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  1. Yeah the funny thing about this game is that despite it being set in our own world, it actually feels like a more alien world than a lot of sci-fi or fantasy games, such is the homogenisation of those genres.
  2. Just finished this and really enjoyed it. Would highly encourage anyone who likes point and click adventure games or just good writing to give it a go. One of the best looking games I think I've ever played as well.
  3. Ah you're too kind, thanks so much! Gonna try plug away at it now and just aim for a consistent output. Makes it a lot easier when I get nice messages like this.
  4. After doing well with some Slay the Spire guide videos I'm trying to get the channel going again with a wider variety of stuff. Currently has a review of Roadwarden and a deep dive into the comedy of Peppa Pig, if you're interested. https://youtube.com/@Zaelvideos
  5. Hey folks, I liked this game quite a bit so I did a video on it. It's just a short thing on how I think the narrative structure lends itself to making choices in the game we don't see much elsewhere in video games. Some light midgame spoilers included.
  6. I think the tanks are really well done. They really feel like they can take a punch now but you can still murder them if they stray too far out of position. Except for Zarya but she's being nerfed so.
  7. Zael

    Edge #378

    Yeah likewise I don't tend to get het up about review scores but that is very low for Vampire Survivors. I was genuinely expecting a 9.
  8. If you're an Overwatch 1 owner it doesn't seem like they're giving away much for free though. I kind of feel the opposite I think they're giving a lot less away for free.
  9. I'm enjoying the gameplay a lot but yeah man I really miss getting a loot crate every now and again. It gave you something to aim for and it was pretty generous. I worked it out last week that you'd have to spend the guts of €700 to get what I have in cosmetics. And I didn't spend a cent on OW1 apart from the retail price.
  10. Ok but I didn't deny any of that, personally I would love it if there was a mass boycott of this game and it flopped. My point is that if your only thought process as to why people want to boycott this is to cause significant material impact to JKR then that's a red herring. I'm not going to buy the game but I have absolutely no belief that it's going to impact her one way or the other. I'm doing it because I believe it's the right thing to do.
  11. Ok could you explain why, without the snark?
  12. I think the idea of boycotting something with the purpose of harming it financially so the bad thing will stop is a bit of a red herring. Vegetarians don't stop eating meat thinking they're going to end the global consumption of meat. We don't take out our recycling thinking that we are going to solve climate change. It's about your own personal morality and doing what you think is right at the end of the day.
  13. Amazing scenes. I can't believe we have an actual World Cup to look forward to! Its been too long since 2002.
  14. Happy for Roadwarden, it's great. Not often you get such a mundane, grounded fantasy game.
  15. I'm kinda surprised there isn't a bit of an outrage over this game. Like at this point it's clear that Overwatch 2's main purpose is to move the game of Overwatch over to a much more monetizable product, rather than actually produce a sequel.
  16. Zael

    Disco Elysium

    Gutted, but they'll forever be the creators and writers of one of the best games ever made and I'd venture probably the best written. I don't envy that team making Disco 2 now. Disco Elysium: Invisible War.
  17. I loved Final Fantasy VIII when I played it as a kid but I tried to go back to it with the remaster a few years ago and boy are there some questionable decisions in that game. The whole mechanic behind junctioning where the game expects you to sit and spam draw on an enemy to take magic out and then junction it is extremely boring. I gave up halfway through after the second time the games magic went up a "tier".
  18. It reminded me a lot of Dragon Age: Origins. The background you choose has a huge effect on the opening bit then after that it just turns into a unique line here and there. In both games after the initial high I never really felt like my background mattered at all really and certainly didn't really shape anything. To be fair it's something a lot of rpgs struggle with. I think the game that does it best off the top of my head is Tyranny. It asks you to make a bunch of choices at the start and you'll be dealing with the repercussions of those choices all game.
  19. I'd recommend giving Snikch another go. Clan Eshin have a mechanic called "Purge into Anarchy" which essentially deletes a faction. Doesn't matter how strong that faction is, they could be strength 1 with a hundred armies and you have one solitary town, you can essentially Thanos Snap them out of existence. It's incredible and the most busted mechanic in the whole of Total War Warhammer.
  20. The dwarf front line is incredibly sturdy but they're not really a deathball blob faction. They have a lot of units that require separation from the blob like their ranged, artillery and special units like the flame belchers.
  21. I'd recommend trying out the Vampire Counts, Lizardmen or Nurgle then. They're very good when you just blob up and deathball everyone.
  22. Went with Valkia. Buried Grombrindal by about turn 20 but now 130 turns later he's risen from the dead with about 7 full stacks of angry dwarfs thanks to the new end game event. Terrifying.
  23. https://twitter.com/ProZD/status/1557070013336395777?t=Z-3lT1ctMsg5LMZeE7Uhiw&s=19
  24. It was really noticeable in RDR2. I adore that game but fuck me the on rails missions felt like I was playing a game from the early 00's at times.
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