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  1. My wife is pretty much the same after the last season so I have to watch it in my own time. Also another great bit from episode 3:
  2. Maybe I'm the minority but I enjoyed it, I liked seeing where some of the other View Askew characters are now. I'm not sure why some characters like Elias from Clerks 2 weren't mentioned though. I heard something about Jeff Anderson having another falling out again which explains why here's no Randal but I recall there was a mention about him near the beginning.
  3. I noticed this has been showing on Forces TV on Freeview around 9pm, it must had been on a while as it's currently season 4 I think. I watched the episode the other day with the 'Angel' who can see Al. Great episode.
  4. Yeah you lose items as well which is what frustrated me on the... boss fight because I had to keep trying again and again only to lose a tonne of stuff when trying to replenish health. I eventually gave up when this happened, I might get back into it in the future with a different mind.
  5. It's interesting how in the Youtube comments they state that they couldn't get this on Switch because this and Wii U apparently work on separate licenses and something to do with them not having a publisher prevents them having the other licence as well.
  6. I bought the physical copy of Sonic Mania Plus because I wanted the artwork book and reversible cover, but typically I get stuff off digital download.
  7. Yup yup! I kept meaning to post pictures but there's already enough images and unboxing videos a few weeks before I got it. I noticed Zoom.co.uk where I bought it from no longer listed it on the site and I was worried that my pre-order may had ben cancelled. I emailed them though and it turned out that they simply stopped listing it due to high demand. But thankfully I have it now!
  8. Dragon's Lair isn't a proper game.
  9. To be honest I've gone through Ebay to find the cheapest possible for the retro receivers and I've never had a problem from the places I've bought them from. They all worked fine, they had no problem with firmware updates either and all of them were in their original packaging. If you're willing to risk that give it a try.
  10. Donkey Kong Country 3 had a cheat where you could change the bonus stages items into Christmas themed ones including the music.
  11. I finally completed this last night, I remember when I first got the DX version how often I called the Nintendo Hotline because I had no idea what the Stalfos, the Pols Voice or the Keese was on the 2nd dungeon as well as a few other things that confused me. I noticed the owl statue on the Switch version seems to describe it differently than how it used to. A few other things I noticed...
  12. You're not the only one, I just realised though that Zoom.co.uk no longer seem to have it listed even though I pre-ordered it and it was dated for the 25th November. I hope they haven't stopped it!
  13. You have to admit though, seeing someone trapped in carbonite is pretty good...maybe it's just my fascination with it.
  14. Just heard about this news too, especially that they're currently showing the new season of Black Jesus! This is also his most recent video from a few days ago:
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