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  1. I'll throw a few more names into the mix Dante's Inferno (a bit generic, I suppose, but I enjoyed it) Catherine MadWorld
  2. I've also been lurking here for years without posting much. You should rename this thread to 'Lurkers: Say hello here! And then go away again!'
  3. Oh yes. I actually used to own that too, although I never did get round to playing it properly...
  4. Lego Zelda. Lego Shadow of the Colossus, with all the colossi collapsing in a massive shower of bricks on death.
  5. Got my own Vita over the weekend (with Tearaway and LBP, then I downloaded the PS Plus freebies and picked up a second-hand copy of Virtua Tennis) and very shiny and lovely it is too. I was then told that we'd have to budget carefully for the rest of the month (we've just bought new carpet as well), so this sale is just terrible, terrible news for me and my bank balance....
  6. Slightly surprised no-one else voted Mirror's Edge at number one, actually. I forgot about Blood Money too - I played it on PS2 so never think of it as this gen, even though it was on 360.
  7. 1. Mirror's Edge 2. Bayonetta 3. Super Mario Galaxy 2 4. Burnout Paradise 5. Super Mario Galaxy 6. Bulletstorm 7. Animal Crossing: New Leaf 8. Batman: Arkham City 9. Uncharted 3 10. VVVVVV
  8. For some reason my 3DS wi-fi doesn't connect at work. But thank you Fieldini. if your gates are open tonight, hopefully I can visit you then.
  9. Hi Fieldini - could you add me? My nips peaked at a slightly rubbish 150 yesterday and are now going down again. I'll bring you presents. My code is 0817-4853-7682.
  10. Thanks DAB - I managed to trade my turnips but kept getting Resetti'd afterwards so didn't get a chance to leave you a tip. I'll pop over when things are less busy in your town and leave you something.
  11. Hello Squigs and DAB - could you both add me, please? I promise to bring nice stuff in return (i.e. fruit, bells, whatever I can find in my drawers...) My code is 0817-4853-7682.
  12. Not sure who it is that's been in my town this morning, but thanks for the gifts!
  13. Hi Fuzzbuzz - I'd love to be added too! My code is 0817-4853-7682. Thank you!
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