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  1. Hey look, NEG's on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nr7zJTSBSF8
  2. Uh so here's a code for Killer Instinct with Shadow Jago is someone wants it: WKX43-DJRWX-HXVPM-HMFK6-723TZ POST IF YOU USE IT PLEASE TA.
  3. Everyone is taller than you, Lucas never got taller after seeing his dad die.
  4. Does the PS4 camera hog one of the front USB ports or does it have a dedicated port on the back like Kinect?
  5. I will fight you. That book was fuckin rad and there's no way I can be convinced otherwise. Also actual test footage has been on Youtube for ages and no one noticed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8T3pe9G4Pc
  6. This TV show sounds amazing: How can you not love this?
  7. Arkham Origins DLC cancelled for Wii U: This is pretty sad at this point.
  8. Argh died twice trying to jump for a shiny near the top of Blighttown. I had 17 liquid humanity for the Fair Lady too. Whoops.
  9. Anyone else having trouble with it today? It logs in on the XMB but then as soon as I fire up Dark Souls/Netflix/anything it logs out.
  10. But he was drunk! It's ok, I hate when my alcoholism brings out my misogyny too
  11. Well no, but I wonder if he sent drunk messages to other devs all like, lemme peep that dick maaan. No? Ah.
  12. It already happened and was way better than Another Platforming Collectathon From The Company Who Made Donkey Kong 64 would have been.
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