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  1. Yeah it's a bit gross and also one of the 'gimmick' bosses in the game due to the said balls.
  2. I agree, the bosses in BB and DS3 are the best they've done. I know this isn't the DS3 thread but have you got the DLC for that as there are some truly epic boss fights in the dlc for DS3?
  3. I thought the final episode was brilliant A really good series, there were some bits which didn't work entirely for me, mainly Kwame's story but overall fantastic from Ms Coel, I eagerly await what she might do next.
  4. Minion

    Dark Souls 3

    Raw? That will increase it's base stats which is good at the beginning but you'll want to replace that infusion as you get higher level as then you want the scaling on the weapons. Obviously play the game however you want but the one of the games many strengths is the build and weapon variety so don't be afraid to try out different weapons, you'll come across a great club in the first part of the game and it might just look like a lump of wood but oh boy is it a hell of a lot of fun, same with some of the huge swords, again you should be picking some up soon. You get weapon arts by pressing L2 and some weapons you can follow this up with R2 or other combos, the big swords have some amazing weapon arts. The short swords are very powerful because of their speed and dps but they are fairly staid so if you only intend one playthrough I would recommend experimenting. Explore every nook and cranny too, especially in the early parts of the game there are lots of little hidden parts where you can find awesome rings, weapons and even NPC encounters.
  5. Minion

    Dark Souls 3

    haha cool nice one, what weapons you using,, Mercenary is the starting class usually used for Dex builds so thought that's what you were going for but Strength builds are a lot of fun in this, some magnificent weapons.
  6. Minion

    Dark Souls 3

    That's an NPC, there's a number of NPC invasions in this game. You might want to pay heed to stats a little, there's way more build options in this than in Bloodborne.
  7. Sounds like something I might pick up when it's cheap to glory in the visuals and atmosphere before I predictably get bored and ditch it.
  8. Minion

    Dark Souls 3

    Sweet, Dex prominent to start with then, nice. Do you have the Uchigatana yet?
  9. Minion

    Dark Souls 3

    Awesome! What starting class did you go for?
  10. I saw it twice in the cinema But yes I may watch it again whilst it's up in UHD
  11. I've just checked on the website and it's still available, I added the UHD version to my watchlist.
  12. It's usually on in the autumn here so hopefully we won't have to wait long, I think BBC partly fund this so hopefully that helps.
  13. Minion

    Dark Souls 3

    There is an explanation, it might become clear once you've done the area, if not we can explain. Yep as @HarryBizzle says here is the link for Bloodborne - https://mugenmonkey.com/bloodborne
  14. Minion

    Dark Souls 3

    Use this dude, it will do the calculations for you - https://mugenmonkey.com/darksouls3
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