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  1. I don't think there's going to be another faction on launch. You already have the 4 Chaos factions, Kislev, Cathy & Ogre Kingdoms. I think that's going to be it until the first expansion which will probably be Chaos Dwarfs.

  2. 7 minutes ago, The Fox said:


    Just on a personnel level, we have better forwards, they have a much better midfield, and the defences are about the same. They also have a better coach.


    Yeah I'd agree with that. I'd add that England have the better bench, but yeah. 

  3. I've heard a lot of "Italy are better than us" from England fans. Just wondering, when people say that do they mean "Italy have better players than England" or "Italy play as a team better than England"? 

  4. I think failing rolls in a story based RPG misses the point of what rolls are about a lot of the time. I'm thinking specifically of the church in DE (which is an amazing part of the game) where if you fail some rolls you miss out on all of it and get nothing back. There's nothing interesting about that, you just miss out on a bunch of content and have to replay the game and hope you pass the rolls next time. 

  5. I love the game but I think the dice roll checks they put in aren't great. Sometimes the game is good at rewarding failure as well as success but a lot of the time it's not and a failed roll just locks you out of content. I save scummed quite a bit and would recommend that to anyone. 

  6. 1 minute ago, Stevie said:



    Mass Effect remastered

    Age of Empires remastered

    Sonic remastered

    Resident Evil remastered

    Turok remastered

    Baldurs gate remastered

    Crash Bandicoot remastered

    Skyrim remastered

    Halo remastered



    Its definitely me. Its not that the industry has run out of ideas or is too afraid to give creative people a chance. 





    Not 10 posts ago you said you haven't played a ton of absolute bangers.

  7. 17 minutes ago, Oz said:

    Ben was just really bad. It was a headscratcher of a hire for most people. There are toxic communities on the internet and toxic threads on RLL but this is not one of them by any means.



    No shade on anyone here and I wouldn't call this thread toxic but a good 80% of posts over the last like 2 years are people complaining. 

  8. For me it's hard carried by the Lethal Mode difficulty. It's so difficult to find a game that features melee combat that actually feels dangerous both to the player and the AI. If I'm playing right I can end 5 enemies with 5 button presses but at the same time if I'm off those same enemies will absolutely murder me in 5 seconds. Put that combat into any third person action game made in the last 10 years and it'll make my top 10. 

  9. 19 hours ago, ZOK said:

    Yeah - one thing that I don’t really get is why the coverage of this game seems to suggest it’s a garbage fire, when what I’m playing is game of the year.


    My experience playing it was similar to a Bethesda game so it wasn't too bad but I wouldn't have issue with that description based on it being taken off the PS store. That's pretty much unheard of for a game of this magnitude. 

  10. 15 minutes ago, ZOK said:

    I had one where you have to pursue and destroy an ‘AI’ driven taxi, and it basically drove into a parked car on an entirely empty street, then slowly shunted itself back and forth while I stood there and shot it to pieces.


    Yeah there are a few set pieces in the game where you have to chase or get away from a car and they're all really badly scripted  

  11. 7 hours ago, Thor said:

    I have to ask, and this isn't just for you @dr_manhattan^, but everyone who feels the open world is paper thin ... I know the game is full of smoke and mirrors, I've actually used that exact phrase myself earlier in this thread, but where the smoke and mirrors work (mostly*) for me, they clearly don't for you and many others, so my question is, what is it you were expecting the game to simulate that it does not?


    *Where it completely falls down in this particular department for me is the police, and how they just teleport in en masse, but run around the corner and they forget about you. It's completely absurd. And no cops in cars, no cop car chases... :(


    The police is a big one but for me the inability of the AI to drive outside of just the normal traffic patterns is a massive let down in an open world game.


    I've done so many missions now where you're either stealing a vehicle or assassinating someone etc where even if you've alerted the whole building as soon as you drive away it's over because the AI are rooted to the area. 

  12. I think the game is inconsistent in how it looks. There are times when it looks fantastic hence all the screenshots, but there's also a lot of times when the game doesn't look great. 


    The models are a great example. Sometimes during conversations the character performance is amazing but other times you're looking at these lifeless dolls that move funny. 

  13. I think what's bringing it down a bit more for me is the backlash from the relentless hype the game has gotten for years now. They've made some huge promises and they've reaped the rewards with 8 million pre orders. But if you're going to benefit from that you should also be criticised for it. And so I see a lot of comments along the lines of "well what do you expect from CDPR. This is like the Witcher 3 and you loved that game." But my expectations for TW3 and Cyberpunk 2077 were very different.

  14. 1 hour ago, MK-1601 said:


    I guess they might be doing some fiddling about under the hood to take proper advantage of the faster storage. But hopefully they've been working on it for a while since getting devkits ages ago.

    The rumour I've seen floating about that the patch might even miss 2021 sounds like bollocks to me.




    While obviously it's a pisser that the game has been launched in an unstable state, I expect people will forget about it in the long term. I don't think people struggled on with the 360/PS3 versions of GTAV for long.


    I don't think CDPR's current role as industry whipping boy will last for long either. It largely boils down to the simple fact that European studios that don't have a charismatic 'figurehead' working social media and the PR circuit in a US timezone basically leave a vacuum for supermarket tabloids like Polygon to fling any old shit to keep their SEO numbers up. I hope CP2077 (and GOG) continue to do well enough in the long term that they don't have to crunch, and they can get into a position like Valve where they can pick and choose the scope of their projects. (Whether Valve is a healthy environment is another conversion)


    How does post have 3 posses, fuck me.

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