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  1. It's better if you space it out and don't binge but hey ho your loss.
  2. Ooh I can't wait. Shame it's the final series, I hope he goes on to make other films, he's a very talented guy.
  3. Sounds interesting. The key thing I've taken from a lot of Curtis' documentaries is that a lot of what happens could be changed if people rose up against it, I still would like a follow up to can't get You Out Of My Head though, it's possibly my favourite film now.
  4. I'm only in here as I don't want anything spoiled form the main thread as I'm still in the tutorial area trying to find the last shrine. It hasn't grabbed me yet to make me play more than a couple of hours at a time, I'm hoping that will come. As someone up thread said leaving this for a week then coming back to it is slightly confusing with all the systems.
  5. Roman is terrifying in his nihilism, he’s more like his dad than the other three imo. Excellent episode can’t believe there’s only 2 more!
  6. Boogie Nights, Magnolia and Phantom Thread are all musts, Punch Drunk Love is great too and I really like Inherent Vice but not so many people do, certainly helps to have read the book. The Master is probably my least favourite as well as Liquorice Pizza. I personally think There Will Be Blood is the best film of the century so far, certainly of that decade...
  7. I caved and just ordered it from Amazon for tomorrow delivery £50, probably just play Hunt Showdown instead, the best game you;re all not playing...
  8. I got bored of BOTW half way through and never finished it but the FOMO in me and the hype means I will probably cave and buy it digitally over the weekend, at least it will remind me I actually have a switch. It'll be nice at least to have a new game to play in between my heavy addiction to Hunt Showdown, the best game you're all not playing.
  9. How big is the download please? Tempted by the hype though I never finished BOTW. Edit: I found it - Download size 16684.00 MB
  10. He's a pussy cat.
  11. Thanks! Yes I tanked a lot of hits at the end I got excited and knew I was close so got a little impatient. Oh many many times, he was one of the toughest main game bosses, I would estimate in the region of 50-100 times... and it took many days yes... I killed every boss including dlc at SL1 except for the very final DLC boss as i was too tired of it by that point, the DLC bosses are way way tankier and hit harder so are much tougher to SL1.
  12. shameless plug of rmy sl1 kill of NK, maybe it will help?
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