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  1. I don't even know what the hell you do with adding friends, following people or the miiverse in general. I have a massive one friend at the moment, I've no idea how I even accepted the request possibly due to alcohol :)

    Just press the orange face at bottom of home screen and add NNID

    Adding a few of you now

  2. Just had an hours play with the wife and 2 kids. Brilliant fun, really easy for non gamers to pick up - I guess that is why the difficulty is lower, to encourage family play. I can see my 4 year old boy getting better each time, not sure how he'll cope when the harder levels come but at the moment he's really loving it.

  3. Holy shet, that first post has hundreds of NNID's

    I don't tend to play online much, but if anyone's up for the occasional bowling match or just compare scores on games then my NNID is old_smelly_socks

  4. Played an hour or so of Zombi U. Nice and atmospheric and some great use of the gamepad. Died once and learnt my lesson that taking on 4 Z's at a time with a cricket bat is not wise. Haven't read much about this game due to so-so reviews and didn't realise you play as a new survivor when you die, was fun killing previous me and getting my loot back!

    Also, ordered Pikmin 3.

  5. Super thanks

    Was gonna post some more impressions of this Wii U but pretty much feel the same way as Sinky72 above. I'm actually enjoying games again rather than just playing them for the sake of it. I'm in love with a slab of black plastic and her smaller friend with a 6" screen.

  6. Just about to d/l Zombii U too, but had a thought that will other accounts on the Wii U be able to access the game too? I've got parental controls on for the kids but don't want them to access it. Thanks

  7. How? Mine won't recognise my Sky HD box or my Onkyo amp.

    When in the TV remote settings it gave an option to set up TV and Set Top Box. Followed the same procedure for both (pressing first letter of the make, in this case S for Sky. Chose Sky and it worked first time). Chose LG for TV option and it worked second time.

    Can enter channel via the on screen number pad, turn it on and off, change volume and input. EDIT: after having another look you can also access the guide and settings and set things to record.

    It's a Sky+ HD box. Haven't tried it with my newer 2tb box.

  8. Put another hour or so into Mario 3D World last night and predictably it's awesome.

    My 4 year old however has been much happier playing Nintendo Land. For kids this is a real gem, just Mario Chase on its own is hours of entertainment. Of course I have to "let them win" every now and again, but they are getting better and most importantly having a total blast playing it. Epic win.

    Eshop not working for 2 days is a disgrace though, so glad I ran the updates a few weeks ago and bought physical discs. Never had this shit on my 3DS in the last 6 months or so.really wanted to bag Zombii u though, will that still be £7.99 for a while?

    Edit: didn't know before that not only can the gamepad control the TV but also my Sky box and change the TV input too! This is a revelation! You can't hate Nintendo for long, totally redeemed themselves there.

  9. I've moved the wii u into another room today and cannot connect to the internet at all, using the same settings as before. It says I have 2/3 blue bars. I realise the eshop is down but should still be able to connect to web right?

    Edit: sorted now, the age old "turn it off and on again" did the trick

  10. Merry Nintendomas everyone. Only got to have 20 mins of Mario 3D World earlier but seemed fantastic. Played Mario chase and Ghost Mansion on Nintendo land with the kids - immense fun, don't think I've seen them shriek with joy at a game like that before. Wonderful stuff

  11. *holds hands up* ok ok, I've bought it! ;) I've read a lot about it here, would be rude not to for the bargain price of £13.49. Any tips for a newbie coming to this?

    Wear baggy pants and keep Kleenex near by. Either Chie or Rise will make you wish you were a Japanese school boy. Was more into Yukiko myself, dirty cock tease that one.

  12. Just like Wiper I have never been into Zelda games. Not since my presumed rose tinted memories of A link to the Past. Wind Waker was alright I seem to remember (not sure if I finished it though),I have tried Twilight Princess and OoT and lasted about an hour in each, coming away disappointed and wondering what people see in Zelda games

    However, due to the high praise ALBW has been getting and having some cash from selling the coma inducing GT6, I bought the download code for this from Game last night - a risk, as I therefore cannot sell it on.

    Luckily then, I am completely in love! The music is beautiful, I have left it playing while doing other things. The graphics are again amazing, the 3D effect really adding to the game. The puzzles, while not difficult, are fun and traversing walls as a painting is ingenious. I really feel like I want to play this game rather than just doing it because I heard it was good.

    After being a bit fed up with recent games, this has reignited my passion for the medium and given me faith in Nintendo (Wii U in 10 days too!)

    Beat game since The Last of Us, yes including GTAV

  13. Because I have never been a portable gamer. My DS was bought for specific games and even though I ended up playing more than I thought I would, it wasn't used that much. Now, for me PS Vita is less appealing, since it doesn't gave some of the 3DS games I want, so I will end up using it even less.

    But it has P4 Golden.

    Persona fucking golden.

    Your best bet would be to keep an eye on your local Gumtree and pick up a 2nd hand one. I've done this twice. first Vita I played with for 3 months then sold for £20 profit and the 2nd I caught up with my PS+ games and resold pretty much at cost.

    Both Vitas were in excellent condition and one even had a pretty good porn film on the Video app, I watched it once for research then restored the system like previous owner should of!

    Edit: resold on eBay

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