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  1. Yeah, you're right. I started playing Trine for something a bit different instead.
  2. Finished it that's some pretty great acting at the end. I'm not sure whether to keep playing to get everyone's best weapons or just move onto Yakuza 0.
  3. I loved it too, it's one of my favourite games. I tried to play Just Cause 2 after it and couldn't get into it. One annoying thing is that it only lets you use the giant robot suits in a couple of missions, never in free roam.
  4. Because I hate missing out on bits of games, I want to experience everything. Maybe I should just forget about it, it's not worth my time.
  5. I'm sick of this now. I was trying to finish the part-time hero quests last night, the ones where you hunt the enemies. Three fucking hours I spent trying to find this one called Musclehead on Isezaki Road, they just wouldn't spawn. In the end I went to the sewers because I knew they were definitely there. I'm only up to about the fourth quest, so if any more of them are like that the game is going in the bin!
  6. I've just finished The Butterfly Garden, another shit book. That's two in a row after Dark Matter
  7. I'm watching the Bean movie, and I always like the part where Peter MacNicol sees the damaged painting and screams "Mary, mother of Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth!". Well they've cut that scene out of the TV showing! In the showing I'm watching on ITV he simply says "oh god!". Ya ruined it!
  8. The difficulty suddenly becomes brutal I completed the battle arena and was thinking I was nails until I got wiped out at Omi HQ.
  9. I've been playing for 80 hours and I've just seen something for the first time. I was fighting near the river by the homeless camp. Adachi clobbered someone with his hammer and they fell backwards over the railings. I thought it would treat it as a glitch and they'd warp back into battle (as they often do when they go out of bounds), but I heard a splash and they were defeated. I was disappointed I didn't get an achievement for it, mind. You get one for knocking enemies in front of cars.
  10. I do think they seem to have gone more corporate since Iwata died, that's just my outsider view rather than me looking at any facts though. I was a lifelong Nintendo fan until they killed the Wii U - it was one of my favourite consoles, and I can't believe a company with Nintendo's experience managed to fuck up the marketing so badly. They then killed it off as a slap in the face to owners, when it probably could've run 90% of games released for the Switch. It could've been the Switch with a bit more thought.
  11. I'm at chapter 11 now and it's all gone a bit MGS2 this is the first time in my whole playthrough that I'm not really enjoying it. It feels like it's tying itself up in knots trying to explain things. Anyway, on a more positive note it's without a doubt the funniest game I've ever played, it's just ridiculous I was playing in-game darts yesterday, and they'd clearly been watching real darts for reference. Ichi's behaviour and mannerisms when he wins are spot on, you can almost imagine him as an overweight bloke with a pint in his hand. It'
  12. The first Bean film was on ITV over the weekend. It's a fantastic film not a fan of the second one though. I always like watching the episodes if only for the nostalgia, seeing the old cars, decor etc. and as mentioned above the old department store. I just watched the one with the oysters, and the wallpaper in that hotel is shocking, but in a good way
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