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  1. The title song to this is amazing! Thanks for the bump!
  2. As soon as the sky changes to night sky and you can see the moon
  3. Just made 1.1m! A cool 100k tip! Dude is making bank!
  4. I want to come over just to see the mountain of money bags
  5. I just read back! Can I get in the queue? I only have 150k but can still leave a big tip!
  6. Anyone got decent turnip prices? The Robbing Raccoons are offering me 55!
  7. Blazing Chrome is worth a look if y’all want some probotector goodness.
  8. Turnip morning was a bit of a disaster. Customer services is closed for refurb and had my 200k!! managed to buy 150k worth by selling diy egg hats but my buy price was 109. Each egg is worth 400 bells once processed so not so useless My switch code is SW 0755 0915 1794 I gave all fruit trees but won’t be grown for another 4 days but will have apples tomorrow!
  9. you can go to Harvey’s island and the amino calls that specific animal for a photo shoot. Some other things too
  10. I think he would have to do the weird transfer method. A friend tried it and lost all his data but this was a while back!
  11. I didn’t know he was editing. I stopped reading maybe 15 years ago. Glad he had a good run.
  12. if you can get added to someone’s family account, it’s much cheaper. Most charge about £5 to be added
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