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  1. I want to get a headset today... now then. Do i go for a Stereo headset or single piece just for chat?

    anyone have a preference? thanks

    I grabbed the Sony Pulse and they are fantatisc, made so much of a difference in BF4 and being completely wireless is fantastic but at £99 they are expensive.

    as a side note I will be sending them back for a replacement as the stitching on the inside of one of the cups was undone when they where delivered and i'm not paying that much money for a set that has a defect from the get go.

    though the version 2 are set to be released tomorrow. so I might give those a try instead.

    I'm getting a set of the new ones tomorrow, been reading the thread on Gaf about them and watched a good YouTube review (sorry can't in it again to link) they seem to be really good. £80 is the rrp I believe. Will be phoning Game in the morning to see if they are stocking them and report back.

  2. Aaaaand I have it, aaand it's the worst new console set up experience, mainly, or entirely because I can't get it to connect to the internet.

    The furthest I've gotten is to use Wifi protected setup PIN thing, and set up a static IP address, and I can connect to the router, but not the internet, Why?

    tried adding it to the DMZ, does nothing.

    This probably won't work for you but worth a try as it solved my similar problem: Try turning it off and on again. Yes, I'm serious :)

  3. I'm 20 hours into Xenoblade Chronicles and totally in love with it.

    Absolutely perfect so far, really ticks all the boxes for me and fills a massive JRPG hole left by P4G last year.

    Amazing that a game running in SD on such old hardware can still stop you in your tracks and make your jaw drop while you move the camera around at the view. If they did a WiiU HD version of this I would literally explode.

    I love everything about it - the combat is amazing, nice short cutscenes, beautiful music. Haven't advanced the story too much due to collecting shit and side quests but the characters are developing nicely and the story is interesting enough to give me a dilemma about what to do next.

    Can't praise it enough so far.

  4. January

    Lego City Undercover (Wii U) Really enjoyed this, such a joy to play and look at. Have made a start on collecting characters and vehicles etc, but honestly there is so much to do!

    Super Mario 3D World (Wii U) Amazing, obviously. Saw the credits roll, but clearly far from finished with it. Will not sell this game ever (also, it's my son's, so can't anyway).


    Resogun (PS4) Best PS4 exclusive so far. Not sure how much I'll replay though.

    Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag (PS4) Fantastic stuff, up there with ACII.


    InFamous: Second Son (PS4) Excellent game, got better as it went along with a brilliant last hour or two. Also, the best looking game I've ever played.

    Currently Playing:

    Pikmin 3 (Wii U), Zombie U (Wii U), Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS), Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii)

  5. Wii bowling. I played this with my family on a holiday. I'd been playing quite a bit and fancied myself to get a good score and beat everyone.

    So my 60 y/o mother picks up the wii remote, she's never even touched a games controller in her life. Rolls a fucking turkey straight away and continues to a pretty decent score, certainly one that beat mine. Even my borderline alcoholic Dad out scored me. All 9 of us had a total blast.

    The next day, the game was praised highly from everyone, my sister went out and bought a Wii.

  6. Those vids look mental, I've no doubt it's going to be superb. Alas, I'm no good at FPS online these days and can't stand the associated trash talk and whining American teenagers.

    Shame no single player campaign, but I understand why

  7. I almost bought P4 in the christmas sale but I saw this post and it put me right off.

    Holy shit, don't let my nonsense post put you off. That was more a comment on how weird I am rather than the game. There's nothing in the game that would give a regular person a boner.

    Still love Yukiko though. And Chie.

  8. I'm still really enjoying Lego City Undercover, it's a fantastic game! Loving collecting different outfits and vehicles and of course doing the missions. The cut scenes are genuinely laugh out loud funny, just did a job on a construction site and the foreman was doing an Arnold Swartzenegger voice, I've never laughed at a game so much in my life!

    Can see myself collecting stuff in this game long after the credits roll. I honestly have only 2 negatives about the game: loading screens are long and some of the platforming controls aren't very tight, That's all. It's like a fun version of GTA that the whole family can enjoy. Even the wife had a play and she never strays far from candy crush.

  9. Got Lego City Undercover today. Played an hour and a half with my 4 y/o, it's brilliant. Easy enough for him to play, cut scenes are amazing with some great in-jokes for adults. Looks like there's hundreds of collectables for me to find, costumes, cars etc. Love the gamepad features like getting a video call from the station and scanning buildings for targets.

    I haven't played a PS3 game since getting the Wii U. It's a brilliant console, the pad is great - comfy too and the integration in games like LCU genuinely adds to gameplay rather than a novelty (like rear touch pad on Vita). I like the UI and the way I can suspend the game to check something on the decent browser or post something to Miiverse (a social network that I have actually used!)

    Pikmin 3, LCU (so far) and Mario 3D are up there with the best games I've played in the last 5 years. There's still WWHD and TW101 on my future purchases list and X and MK8 due this year. Good times indeed!

  10. Sounds great, but after getting nightmares from the original PC AVP, you can count me out.

    Yeah I guess we can just count you out of everything, Hudson.

    Footage looks sweet, glad they are trying to do something different. Really want this to be good, but will not get my hopes up just yet.

  11. Broken my New Years rule of finishing a game before starting another by having an hours play of this today.

    Never played the first 2 so going in fresh and this seems incredible so far. Truly gorgeous to look at, my kids love the look of the Pikmin. Finding the controls good so far, hopefully won't become to complicated as the game progresses.

    Also liking the way Wii U games have a guide to the controls rather than a full manual (well, Mario 3D and this do)

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