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  1. Ok sorry I don't think I'm getting my point across. I don't think the main character is the same as Geralt. I think Geralt is a much better written, more fleshed out character. I was responding to your point about how Deadfire has a cliched old fashioned plot because "you are still the top dog and capable of hunting down a God because you are super amazingly awesome." Since you previously made a comment about how The Witcher 3 is an example of how a current RPG should be written I was making the point that if anything Geralt is more of a super amazingly awesome top dog than any of the characters you play in Deadfire.
  2. I don't think you're arguing against any points I made there. You said is the character in Deadfire is a top dog which is the same as Geralt. It's the same as most video game characters tbh. I don't think Deadfire at all relies on the heroes journey so not sure how to respond to that. Which elements of the Deadfire story do you think apply to the Heroes journey? End of Deadfire Spoilers
  3. You're still a minor player in the game though and not to spoil anything but I don't think "hunting" is the correct term for what you're doing. You and your party are strong sure but so is Geralt so I don't see how that's any different to The Witcher. You can mess around with the politics in Deadfire but again like The Witcher you're not saving the world from its politics.
  4. Yeah I think a lot of people had pinholestar's opinion of the first game and didn't bother with the second and it didn't sell well. I was of the same opinion tbh I thought Pillars 1 was pretty bad and I love these types of games but man they improved literally everything. The writing was better, they had really interesting characters, the world felt more alive with the factions, they fixed the itemization issues, they had way more interesting set piece fights ala Baldur's Gate 2 and they came up with one of the best multiclassing systems I've seen in any RPG. It's a genuinely fantastic game, up there with Original Sin 2 and Pathfinder:Kingmaker. They also had a great take on TSH's issue with the first game and how you're the chosen one etc where in Deadfire you're a pawn being messed around by the actual chosen ones.
  5. Yeah Deadfire is a huge step up in pretty much every way. It's such a shame it bombed as badly as it did.
  6. Eve Online but it's fantasy and isn't boring to play.
  7. Their twitter account isn't great either.
  8. Animal Crossing is boring and contains some incredibly bad design decisions that actively fights against the game it's supposed to be.
  9. I don't think Death of the Artist works as clearly with games. Games are made by a whole bunch of people and while it's very easy to draw the line between not buying Rowlings books because of her transphobia that line gets blurred when you're talking about something that multiple people had a hand in creating. NitW is a good example. What happened with Holowka was horrible but Scott Benson and Bethany Hockenberry are good people. Not buying NitW or telling other people they don't care about what Holowka did if they bought NitW after it all came out is actively punishing good people. Say if it all came out a month before NitW release? Would you not buy the game? Benson and Hockenberry relied a lot on how well NitW did. I'm not sure if you can say the same for Ubisoft since while I'm sure they also have good people working on Valhalla and Legion they're too big to really be affected by some people not buying the game. But even still I don't think it's as cut and dry as it would be with novels or paintings or even movies/tv.
  10. Yeah, it's good. Not as complicated as STS but there are a lot of fun cards and the three platform mechanic adds a unique feel to it.
  11. "Actual accuracy of memory may vary" would probably be more useful. Are you by any chance remembering the starter zone of the game?
  12. Edge have made it pretty clear that an Open World game that doesn't push the boat out in any real way is gonna get a mediocre score. But if you're someone who enjoys Open World games and doesn't mind that it's not really doing anything new (me) then a 6/10 should be a sign that you'll probably enjoy this game. If you're someone who isn't really that into Open World games and will only pick one up if it's doing something different and unique then a 6/10 should be a sign that you should probably avoid this game. Seems to me the review and score has done its job.
  13. I really enjoyed BotW and I'd love to see more games like it but I don't think it's the endgame for open world games. It's a very directionless world which works really well in the context of the game. But if you try to do that in a game with a lot more direction, say one with a ton of side quests (Witcher 3) then trying to find quest givers/locations would get old fast.
  14. I really enjoyed TW3 but I continue to feel kinda meh about this in general. I've watched all the gameplay stuff they've put out so far and none of it has wowed me at all. The world looks nice but the combat looks pretty standard really and none of the writing has landed with me at all. Although for the writing I will say that I didn't really expect much from TW3 based on the trailers in terms of writing and tone and I was wrong about that so I'm hoping that's the case here.
  15. Worth giving this a read https://kotaku.com/as-naughty-dog-crunches-on-the-last-of-us-ii-developer-1842289962. It includes the quote "Even in an industry where overtime is ubiquitous, where it’s near-impossible to find a game that isn’t the result of weeks or months of crunch, Naughty Dog stands out." I think both TSH and Spacehost are right, it's a universal problem but Naughty Dog (and Rockstar) do seem to be particularly bad.
  16. Sekiro for me. Never really enjoyed the combat in the rest of the Souls games but Sekiro has the best third person combat I've ever played.
  17. Any indication if they'll be launching with a shorter game mode?
  18. I wonder did this rule about only talking about a game you've played happen in the Fallout 76 thread? Or the Anthem thread?
  19. To be fair this whole thread has been created off the main thread to talk about the problems Grindmouse has with the game. Seems pretty shitty to tell him to leave a thread specifically for that purpose.
  20. Yep that's the one. It's a fun co-op game I'm just not sure how it stands up as a single player one.
  21. Ah thanks very much! Hope you enjoyed it. Haha yeah it's pretty great, handy for multiplayer games.
  22. Hey all, one last plug for our goty podcast if that's ok. All 5 episodes are up now which include: Best Looking, Best New Mechanic or Feature, Best Music, Best Looking, Best Moment or Sequence, Worst Mechanic, Best Writing, Worst Game and Game of the Year. All in the Giant Bomb goty format. https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/double-click-boys-game-of-the-year-2019-b4jSM-RPkFr/
  23. Hi all. If anyone needs some isolation company, myself my brother and my best friend do a goty podcast in the Giant Bomb style (of two years ago) with categories, cuts and a top 3. We've done it for the past four years but this is the first year we feel brave enough to share it with people. The reason we wait until March is that we wanted to play as many games as possible so we could have a good conversation. Here's the link if you're at all interested, first episode is Best Looking and Best New Mechanic or Feature. https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/double-click-boys/game-of-the-year-2019-dYTa_OyXElP/
  24. Yeah I think it'll be fun for people who enjoyed Larian's recent stuff.
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