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  1. I'm not really an Oasis fan, but the vocals and guitars compliment each other so perfectly in this:
  2. Thwomp

    Gaming turn ons

    Open world. I think it's become a popular thing to hate recently, probably because of Ubisoft, but there aren't many things in games that appeal to me more than an open world to explore. Skill trees and shoehorned RPG elements too! I'm crap at games, so I enjoy brute forcing my way through them by grinding to unlock skills early on.
  3. Once Upon a Time in America - 5/5. A masterpiece.
  4. The combat is fantastic, much better than that of the Tales of games I've played. You're so agile that every battle is fun and makes you feel like a beast.
  5. I'm hopeful that this will be good. I enjoyed Fable 2, but didn't play 3 because I heard it wasn't great.
  6. My reasoning is that if they can't manage a simple remaster I'm not trusting them with a full remake. Plus the fact that they sent a broken game to launch annoys me.
  7. I was going to buy 1 & 2, but they put me off with the shit job they made of the remaster.
  8. I watched Blade Runner 2049 last night and I'm really not sure how to rate it. I thought it was a masterpiece until Harrison Ford came into it, and everything after that was a heap of shite. He wasn't even playing Deckard, he was just phoning it in, playing Harrison Ford in grumpy, casual clothes mode. So maybe 3.5/5.
  9. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials - 4/5. The first film surprised me by how decent it was, and this one is even better. It's full of clichés and corny dialogue, but the story and setting are very interesting.
  10. I tend to do this with RPGs - get to the last boss and stop playing. I just know there's going to be about five long battles in quick succession, followed by an hour of cutscenes.
  11. I know open world games are a lot bigger now, but with GTA3 and Vice City I knew everywhere from memory just by exploring. Games now just overwhelm me when I open the map and see 200 points of interest to check off the list. It's also detrimental to the gaming experience - you end up playing a game through a tiny minimap.
  12. Sad news about Grant Imahara, I enjoyed watching him on Mythbusters.
  13. The one with the hair is a fucking arsehole. The bald one seems like a nice bloke.
  14. What on god's earth are those?
  15. I used to find the RGB lighting tacky, but the older I get the more I like it. As many lights as possible now.
  16. Thwomp


    I watched the last episode of this last night and really enjoyed it. I'm gutted they aren't making more, but at least it didn't feel unfinished - the series ending as it was served as a good enough ending. It was quite romantic.
  17. Thwomp


    I liked the actor that plays In Boardwalk Empire, but he totally overcooks it in this. He's more like the joker, and he's taking too much from the film version of the character instead of making it his own.
  18. Thwomp


    Fucking hell
  19. Thwomp


    It's definitely a different take on the character of Hannibal than the films. I prefer the film version though, the TV Hannibal has no boundaries as to who he kills. Also, I've just seen that Is in this
  20. Thwomp


    The season 1 ending was an interesting take on the story...
  21. Thwomp


    I've been watching this for the past week or so, and like every highly-rated American drama it highlights the difference between US and UK programmes. Every episode has its own mini story arc, which is neatly tied up within 45 minutes, like they haven't got the attention span to follow a build up over a few episodes. A prime example was the last episode I watched: the human totem. All this build up about the killer's motives, and in the end we get a two-minute, throwaway scene where the killer is revealed, and basically says "oh well, you caught me". No delving into his motives, or more annoyingly no explanation for how a frail 70 year old man managed to construct a 20 foot totem when he can barely move from his chair. Mads Mikkelsen is great as Hannibal, but I feel like he's wasted when the stories and supporting characters don't do him justice.
  22. Proper cringed at "what's the name of my driver?", I mean really? She was poor for longer than she's been rich, is it really that hard to remember what real life is like? Also, who else thought she was phoning Tina to ask for the cheque back at the end?
  23. I never liked the look of old first-person PC games like Half Life and Deus Ex, because the sharpness of the models was at odds with the blurriness of the textures. The N64 was like that too. The PS1 was the sweet spot for me in terms of graphics - the pixelation only added to to the atmosphere by making you use your imagination a bit.
  24. I might have to buy a Switch just for this...
  25. The battles are like that, you have to get good at chain attacks. There's no way to win without them, and boss fights always come down to taking miniscule amounts off, but for every chain you hit your damage increases. I can only ever hit a 14-chain consistently, and then I hit a mental barrier and lose it. A 14-chain does decent damage though e.g.(1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14 = 105 damage). There are proper weapon guides online which will make the game a bit easier. That's another thing to keep in mind - you can't use the same weapon for all enemies. Weapons increase their effectiveness against that specific type of enemy the more you use them, but as one stat increases another decreases. So for example, using a weapon against humans may cause it to become less effective against phantoms. It's quite complicated.
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