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  1. I don't understand why there's a more expensive PS5 version when the PS4 version will upgrade immediately for free unless I'm missing something?
  2. @RK1D spoiler your post.
  3. I upped the difficulty from Veteran to Hardcore last night as now I have a sniper rifle it's become a bit easy, however I landed on the Krogan world last night and then turned off so lets see how I get through that first, I expect I'll have to turn it down again! But yes I save frequently as the checkpoints are shit.
  4. Wow so much glee from some of our distinguished members.
  5. I don't have any answers just really what I took away from it, I'm probably completely wrong. Basically I think this is all happening in Selene's head, I think she's possibly on life support in a coma hence the end thing looks a bit like a brain. She was in an accident that killed her child, she feels guilty about pursuing her career over her relationship with her child who seems to be a latch key kid stuck in front of computer games like 'Returnal'. All the squid/octopus like monsters are her brain making these nightmares from the fact she went into the water in the crash and the
  6. I've experienced framerate drops in that room too.
  7. Amazing thanks guys, guess I'm going to have to get over Miranda's annoying accent.
  8. Who's bets to have in your squad in ME2? I've been using Mordin and Garrus but now I have Tali and soon I assume Liara it's getting tricky to choose. Do you swap around or keep the same crew. In ME1 I used Tali and Liara permanently but think maybe that's a boring.
  9. Ahh thanks man! Damn I just did that mission I'm playing on Veteran I didn't realise they'd be different rewards for different difficulties, can I unlock it later? I'm thinking sniper but worried I'll spend more time in the scope instead of using my powers.
  10. So I've unlocked the advanced training, what would one recommend for an adept, should I go Sniper or Assault? What's more fun?
  11. I experimented with this and it doesn’t make a difference, if you have 100% it increases to 125%, if you have 120% it increases to 145% - it just adds 25 so it’s not a real percentage increase. However seeing as it tops up your health there is an argument for waiting till a hard point as it can fill a load of health if you’ve lost some. But I’d just do it as soon as you can afford it personally.
  12. didnt someone post a video on here the other day showing someone glitching their way up there and the door doesn’t actually open, may have been on Reddit. Anyway it appears to be nothing, it’s just set dressing.
  13. I stopped playing just over a week or so ago because I was just completing it from 1-6 all bosses over and over again, I really hope they patch in some NG+ type options or I'd even be happy to pay for DLC that added something like that, it is such a fantastic game I'd be surprised if I play a better game all year.
  14. They won't it's been like this since about 6 months after release.
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