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  1. I'm loving this. It's so weird to be reading an email that I like. Thanks for the effort Nate. There's no way I'm ever going to sub because my interest in the games industry (not the games) has decreased as I've aged but this is great. Thank you.
  2. How do I get anything ranged, a spell, a bow, bloody anything?
  3. I've been loving this and I absolutely thrashed it when it was out and have played a load ever since. It's absolutely great and I love it. Looking at it more closely though, what the fuck is going on with the mix of fonts in general, but in particular this....who thought this was good typography?
  4. As per tweet, time zones are screwed which might work out OK but I'm on Steam: rafrasilecs
  5. I haven't played a KOF properly since 98 and then a little of 2000. I used to be pretty good. I've picked this up really excited as I have a new PC and...I'm shit. I think the time I sunk into BB and SFIV have changed how I think about fighting games. I'm going to keep plugging away but I'm not convinced I'm going to love it. I live in the arse end of nowhere so I'm hoping for good netcode and if I can find a game that'll be enough for me but this feels so different to the KOF I know and love.
  6. I've found that garlic early on is great but tails off after a while, max garlic and bible on the other hand is great
  7. I've never played San Andreas and I've just downloaded the Game Pass version. Should I bother firing it up? There's no way I'll have rose tinted specs on.
  8. Finally done. What a game! I normally hate bosses and love exploring but my word I really loved that final boss. Each time getting just a little bit further through undamaged through each form until struggling at the end and then boom. Simply a great game. GOTY so far.
  9. I downloaded this this morning (NZ time) and have only had about an hour on it, it feels great and I'm loving it so far. The speed at which you can move around makes it feel more like SOTN than a Metroid game. So far, glorious.
  10. This was my GOTY last year - I finally finished it but my god it wasn't easy.
  11. Is there any arcade stick on the market that actually works with either the S or X??
  12. I have a work laptop that is locked down and a Madcatz TE that I don’t want to have to replace if I can help it. I've got enough EB Games vouchers for either a new Xbox or PS5, but here in NZ they can’t guarantee stock until at least Xmas and preorders don’t exist. If I could spend the vouchers on a pc I’d be sweet but then would miss out on new console. And even then I don’t even know if I’d be able to get any games, the scene here is very small and the distance from anywhere else means lag free online is a gamble too. Waaah. Can someone make the decision for me please?
  13. I've not been playing Street Fighter since IV Ultra. I'm keen to get back into it but I only have an Xbox. What are my options, do we think there's much life in 5? Will 6 be cross platform? If I want to get a new stick or convert my old one, what should I do? Realistically an I going to have to by a Playstation or new PC? Help please.
  14. Anyone know about TEs on new consoles for sure yet?
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