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  1. This is the problem. The best football games were the fast Arcady ones. ISS had the best balance in pretending to be realistic but had loads of depth but was fast action paced.
  2. Damn I’m so jelly but you need to play it on the big screen with sound! Fucking love the game. I think I’ll play through it again at some point this year
  3. this was the first episode of the simpsons I ever watched. I laughed hysterically! The 2nd funniest is when homer becomes a food reviewer and the local chefs plan to kill him with a giant pulsating poisoned doughnut
  4. I’m had been considering whether a cheap R will be worth getting instead but grey import camera prices are insane right now, If you can get stock
  5. Yeah. That was the 70-200. I did two or three shots in the same posting, that one was intentionally focussed on the dumbbells but she didn’t come out as blurred as I had hoped. I think I’m revolving beyond being a shooting wide open noon and understand the advantages of fstops beyond 1.4 and 1.8 Am I right in thinking I could get some good blur with the 70-200 by shooting at 200mm but say f8?
  6. There are loads of YouTube videos of people experimenting with vintage lenses, search whatever lens you are considering and there will be a hipster having already bought one off eBay to play with!
  7. Hope it does...I read the R6 will be an R replacement and the R5 will be a beastly 5D equivalent
  8. From what I can tell old lenses tend to be fine especially if he is starting out and people seem to seek out older lenses so it comes down to the specific lens. Stuff like auto focus motors may be iffy if they even have one but the image quality should be good.
  9. I’ve been waiting for this since getting serious about photography. I’m rocking a Canon M50 and have a few EF lenses ready for full frame. Im hoping the R6 is decent as the R5 is going to be mega expensive!
  10. Did a photoshoot for a fitness model yesterday and took my 24-70 f2-8 and 70-200 f4 Barely used my 70-200 F4 since getting it so decided half way to switch to it. Holy shit is it amazing. Being a noob, I decided f4 wasn’t any good as f4 is too high for blur but fuck me am I dumb. It’s amazing as portrait lens and the auto focus work much better than the 24-70!
  11. Every PlayStation launch I hope for this and it never comes.
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