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  1. House of the dead is a nice surprise. It doesn’t look too bad. I hope the joycons can emulate a light gun ok...?
  2. Killmonger was done dirty though. It was like half way through the film, they realised Kilmonger was right and black Panther and his dad were dickheads so they suddenly made him comically evil to justify killing him. But he won in the end, with the sickest most badass last words anyone could ever utter
  3. I’ve never cared for the Captain America character but out of the older marvel films, the Cap films are probably the best. Especially Winter Soldier, that’s genuinely a decent film and probably the turning point in the MCU as before then, it all reeked of average at best. Plus Winter Solider was genuinely badass before they turned him into a chump
  4. I had no interest in this at all but I just saw the trailer. I’m sold. Can’t wait and it’s on Netflix too! There is a longer better trailer on Facebook that I just caught and came into this thread. It looks like the Zombies are more interesting compared to the usual, more like those in I am legend rather than walking dead
  5. Just had a Google of her as never heard of her. She certainly reeks of privilege...
  6. Might be good but some bits seem off. One of them is a drug addict now and the other is gay. The professor is a bad guy too....
  7. Hopefully we get a new cap TV show. He’s the best thing about this show.
  8. Snowman was upset that frosty gave away the shield which was a dumb decision. Then stuff happened and now they’re just hanging. Last ep was clearly filler to save some money and give some character growth after 3 eps where they blew the budget. I expect the last two will be more heavy action as now everything has been set up.
  9. This is a pretty good review of the show but I still enjoy it. But that actress is not just terrible but horribly miscast, she has a unique look which must be why she keeps getting high profile roles but this is the first time I’ve seen her act. The accent doesn’t help.
  10. Not to get too political but I would be surprised at the true level of war crimes committed by US and UK forces in Afghanistan. Hell, even the Australians have been caught running wild so yeah, that Cap probably is a war criminal
  11. I disagree. I think Zemo is the best character in the show. He’s actually a good guy I think. He was the real hero in Civil war.
  12. He’s based on the character US Agent. Not necessarily a bad guy, just more short tempered and more violent but still a good guy.
  13. Sees to have the opposite problem to the Netflix app that seems to want to push you to the next part ASAP when you want to soak in the credits etc
  14. People who say Snyder’s Superman was too dark need to read those comics. Superman is a Chad
  15. Adding the Fox content has been an amazing decision. Wonder when they will add their more adult/general stuff like from Touchstone pictures.
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