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  1. If, like I was, anyone was wondering how to change Delsins jacket once you unlock more then press Options then R2 to change to Surveillance Target screen, then press X and finally left or right to change it.

    Was not obvious to me!

  2. I'm about 4 hours in and impressed so far. I've actually enjoyed the cut scenes unlike most here. It's lovely to play, feels just right - much more fluid and less annoying than AC4 (not having to hold down the run button through the whole game helps in that regard). One thing that bugs me though is Delsins voice - it doesn't sound like he's in the world more like he's... Well in a quiet studio in front of a microphone. It's jarring.

    There's just the right amount of collectables/side missions for me - unlike AC4 which quite frankly went over the top and felt like a chore.

    Also played for an hour in bed on Dat screen. It's very playable on Vita, especially when I realised I had to press the front screen and not the rear touchpad!

  3. The left analogue stick on my controller is starting to peel/shred. Do I just phone Sony about it?

    Happy to send it back as I have another pad but it's pretty annoying.

    Also, to anyone that's received a replacement pad, do the sticks feel different? Not sure I can be arsed if the replacement will be the same in a few months.

  4. I bought some replacement PS4 thumbsticks from ebay for 99p delivered. Unscrew controller at the back, pop off old sticks, slide on new ones, £45 saved on a new controller. Nice one.


    Thanks for that. I've ordered a couple of packs in advance. Only had the PS4 two weeks and have some left thumb stick wear already!

  5. Any update on this? It's like the headsets don't exist. Might get them from VG+, must surely be multi region in this day and age.

    Phoned them back today and they said nothing in stock yet. Got the feeling it will be another week at least.

    With regards to the mic quality, most agree that's it's fine when playing wirelessly and strangely not as good when wired

  6. I'm currently 45 hours into Xenoblade and cannot see how this won't be my favourite JRPG ever once I complete it (and yes, I've played many). It is outstanding, the combat is fun and engaging... The music...Even the (dated) backdrops still blow me away. I can understand how it's not for everyone but it is the perfect game for me.

    I have been trying not to he hyped for X, in fear it being scrapped or something. Honestly if X is anything like Xenoblade in terms of scope and immersion then it will truly be something special indeed.

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