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  1. Possibly the greatest console ever because of the fact it plays DS games too.
  2. Phew. Going incognito in desktop mode worked, although it was probably akin the pressing down + b when throwing a pokeball.
  3. I wish they'd fuck off with that warpy fighting system. I was impressed up until I saw that.
  4. Ooh, this one looks great. Looks kind of like The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.
  5. I'd be interested in playing Galaxy with proper controls if Nintendo ever clarify the situation. I don't want to be shaking a Switch console to spin attack.
  6. They even copied the annoying shrines
  7. Thwomp

    Smashing Pumpkins

    Two new songs just came out. I really like Cyr: https://youtu.be/2AN_GRWlU7k
  8. Leslie Hamilton, the other Sarah Connor, has passed away aged 63.
  9. Logan - 4/5. Really good performances from Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart. I felt it could've done without the child soldier aspect - a simple Xavier and Wolverine road trip/ pilgrimage would've made for a tighter film.
  10. Thwomp

    Abandoned Games

    Trails in the Sky I was loving it - the characters are great, but then I realised I was just doing the exact same thing over and over again: get to a town, do similar bracer quests, progress the story by a tiny amount, repeat. I know that's basically every RPG ever. The story seems like it's going to get interesting, but it's just not happening quickly enough. I want to know what the big mystery is! The last thing I did was went to see Professor R about the black orbment.
  11. Nothing looks textured on it, it's like N64 CGI.
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