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  1. I'm re-watching this at the moment - it's still my favourite TV show of all time, the ending is magnificent. The part that always sticks in my mind is
  2. The map in this is pure shite. I can't make head nor tail of it.
  3. Somehow I've only just discovered Manic Street Preachers I've been listening to If You Tolerate This a lot, it seems scarily relevant at the moment. I love Kevin Carter too.
  4. I can't see Microsoft making the same mistake twice. They've got pockets deep enough to lose money on a more powerful console if that's what it takes.
  5. I'd love to read that script, it sounds amazing.
  6. I've bought, started, and quit this game at least three times over the years. I finally decided to give it a proper go, but still wasn't feeling it much. Then I got to Gran Soren and... Oh! That starting area was just the tutorial?? I've never gotten past that part before, and now it's starting to get more interesting.
  7. This looks amazing. Expressive eyes on a Lego model!
  8. @Garwoofoo If it's the first time you're going there then you've still got quite a bit to go. Hearts of Stone is quite an easy expansion anyway.
  9. I just played through this and thought it was a decent little game. I don't think it was as good as Gone Home, mind. One question I must know the answer to:
  10. I got a bad ending probably because I went around eating everyone just before the final boss. I was nice up until then.
  11. I'm at the end of this now, all side quests done. I loved it from start to finish. Only the lack of fast travel began to grate by the end.
  12. He said he could manage it though. If you can't trust a priest, who can you trust??
  13. I've dun goofed on another choice, totally by accident I'm not very good at these choices
  14. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood - 3/5. I didn't care much for the journalist or his problems, but Tom Hanks was his usual godly self.
  15. I scoffed that horrid landlord who hated immigrants
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