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  1. Yes, August the 29th is the last day you can add funds to your account for 3DS & Wii U eshop at which point you can only spend what's left in your account, until the shut down early next year. I should also note that the Wii U only allows you to download 300 games to the console as well, won't allow any more, same with the 3DS.
  2. So far in 2022 I've finished Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth on PlayStation 4 it was so good I went and played through their previous game Touhou Luna Nights, on Xbox One which I also enjoyed hugely. Both decent Metroid style games, mind you. Retro wise the big title I replayed and finished was The Story of Thor 2, must have been over 15 years since I last finished this action RPG on SEGA Saturn. Great stuff, I streamed a playthrough of it on Twitch. Have written a magazine review for it as well, which should be publishing soon. Stream is here if anyone wants a watch https://www.twitch.tv/collections/yGqcvH7w4xahrw it's one of those games you have to question why SEGA haven't done a re-release of it, still looks wonderful with all the 2D pixel art.
  3. Hopeful, I'm going to finish off one of my major planned videos this week, in the mean time a couple of quick videos looking at some lesser known titles. First off Cubivore on Gamecube, why this didn't get a PAL release I'll never know, I got a Japanese version instead which is a lot cheaper it's a fun and very stylised game based around evolution. So lots of eating your opponents and mating to become stronger, with some silver monsters acting as the main enemies. Not for everyone, but I've enjoyed it. Secondly this is a fairly obscure SEGA Saturn battle arena car combat title known as Vatlva from Ancient that Yuzo Koshiro compay, features a short, but fun arcade mode. The real fun comes in the form of the versus mode that see you and six friends or cpu battle against one another! Should have shown off the versus mode, but never mind that can be for another video. Real shame this never made it over here.
  4. If you've got a Wii U I would suggest looking at grabbing the few N64 games available via the Virtual Console, as the quality is just far better than the actual hardware. Quite a few games there that are a faction of their retail price these days. Just a shame there aren't that many on the service, but Kirby 3, Paper Mario & Harvest Moon are some of them worthing picking up. Been doing some Twitch streams of all the WiiU VC stuff and I find it a great way to play N64 games.
  5. I'm assuming it's this episode as you don't list the name: Q.E.D. My Best Friend's a Computer: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1357935/ Also details on it here https://thetvdb.com/series/q-e-d-1982-1999/episodes/7237089 Sadly no links seems to be available to watch. I've seen a lot better modern stuff discussing the issues. As a lot of the stuff in the 90s was more shock jock stuff.
  6. Just one video this week at the moment a playthrough of the fair rarely talked about (east to see why) Virtua Athlete 2K on Dreamcast. Tries to recapture the magic of Athlete Kings, but when the game has less content it ain't going to work.
  7. I have the Saturn port of that one and need to actually spend some time with it to see what I think of it, remember from what I played not being great. Did a playthrough of SEGA Rally 2 in arcade mode the other week, I've been working to 1st, but this run was a 3rd place finish. As I've had to move onto other things at the moment. It is a decent port despite the flaws I will admit, but not perfect. Also took a look at the North America version of Cyber Speedway, which has a very different soundtrack for the race music to the Japanese and European versions. Finally if you follow our Twitch I'm looking at some of the best Wii U Virtual Consoles games to grab before they get delisted, this is from last weeks stream and this is the one I looked at Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS, which are both in the Wii U eshop: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1466026868 (I'll be streaming more Wii U VC tonight at 21:30 BST)
  8. To be honest the Dreamcast version of Alpha 3 is one to be avoid it's based on the Naomi arcade hardware version and I don't think the port from CPS2 to Naomi went well. The fighting and hit detection just doesn't feel right compared to the arcade, Saturn and PS2 versions which is a huge shame. On the plus side it does have lots of great extra content, once I played the Saturn version I never looked back. That said Alpha 3 even in the arcade had some issues and the three systems didn't work that well, not least because it felt like a step back from alpha 2 which has the a A & V ISMs rolled into one. Alpha 2 Gold / Dash remains my favourite of all the games in the series. It and Street Fighter III 3rd Strike are my top two games in the series.
