I love the genre and always have since FF6 on SNES. In the last 5 years or so though I have only completed P4G and Ni No Kuni. I was absolutely in love with Xenoblade and genuinely think its one of the best games I have ever played (played 30 hours or so) and then I got distracted by another game and haven't returned to it since. I've had plenty of time lately to play games so it's not a time issue. I also bought Bravely Default 2 weeks ago and currently at 20 hours in and starting to get bored of it. I kinda like the story and chars but I think I've grown out of the turn based battle system. I just started to stick it on auto battle and fast forward, which is hardly fun. I know I'll buy X though, hopefully it will come in the middle of a games drought so I don't get side tracked!
  2. Jim

    Mario Kart 8

    This arrived from Game this morning. It's for my boys birthday next week. No way I'll be opening it and playing it during the day while he's at school. Nope, no way. Any new players can add me: old_smelly_socks
  3. Nice line up. Looking forward to Trine 2 the most. Vita players who never got Dragons Crown are in for a treat, great game.
  4. Jim

    Nintendo Wii U

    Have you tried Lego City Undercover? There's loads of content in there and it's so much fun to play. Really enjoyed it. Regards, Gravy loving man child.
  5. Jim

    Nintendo 3DS

    I got Bravely Default yesterday morning and have clocked in 10 hours play already. Brilliant so far, loving the art style and job system the most. Hopefully I'll actually finish this one If you're a fan of the genre, look no further.
  6. Jim

    Nintendo Wii U

    Will definitely be playing MK8 online. Those that haven't added me, feel free: NNID is old_smelly_socks
  7. Jim

    Mario Kart 8

    Get him to stick at it. My 4 year old (5 next month) got a WiiU for crimbo and 3D World is his most played game. After a few days he just played the first few levels and was all over the place. 4 months later he's on the mushroom levels and has 225 out of the 230 stars to unlock the next bowser level. It's simply mindblowing to me how he's progressed. Same with Lego City, he used to struggle with steering the cars and completely avoid using them. Now he's amazing and started doing the timed race challenges.
  8. Jim

    Nintendo Wii U

    Preordered MK8 at Game for £39.99. Comes with a wheel too. Wind Waker for free? Yes please.
  9. Just changed my light bar settings to dim and it didn't temporarily blind me when I scratched my cheek. Result!
  10. This is great, would not of noticed it without seeing this thread. Got promoted (just) in my first season and received a beating in my first cup game against one of the top teams. Hired a new midfielder and improving my original squad, hopefully will survive in the next league. Not sure what Edge were smoking, watching the matches is brilliant. Had some really tense games so far.
  11. This sounds great and I have £7 Nintendo balance towards it.
  12. Jim

    Destiny: FIN

    Anyone had a code from another retailer?
  13. Anyone online tonight to invite to Linkshell and/or FC if we have one?
  14. I tried for a few hours with the pad and just can't get used to it. Dug out an old USB k&m and works perfectly. Really enjoying this, managed to create a Conjurer on Moogle, anyone online tonight to throw me a FC or LS invite?
  15. Played for a few hours on Moogle. Wasn't happy with my chars appearance so started again and Moogle was not accepting new chars! Have started again on Phoenix, might make one on Moogle when/if they increase the capacity
  16. Early access open now, did my PS3 to PS4 transfer via the website. Only took a few clicks. As I had the Beta 2 client on my PS4 already it was just matter of downloading the latest patch which took about 3 mins. I am ready. EDIT: the actual PS3 install and update took forever last night though!
  17. Jim

    The Last Of Us

    While not a spoiler as such I would advise anyone who's not played it to completion to avoid that. It's was so unexpected I was totally in awe. My favourite scene in the game by far, never felt so attached to a video game and it's characters before.
  18. Apparently yes. Should be able to make the transfer on the website tomorrow.
  19. Yes, you transfer your licence via the website enabling you to use the PS4 version. You need to physically log in on th PS3 version first though. It also means you cannot play the PS3 version after the upgrade. The only reason I didn't link the Amazon at £7.60 is that it was being sold by a 3rd party and wasn't sure it would get here before Friday (PS3 -> PS4 upgrades also get early acces starting tomorrow rather than Monday). Thought it's was worth a few pence more from Game, as they post things out quickly and sure enough it arrived today.
  20. Decided to get the PS3 version with a view to switching it to PS4 version on its release Was £8 at Game http://www.game.co.uk/en/m/final-fantasy-xiv-a-realm-reborn-118398?pageSize=20&errorViewName=mProductDisplayErrorView&searchTerm=Final%20fantasy&top_category=
  21. Jim

    Nintendo Wii U

    Lego City Undercover is brilliant, go for it Also Pikmin 3, Mario 3D World, Wind Waker, Zombi U and TW101. Nintendo Land & Wii U Bowling + Wiimotes if you have family/friends.
  22. Thanks, that's really given me some confidence in the game now. I think after playing WoW for nearly 10 years and knowing what every single button, UI element and spell does, it's a bit daunting having to learn it all again
  23. I'm interested in getting this on PS4 release. I only got to play the previous beta for a few minutes and just have a few questions: - Is the chat text size adjustable, as I found it hard to read from where I sit. I tried to adjust it using the pad touchpad but got frustrated with the sensitivity. - Can I play with the pad and just have a cheap BT keyboard nearby just to use to chat? - The pad controls seemed extremely complicated, is it just a case of getting used to them? Really don't want to have to play this with k&m if I can help it. - If I preorder the digital version, will that also come with early access next week? Thanks!
  24. Awesome race! Also, seemed like each inter team battle was won by the driver with a better dentist?
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