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  1. I was talking to my friend earlier today, the one I mentioned a few days ago who went through some shit due to some indirect Harry Potter bullshit a while ago. She was actually really buoyed by how much support she saw online and just the sheer amount of awareness this game has brought towards the trans community and JKRs role in it. She said she's never seen so many people engaged in the anti-trans JKR debate, and specifically how much support online there was for the trans community. So that was nice.
  2. I wrote what I was suggesting about a page ago. I think she is a lazy writer at times and falls into the trap of bad sterotypes.
  3. Alright you were just talking shit then ok.
  4. Literally in the quote you took from me I said it's hard to generalise as they're seen everywhere. Since you made a dig at me only reading Lord of the Rings I assumed you had some examples of what we're talking about here which is goblins running a financial empire. So can you link me some of those?
  5. Oh cool, could you link me to some media where the goblins run a financial empire? I'd be interested to read that.
  6. I think goblins (in general, they're so ubiquitous it's hard to generalise) are seen as barbaric scavengers. I think that's very different to running a financial empire and holding the purse strings of the wizarding community.
  7. No I agree with you, Dwarves being greedy and controlling the wealth/trade has it's own issues as well. There is a lot of stuff written about that. JKR goes a step further imo and joins the wealth stuff along with the racial stereotype of the appearance. As an aside I do think a lot of this stuff can be mitigated by growing and learning as a person/company. Fantasy is absolutely flooded with racial stereotypes and a lot of it is, I believe, unintentional. A good example is if you look at what Wizards of the Coast are doing with D&D. Dungeons & Dragons had a ton of problematic shit in it and over the last number of years WotC have rolled back on a lot of it, holding their hands up and going "hey you're right, that stuff wasn't great was it?". I would bet my house on JKR never doing that.
  8. Again, I've never heard of goblins controlling the wealth in a fantasy world.
  9. I think when you have a quote out there from her and you're calling it a strained connection that crosses the line. You can be more charitable about it but that's not the impression I got. Also just on the whole "The books didn't mention anything like that about the goblins". JKR did a number of sketches for the book, one of which included the trip to the bank. You can draw your own conclusions:
  10. Everyone can take their own reading from it, Death of the Author and all that. But people yesterday didn't say "oh well that wasn't my reading of it". They said there was no link, it was a strained connection. Hell less than a minute ago Sitweard said there is nothing to suggest it. Sorry but when people pick out a metaphor and the author agrees with them, lol if you're still trying to say it's a strained reading.
  11. Ok so you have people who read the book, and take out that metaphor from it. Then you have them ask JKR about it. Then she confirms yes that's exactly what she was going for. And you're still going to claim there's nothing there to suggest it?
  12. Considering yesterday we had a number of people argue against the idea that Werewolves were a metaphor for HIV despite JKR tweeting out she literally meant exactly that, this debate is hard to believe it's being made in good faith.
  13. I don't think it's that complicated really. I'm sure there were a lot of people, like me, who were slightly bothered by the lazy sterotypes. For me personally it kind of turned me off the franchise but that's all it did. I'd talk about it on occasion but there are a million fantasy writers who also fall into that trap. When she came out with the transphobia though then it became a different matter. She began to turn her massive fanbase against one of the most marginalised communities on the planet. Of course doing that is going to incense people more than a few lazy stereotypes. I'm not sure what your point is here really.
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