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  1. Aparantly the whole Williams team have been summoned to the announcement so you would think it's something big - sold to Andretti maybe? Prob just be a sponsorship deal with unilever or something
  2. Piastri managed by Mark Webber Mark Webber and Alonso both managed by
  3. Absolutely nothing from the Pisatri side confirming this.. I love a good F1 conspiracy theory Imagine if he wakes up like U WOT M8? and just announces he's signed somewhere else (like McLaren)
  4. Probably saves Danny Ric for 2023 EDIT: mosseatingpopcorn.gif
  5. Well I for one am completely shocked by Alonso's behavior here. and when I say shocked I mean not shocked at all
  6. I was at that race (even made it onto the podium)
  7. Nick_L


    Fixed for you
  8. Nick_L


  9. Nick_L


    That’s harsh on Ericsson for sure, had that in the bag
  10. Nick_L


    This caution could ruin it
  11. Nick_L


    Is our lord and savior Marcus Ericsson going to win the 500
  12. This is almost unbearable
  13. Right, it's a fairly shit situation for @Swainy to be in here, knowing that whatever he and the pod team do will be the wrong thing in some eyes, not to mention finding out that someone you have associated with fairly closely is a fucking sicko. Purging the episodes and moving on is prob the best thing, it's fairly trivial to find out who it is anyway if you really want to know.
  14. what a 2nd half performance
  16. @bradigor have we talked about potential tattoos if the quadruple comes in? Edit: and Everton go down
  17. Could have been talking about the bogs in the old main stand if you just read the first line
  18. Would prob be easier if Aramco wasn’t all over everything. Wouldn’t be surprised if a few drivers refuse to travel there next season
  19. Really hope the drivers unite and take a stand here
  20. SIGN ME UP It's going to be HAM RUS VER isn't it plus bonus over the line radio "this is for everyone back at the factory who worked so hard this week to overcome the deficit (that was real and not just us sandbagging honest)"
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