  9. Right so with the news of the new Turtles collection game, finally Konami are at long last putting all the games on one disc! I decided to revisited the second arcade game with a full playthrough! Also took a gameplay look at one of the more obscurer Saturn titles out there Virtual Casino, which only got an English release in North America, it's a mixture of table and card games with 2D & 3D graphics and some very dated pre-rendered models. One for collectors only really, unless you really must play Poker on Saturn. Finally I'm currently streaming The Story of Thor 2 on SEGA Saturn this week, so you can join me on Twitch from 21:30 BST if you want something to watch in the evening. First part which I did yesterday is here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1440106663 (Found the first two spirits)
  10. Impossible Mission and the two Zillion games are on my watch list now, have Phantasy Star, Master of Darkness, Psycho Fox and Ys already. Golden Axe Warrior is on my to get list as is Golvellius. Did the uncut Japanese version get a release in any form in Europe? They cut the game in half and I like the MS version, but would prefer the uncut Japanese version. From what I've read European and USA cards and cartridges aren't region locked. But Japanese cards are region locked and of course the cartridges don't fit, but will work with an adapter. There a good piece on the FM sound here, does anyone know of UK sellers with a device like the Power Base FM, that supports original carts on hardware. https://www.retrorgb.com/fmaudio.html
  11. Really busy of late due to other project, but finally did a playthrough on the arcade version of Marvel Super Heroes, huge fan of this game. Haven't done X-Men COTA yet, but the A.I. on that was tough and I am long out of practice. Juggernaut was the character with the most missing animation in the home ports, so hence why I picked him. Also want to show off one of the best boxing games on GBA from Treasure no less, lot of the magazines in the early 00s raved about it and I can see why, may be a licensed title, but it is great stuff, sadly Japan only.
  12. Need to beef up my Master System set what are some of the lesser known good games for the system that aren't arcade ports.? I've either got or know of all the Sonic, Wonder Boy, R-Type, Asterix and Disney games etc.. Looking to patch up some holes in my range, not going for a full set, but want to grab most of the good ones at decent prices if I can.
  13. More Gamecube stuff this week as all this footage is going to end up in a larger video very soon. First off the excellent Sonic Advance released on Game Boy Advance, the Advance series are some of the best Sonic games outside the original Mega Drive ones. Also here's one from the gaming vault Eggo Mania! Don't hear many people mention it these days, but it was a great take on Tetris and it was done by a UK studios. Also released on PS2, Xbox and GBA, but sadly unlikely to see a re-release. A new online version would be awesome with say 50 players.
  14. Finished this last year and really enjoyed it, did most of the extra boss fights in the DLC modes as well. Not sure I have the time to replay the whole game again for the extra endings. I did feel the balancing on a few bosses was somewhat unfair, it really is all about timing and knowing what move the enemy is about to use. Great game and I enjoyed it more than Dark Souls 2 & 3, I will admit. Hopefully we will see a sequel at some point.
  15. Getting in some Gamecube love in this week, Ultimate Spiderman is a game I think forgotten by many these days, but it was one of the better titles featuring a certain web slinging hero. Here's the first hour roughly and certainly worth checking out, if you're a Marvel fan. I streamed this last year, but wanted to capture some footage for another video, so I though why not play a couple of matches to show it off. The Wii sequel is better, but the original is still a great game.
