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  1. When’s this out? Finally finished season 2 so this is good timing. Is it me or did they slightly retcon Picard dying and being replaced with an android and now he’s just Picard with added robot bits?
  2. Holy shit. That look genuinely amazing! Rogue One is the best thing about modern Star Wars so hopefully this is more of the same, it looks like it. It looks like they stole the obiwan budget
  3. That was really unrealistic when they kept banging on about 5TH gen fighters like they were something deadly amazing but then Tom cruise takes out a squadron of them in an F14 Tomcat! They had to use a plan without GPS guidance as the enemy had GPS jammers or something. Thats why they had to use the force and manual target with a lazer at the end
  4. I assumed it was Iran based on the general circumstances but they obv then fudged it around to avoid out right saying it. I assumed the original top gun was also Iran!
  5. They simpler times for sure but so were our tastes. Its like saying Super Mario Bros on the NES is trash. Its still good, it’s just been refined since but the essence is still there .
  6. This was pretty dull. The main lead was a charisma vacuum as usual. Worked in Blade Runner but not here. Even Billy Bob was boring. The action scenes made the average Marvel Film look like a Micheal Bay spectacle.
  7. Someone said this reminded them of metal gear solid on a fan page…I had my motivation to watch before, Anyone notice the trend of these Netflix 200m movies…they all seem like the sort of shit Bruce Willis was doing for an easy pay day…but they’re getting big name directors and stars… Plus they always seem to involve an ex-cia or government guy as the main character….very generic…
  8. Im optimistic because everyone knows season 8 was prequels level of shit. HBO know they have to blow this out of the water. Or it could end up the steaming pile we are expecting…
  9. Loved it. Got exactly what I wanted from it. Thor went from B-tier scrub to Best Avenger. The character is played perfectly for laughs otherwise he would be a boring suoerman type.
  10. Shooting back to back would have been a better idea! Surely this will be a costly mistake for WB!? I guess they were being too cautious
  11. Soldier Boy could be playing the long con when he told homelander he would stand aside for his son. The cartoon segment showed what soldier boy did to Black Noir, costing him his part in Beverly Hills cop! What could have been!
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