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  1. Yeah this is really good, very dark and grimy. Evan Peters is great as is the directing by Jennifer Lynch (David's daughter).
  2. Yep 4 episodes in and it is very good imo.
  3. Hunt Showdown keeps crossplay between console players only and is a much better more interesting shooter than these COD games that get churned out very year, y'all should try it
  4. Minion


    I got two tickets for Sunday’s show in Camden, I’m so excited I’m a big Pavement fan, along with Silver Jews they’re my favourite band. One of my tickets may be spare in case any mukkers fancy it, let me know. I’ve never been to a gig on my own and getting back to Brighton that late on a Sunday may be tricky but I’ll do it for Steve who I consider the greatest song writer of his generation and the best musician of the 90’s along with Richard D James.
  5. This is terrible, I'm sorry if that offends anyone but man it's such awful nonsense. At least American Gods had the Djinn episode in S1.
  6. One of my favourite games of all time, it's an underappreciated classic. I bothered to complete it on Veteran and spent hundreds of hours playing online. The M1 Garand was such a beautiful gun to play with and the multiplayer maps were extremely well designed and it didn't have any of that killstreak bonus stuff they implemented in MW. The finest game on the 360 in it's first year.
  7. It's not got a single player campaign but Hunt: Showdown is an excellently designed shooter that differs from others around at present.
  8. Yeah same here. It's supposed to be about a cat.
  9. It does look amazing and the atmosphere is great and being a cat is fucking dope but having to stop every 10-20 seconds to interact with something or a robot is kind of jarring. It should have been more about the cat and being a cat, give me portal style platforming puzzles and more catty behaviour. Also why not let me choose which cat I could play, I would have chosen the void. Still it's a game where you play a cat so yeah it's great I love it so far.
  10. This sounds like a game I should get very stoned to play and I don't have anything on this weekend, result!
  11. Isn't that just the message Elden Ring gives when it can't find the PSN server? I got it too when testing another game as Hunt Showdown was not connecting due to PSN being down. Try another online game?
  12. PSN is having issues since just after 5pm, was playing Hunt and it just died around 5:15, constant PSN error messages etc...
  13. I'm going to wait till a free evening to play in low light, it's such a good looking game I want to take it all in. puuurrrrrr
  14. Thanks, I shall do that!
  15. Well I went to buy it for £24.99 and Sony instead offered me to upgrade to PS Extra for £12.94 for the remaining term of my current sub till December, so now I'm an Extra member. Meow.
  16. Minion

    Boomer Shooters

    Do they have to be called boomer shooters? When did boomer mean anyone over 40? It's such a shitty divisive term and it's not accurate for this period is it?
  17. Minion


    Hoping Nick can save tennis today.
  18. Minion


    He's goating, hitting lines and serve bombs for 3 sets, it's crazy.
  19. More than the game cost? Nah From don't roll like that.
  20. Well I caught 5 minutes of Haim yesterday and they were miming so at least she ain't fucking miming. I enjoyed it regardless as she has so many bangers.
  21. Ok so it turns out it's on Starzplay not the BBC, however Starzplay is currently £1.99 for 3 months on Amazon and P-Valley is also on Starzplay so well worth the £1.99 Tokyo Vice gets a bit tropy and there's some dodgy acting but otherwise it's still a decent noir type show set in a seedy Tokyo if thta's your bag. I dug it.
  22. Having recently finished a replay of TLOU2 I can't see why I would want to replay the first one for the 3rd time let alone pay over £50 for the pleasure. As Kayin says there is a game that is screaming for a remake/remaster and PC port that I would happily fork over whatever they wanted for it if it was shiny and 60fps. Give us Bloodborne not more TLOU.
  23. It's impervious to bleed (which you know now) with your dex if you can level up an uchigatana or the other big katana and infuse as keen and use the unsheath weapon art that will work, it's how I did it with a similar build.
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