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  1. New series of All or Nothing is up in Amazon. Not as good as last season, but still very enjoyable. Watching sone if the footage and it's no wonder the Rams were poor. Fisher really doesn't inspire at all.
  2. I'm not sold on this at all. Four episodes in and I don't think I've even cracked a smile, never mind a laugh.
  3. I know what to expect with him. Although I can think of a number of artists who in their early years didn't really communicate with the audience, but seem to have relaxed into that later in their careers. There were points at the gig you could hear he is starting to struggle with his vocals. I think he's going to have to limit his performances to save this throat sooner rather than later.
  4. That season was abysmal. The characters depictions in this are all over the place. I'm not sure the writers know what they want the show to be anymore. It really does feel like the show ran its course a while back and now they're struggling to produce anything remotely interesting.
  5. JohnnyNolan

    Yakuza 0

    I've set out at dozen or so agents to scout for new equipment, but none have returned the 9mm handgun. After numerous scouting attempts it eventually turned up in the list of items for sale, but is unavailable to buy as I don't have all the materials required to craft it. I've given up on that mission now, as I can get just about any weapon I want apart for the 9mm automatic pistol I need. Every guide for that mission suggests it should be available to buy without even having to scout for it! In the 60 odd hours of playing I still don't fully understand the scouting thing. It seems to be very random in what you get for sending an agent out. I look at the locations and pick the agents who list that as one of the items they can return. Give them extra funds, don't give them extra funds. Still no bloody 9mm handgun.
  6. Went to see the worlds most dour faced live performer last night. Mr Mark Lanegan. Good gig, but fuck me in nearly 30 years of seeing him play live not once had he looked anything other than utterly miserable at having to perform.
  7. I've not seen much of him, so I'll be interested to see how he fits in. Although if he was brought in for adding pace that was missing when Mane was out, then we're doubly screwed come the next African Nations!
  8. This season felt like it should have been a disaster, as the story seemed to have been wrapped up, but this has been as good as any previous seasons. The comedy's harsh, but has me in stitches.
  9. JohnnyNolan

    Yakuza 0

    It's a great game. Easy to spend hours and not progress the story at all. I had to give myself a kick up the arse to stop messing about and finally move the story on. Now on chapter 12, but no idea what materials I need to craft the 9mm gun I require for one of the sub-stories.
  10. The software lineup has it on my radar, but I'm happy to wait until that particular issue is resolved. I've had a few hardware issues with modern consoles and the risk of losing save data makes it a no go for me. Plus reports in here of the customer service provided by Nintendo with faulty units aren't helping that cause. Hopefully they'll provide a firmware update at some point that allows backing up of saves.
  11. The inability to back up saves is what is stopping me from buying one. The saves being locked to the hardware is a horrific design decision.
  12. This has totally taken me by surprise. Everything about it sounds like it should be shovelware, but it looks amazing.
  13. Celtic and Rangers have done that for decades. That will never change, as they have financial clout nobody else in Scotland can match. To make matters worse due to the fact they get very little in TV revenue they have to bargain hunt in the SPL or lesser leagues, so hunting for the best players in their own league is a certainty. I'm pretty sure there was a chart kicking about a year or so ago point out most Championship teams had better revenue than either of the Old Firm. For a long time the best players they have are happy to jump to middle tier, lower tier Premiership teams.
  14. I thought the election result storyline was dreadful. Not helped with the direction they went with his rival and his mental health. That and two characters having an affair who have no sexual chemistry between them what so ever just sucking the will to live out of you every time they have a seen together. Although that pretty much stood for every scene with Thomas in it. The entire series felt really clumsy and contrived to me. It lacked any class or sophistication. It was attempting to be clever and failing at every turn. It felt to me like it jumped the shark from the off and then went on a shark jumping expedition. The worst episodes of The West Wing piss all over this in terms of how to do political drama.
  15. Well that season was absolute trash. That's it for me with this show. Other than the production values the show offers absolutely nothing now.
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