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  1. Should note, I'm not 100% sure which Prince of Persia is being delisted it's either the 2010 one and its DLC https://marketplace.xbox.com/en-GB/Product/Prince-of-Persia/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d8025553080c Or it's the 2007 remake of the classic original: https://marketplace.xbox.com/en-gb/Product/Prince-of-Persia/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80258410865 I suspect it maybe the latter
  2. Riven


    So the free Xbox360 shooter Aegis Wing gets delisted tomorrow, it was North America only and I thiink you need a North America account to download it, but it does play on the Xbox One if you set your region to the USA. Xbox One store page (This link may stay up as it's been suggested only the 360 link will be removed.) https://www.xbox.com/en-us/games/store/aegis-wing/bwhxzbv41qs1#activetab=pivot:overviewtab
  3. +1, but just to add there is about 5 DLC packs and one of which is based around the game Portal too. The in console store still works it's the NXE tab that past the friends one, I have had a few error messages signing in. so have to sign out. If you haven't used the console in a long time it may try to get a firmware update. You might be better going offline and try installing the firmware via a newer game if it can't pull it down from the online. 360 version has two character DLCs and one for retro style music. I have the PS4 version also, but that adds in a odd filter and changes the intro, if for any reason you can't get in on 360 you can get it on PS4 at the moment, it is on the Xbox One store as well. As the game is back catalogue. I also grabbed Daytona USA and JSR on PS3, just in case they disappear too. Make sure to grab it via the en-gb link in the UK: https://marketplace.xbox.com/en-gb/Product/DAYTONA-USA/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80258410b1d?DownloadType=Game
  4. I had a large chuck of the games being delisted already, but I did buy Skate 2 and all DLC (Bar time saver), N+, Eets Chowdown!, the comic for Mass Effect 2, Cloning Clyde, Spelunky DLC. N+ is one of those tough platform games, while Eets Chowdown! is a clever puzzle game like Crazy Machine & Bill's Tomato Game, plus has a superb score mode, that I think if more people had played the game would have been a real hit. Phantom Breaker:Battle Grounds is also a great arcade style scrolling beat'em up.
  5. Final Fight is on Capcom Beat 'Em Up/Belt Action Collection and Capcom Arcade Stadium, Magic Sword is on Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium. However, Final Fight: Double Impact does included the original and a remixed soundtrack for both games that is exclusive to that version. Seeing as I'm hot on this topic, I've done a video on it, games like Skate 2 and their DLC is going as well. More games are being delisted in different parts of the world, in some regions over 150+ games are being removed in Egypt, so check the official list for where you live from here: https://support.xbox.com/en-US/help/xbox-360/store/xbox-360-marketplace-update Spread the word, there are some real hidden gems like Eets Chowdown! Going on top of the classics like Daytona USA, Jet Set Radio. I found the marketplace website a bit hit and miss to buy stuff on, so I've been buy items from the Xbox 360 in console store. I think Microsoft are being to shut down and split the 360 store from the Xbox One store. I suspect more and more games will be slowly delisted over the course of the year.
  6. Saturn and PlayStation, but the later PS1 versions have the most fixes. Never played the N64 version, but I know what all the changes were between them, having read up on it. You get the different ninja, but that version is said to be the weakest with the most bugs.
  7. Really enjoying the Xbox version and have been playing it on and off since Friday, I've got to the second Bunker mission having unlocked all the cheats along the way. The new control scheme on Xbox works well, however you can't lean at present, which is a bit annoying. As the game is smoother now, I seem to be find it somewhat easier, unless something is up with the damage/collision? I don't think it is. I've seen the odd frame stutter now and some Z buffer stuff. My other gripe is I'm not sure if the cheat for the Line mode is in the Xbox version as they disabled codes and that one had to be accessed via a code. Did a quick video of me with my first impressions and doing the first level on 00 Agent! I see think it's the best James Bond game to date I will admit. Sucks that people who own a retail RARE Replay don't did it. Can only hope the Xbox 360 version gets a release at some point, I heard Nintendo didn't want a better version on Xbox to Switch, hence why that version hasn't been reissued.
  8. I picked up the reprint of Greylancer at Christmas, along with the cart version of Darius Extra Version. Was really impressed with the port of that one.
  9. 3D wise 9 and 10 really are two of the best if not the best games in the franchise. As for the 2D ones well MK2 (Arcade) gets my vote as does UMK3 (Arcade) and MK Trilogy (later greatest hits version is better, has more bug fixes in it.) Shout out for the spin off game Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks, that really was a great scrolling beat'em up when me and my brother played it through.
  10. Pool / Cue Sports games were few and far between on the Dreamcast, PAL got Jimmy White 2 and in North America they got Maximum Pool. While White is the better game Maximum Pool had more modes and games along with online play. Now working again thanks to Dreamcast live. With Tetris Grand Master releasing in Arcade Archives recently look at the sequel which hopefully will get a home version too. Tough as nails and certainly makes you play Tetris better as a result, a game that's not about if you fail, just how long you can last.
  11. Nice never knew that cool little fact and yes I would guess a lot of the other in-game player would also be staff, have to check the credit list of some of Silicon Dreams games. Right new video up I take a look at and mini review the Amiga Mini this week, certainly a trip down memory lane with some of the old games, has pros and cons, in fact more cons I'd say, could do with another firmware update. In short it's a pre-set up version of emulator WinUAE run via Amiberry for Raspberry Pi with a pre-loaded games and kickstarter roms, in a nice shell with a mouse and joypad.
  12. Being playing around with the Amiga A500 Mini over the past few days, the base unit isn't great, but once you get the firmware updated and get WHD loader installed the unit takes on a different life have a bit of a trip down memory lane playing some old titles. Trouble with Amiga games is you do need to read the manual for a lot of them to know all the button presses etc..
  13. So with the World Cup on decided to do something football related and went with a small league set up with four teams. Not a huge fan of Olympic Soccer, but it seems to have it's fans, amusingly the game doesn't feature many of the teams that actually appeared in the real event, including Gold Medal wins Nigeria. The fact that England, Scotland etc.. have single teams as well is incorrect for the Olympics, makes me think this was a quick license reskin. Also started playing around with the Amiga A500 mini on our twitch channel, might do a review of it in the near future, but you can see me having a play with it here: https://www.twitch.tv/randomised_gaming
  14. Finally decided to video the awesome Saturn port of Street Fighter Alpha / Zero 3, complete with extra animation, not seeing in the Dreamcast version hence why this video shows T-Hawk in action. As his backwards crossed arm walk isn't present in other versions, I made sure to show it in a few fights like the Fei Long one.
  15. Sadly this tale isn't the first time, I've seen arcade games sitting outside to the British elements. I doubt very much it is the last Ridge Racer Full Scale in operation, suspect there many be a few others left over the world. Last one in the UK? well maybe, I know there was one of these beasts in the Skegness arcades in the 90s. Whoever bought it clearly didn't have the space and likely wanted the kudos for owning it, said a lot about people who want to archive this stuff. Not impressed with these museums as well, if you really cared about this stuff, you would have wanted the arcade to sell it to you. If I had the money I would happy pay to set up a proper archive for this stuff. Most of the archives website and projects I've not been that impressed with with as they often fall apart after a few years. The poor state of Amiga disk archiving is one such example.
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