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  1. I want 10 seasons at least. We still have Cobra Kai - The College Years. Terry Silver’s slow burn heel turn was great but he needed to be more 80s crazy. Hopefully next season we get full crazy Silver.
  2. He has gone full nutty. Whats he done? edit - Anti vax BS. Awesome! Fuck him. Crying it’s his only source of income. Good.
  3. I think Ralph was pushing 30 in the original? At least mid 20s. im watching through again. I think Robbie is the best character tbh. His arc seems to be the best. He knows cobra Kai and Miaygi-do are both bullshit. He’s in it for himself
  4. Honestly…are we watching the same show? This is probably the worst season yet. The amount of nothing slow scenes is ridiculous. Nothing has happened in 5 episodes. This is honestly worse than the final season of GOT. They’ve made covered in 5 eps, what should have been 1-2 max. The next is going to be amazing but they’re clearly going to end it on a cliffhanger.
  5. I'm sorry but Terry Silver wasn't the worst baddie, in hindsight, his ridiculous acting means he was one of the best baddies of the 80s.
  6. Yeah it looks to be going that way. Silver was the highlight of the season. His slow burn reverse character building was entertaining to watch and he seems like a sympathetic character as well but it’s clear season 5 will be the full OTT evil Silver we all know. Cobra Kai is peak story telling.
  7. Yeah Miguel was looking portly throughout the season and he didn’t fight much at all, not sure if there are any healthy issues with me. There was one episode where he was trim again, and then porky for the rest of the season again.
  8. Dunno why the first few eps of any season of anything have to be so slow, but it picks up in the 2nd half and the fight scenes are really good I thought! All the kids have been practicing hard it seems
  9. Honestly the series has screwed me over so much since t2 that I can’t be arsed now. it literally has a trilogy of reboots
  10. thats a pretty good video but they got the swarm mode wrong. Instead of agents, they have lots of bots mixed in with the real people. Swarm mode activates the bots into attackers not take over real people and waste batteries.
  11. Hated Reloaded. Detested Revolutions. Loved this. It’s the sequel we always deserved. The action isn’t as good as the first two but it’s still good.
  12. The biggest thing I like about this movie is that it felt like a genuine story. There was no need to introduce characters etc. it just got to the point and expected you all to have seen all the other movies!
  13. Imagine having an outrun 2 NFT or that silent hill demo…
  14. Hopefully the kill her off. Holy shit is she the weak link
  15. I think cinema just needed a few amazing films to kick start it. Marvel played it well, throw out a few risky phase films. Get people warmed up and deliver the knock out blow with this. With Iron Man out the way, hopefully Spider-Man finally gets to take centre stage. Going with a young Spider-Man was a good move. Tom was looking older and more hench in this one. Also
  16. Yeah I love the slow burn story telling on this. Its clearly got a few things they had planned long term.
  17. Morpheous apparently died in one of the web comics or something and they're canon. Honestly, after his pre-rave speech in reloaded, I don't want him back.
  18. Honestly, it was probably the super hero film I've seen. It had so much heart. Everyone got closure.
  19. Damn, they made Hawkeye interesting? I need to finish this then.
  20. Filters always look artificial. Tbh, it didn’t look to me like it was shot on film but at the time time, it looked amazing lol
  21. Never got round to ever playing this since spending 30p on it as kid, which is a lot when street fighter 2 was only 10p. Its on my buy list…0
  22. How hard is it to make a 3D sonic with the asthetics of the mega drive games
  23. Not only that but that matrix city is available to developers for free to do whatever they want with it. Great marketing!
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