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  1. a wild YouTube video appears! Not the best quality and I promise my TV isn't on the piss despite how it looks, this was filmed on an iPhone wedged between some coasters. Its a US NTSC console on a 55" 4k LG tv. Let me know if you want to see any closeups etc. I think it looks OK considering the cost of the cable and the fact that the N64 always looks like you are viewing on a screen with Vaseline smeared all over it.
  2. I have one of those, its basically just an s-video to hdmi converter. It works pretty well and there is no noticeable lag. I can take some photos of the picture quality if anyone is interested.
  3. Yeah that really did not look good at all
  5. TATTOO WATCH: "That's him over there La!"
  6. Twilight Zone Pinball Machine. I think someone on here has one. I just can’t justify spending the best part of $10k now, wish I’d bought one years ago.
  7. Good goal that. Tattoo watch on full alert
  8. I can act as a proxy shipper for you if you want to hoover up a load of the cheaper US carts
  9. One step closer to that tattoo @bradigor
  10. Just want to confirm you are still up for this @bradigor I'll come along for the ride as well (and pay for the tattoo) and I live in America. Reds day out indeed
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