  16. As the others have said I think the last SEGA Ages range was a really let down, the fact they were 3DS only really didn't help. I personally want to play them on a big screen so the lack of PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch release was a major misstep. Plus the 3DS was nearing the end of its life when they released them and I have no idea why SEGA felt the rather poor Mega Drive version of Altered Beast needed a powered up release, when it didn't. Even if it had included the arcade version a £1 price tag would have been a stretch. There's a lot of great SEGA games on the Mega Drive, that just haven't been re-release in decades and the Sonic games have been re-released to much with Sonic Jam being one of the best home collection to date. I agree with the others the price range was just too high for single Mega Drive releases, unless it was something like Virtua Racing and again that didn't get released on PlayStation 4. Worth mentioning the home port of Enduro Racer got cut in half as Larry Bundy Jr explained in this video:
  17. To be honest I just think SEGA just forget about a lot of the game they have in their back catalogue. There also some strangeness that some games they consider a failure, so don't feel they want to re-release them, the whole punch up over the Saturn seems to suggest that. SEGA would be laughing if they did a arcade collection of all their 80s arcade games on one disc, but I still wait for the day for that to happen.
  18. Got some Saturn and GameBoy Advance love on the channel last week, with a few video. First off a gameplay look at two matches from the Power Pros Baseball Series by Konami. Don't think any titles in the series got a European release, but it is a rather enjoy baseball game and we had a lot of fun in the two player mode the other day. Not expensive to buy either, but you do need to navigate a few menus, gameplay is actually two CPU vs CPU matches as it does have a watch mode. Secondary we have a playthrough of the first cup in F-Zero Climax on Game Boy Advance via the GameCube Game Boy Player. The last major F-Zero game to date and also didn't get a western release. No Virtual Console release over here either. Finally we have a Ultimate Spider-Man video going live later on the channel today, but over the weekend, I dug up the SEGA Saturn port of Primal Rage, which features the most animation frames of all the home ports. While the arcade still isn't properly emulated this is by far the best version to play, even if the game wasn't that great in the first place, still the stop motion animation holds up well. ,
  19. I still have all my original ZX Spectrum tapes from the 80s, so that would put them around 35+ years old.
  20. I've found that buying game parts separately can be cheaper than buying them complete. I was surprised to see Pokemon Crystal sell for £175 complete, seeing as so many copies were printed, but with carts only going for around £30. I've had a couple of incomplete games over the years, that I've then been able to complete thanks to grabbing a manual, box or both off ebay or other websites. Just have to be a bit savvy and make sure not to overpay on ebay as it's full of scalpers and overbidding tactics.
  21. Riven


    Neither was I, it's a fairly decent shooter not that long, but very good looking as well for 1993. Keen to see more mid 1990s games from the arcade archive.
  22. Took a look at the SEGA Saturn version of Mighty Hits over the weekend, also had a soft spot for this light gun title, that used the Point Blank mini-game format. Just as a head up there is flashing in this video. If you are a fan of the genre then worth tracking down the Saturn or PS1 version, needs the light guns to get the most out of it, but Saturn version does support the Mouse.
  23. Hope everyone, had a great Christmas break and New Year, just finished my holiday myself. Gonna be covering a lot of SEGA Saturn content this year! Starting with a gameplay sample from rather interesting title Crimewave which was a Saturn exclusive. Also did a playthrough on Dreamcast Street Fighter III 3rd Strike a little while ago and released it in December. Need some practice on the game, but a solid enough run for now.
  24. Actually played Elite for the first time ever on the weekend, despite being a child of the 80s I just never played it, even when I had an Amiga. Tried out the very impressive NES version, it's very unforgiving at the start but a lot of fun. So many games have borrowed elements from it and I can see why in 1984 it was so ground breaking.
  25. If was also released on PC, but that version doesn't run correctly at all on modern hardware. The Dreamcast version had a number of texture hardware upgrades over the PS1 and N64, so is my preferred version to play it on. I streamed it on Dreamcast a few months back and it holds up well, not the longest game mind, but lots to unlock and find in-game. I still really enjoyed it, but I was in the last act of the game after only a few hours streaming. So don't expect 50 hours of gameplay from it. It also got a sequel, which was only the PS1 I recall.
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