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  1. Having old Indy in that TV series was a big mistake when you see the real one still swinging in his 70s. Seeing your heroes grow old is kinda depressing.
  2. As usual we have the Anti-Snyder haters dunking on Zak. Zombie movies are dumb crap. He’s done something different with the genre and instead of praise he gets vague criticisms like it’s boring or it doesn’t make sense. Switch your brains off and enjoy the ride. I loved it. It’s a homage to Aliens. What more could you want?
  3. I have to agree with you. The first maybe 40-60 minutes seemed like a love letter to the old indie movies. It had a similar vibe I think. As soon as they hit South America and more focus on “mutt” the film nose dived into oblivion. Maybe I need to rewatch it
  4. This is based on the 80s Karate Kid not the Will Smith remake. No judo here!
  5. It felt pretty much like Aliens with Zombies. The Wesker character was pretty much sign posted. But overall, I think it was a top tier Zombie flick,
  6. Honestly, for me, Daniel Craig is the worst bond. I like Craig in other films though. He doesn’t look like Bond, he pouts too much. We need Tom Hardy to save us.
  7. I think it was skyfall where Bind was just a generic bodyguard with earpiece etc. Utterly bland. Let’s not forget it was an Austin Powers remake with a dose of Home Alone.
  8. I’ll be glad to see the end of the current series. I think it outstayed it’s welcome after it was clear that Casino Royale was another fluke thanks to the director just like Goldeneye
  9. One of my favourite shows ever. I remember I enjoyed season 1 but didn’t watch season 2 for maybe 5 years but was hooked when I did and binged everything and ended up watching the last episode along with everyone else! I think not bothering with season 5 would have helped the show but I guess people need to get paid. It felt kinda like a tag on and it was out of tone to the rest of the seasons.
  10. Maybe he had shit on brains at the time or cock in mouth?
  11. I did also say..Thor Ragnorak is the best marvel film
  12. Yeah I went into GAME last year and nearly had a heart attack. Who is paying for these £150 FIFAs I don’t like the way this industry is going. A few AAA massive budget games that many never get to the end of. Why can’t we have more AAA games with smaller budgets, shorter and more focused. Everything has to be a 100hr epic with bags of padding and grinding. I’ll happily pay £40 for a game like Jet Set Radio or Silent Hill. Both take a few hours to complete but no filler.
  13. Yeah I agree with all of this but the NSMB series is hopefully dead. DED! Tokyo EAD are probably the most consistent teams Nintendo have. I don’t see it being a top seller. I’d rather they make a top level SMB3/mario world quality 2D Mario game
  14. I think we are forgetting one crucial element. DLC. EA charge £70 for their games and then you have micro transactions on top. FIFA makes me sick.
  15. May should be a good month after April shortages. PS5 was outsold by the PS4 last month in the UK!
  16. I forgot to mention I finally got my PS5. I was woken up by a discord alert and just went into auto mode. A few clicks and I had one ready to collect from Smyths. The previous 10 times, it was a frustrating experience and I had more or less lost interest. Youtube is very nice on it compared to my smart TV.
  17. Let me get this right. People are complaining of the possibility of a Nintendo developed 2D platformer? This will be amazing if it’s Tokyo EAD.
  18. If I’m honest, I find £40 for a non AAA Nintendo game a bit dear. I can wait a few years and pick them up for £15 like I did last week for ace combat 7 and that’s one of my fav series of all time....although I would have bought that new too but didn’t have a PS4 at the time. I know Nintendo games won’t drop in price. If I want the game, I’ll just buy it day 1, they’re usually cheaper to pre-order than to buy a year down the road.
  19. Venom is maybe one of the best modern superhero films. Its perfect and knows it’s not citizen Kane. This is looking to go in the same direction. Venom had heart and didn’t feel soulless.
  20. Makes you wonder. This thread is nearly 20 years old...
  21. Spice Girls...is this a joke? Are they mocking us...that trailer was aright somehow
  22. Thor Ragnorak was maybe the first Marvel film apart from Guardians to not look like a TV show! It’s also the best Marvel film and I thought Thor was lame before that came out! It really hit the right tone for the character...because Thor is lame
  23. Yeah it’s a great podcast. Am I right in thinking that they’re going through the seasons again one by one and redoing the podcast or are they just reuploading old podcasts on to the new account?
  24. I’ve only ever liked him in the crown tbh. I just seem to have developed a negative view of the guy, I think it may have been that I didn’t like his Dr.
  25. FFS Matt Smith needs to go away He’s also the kids of death for any project
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