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  1. You're pretty much right. Chapter 3 and especially 4 could have been amazing. Shadow Moses was such a missed opportunity.
  2. I don’t think I’ll miss Netflix. Barely watch it. Disney plus and Prime are so much better
  3. Douglas looked like he’d been reanimated. I know Kate from Lost gets a lot of hate these days for being crazy but she’s still crazy hot.
  4. Just finished watching it. It was decent but… Paul Rudd has aged badly suddenly and seems to have had some pretty bad plastic surgery
  5. I honestly don’t remember this being at the cinema!
  6. This was straight to Disney Plus? I’ll watch it later but it’s sad hearing it’s gone downhill. The last 2 were just laid back fun.
  7. I completed the first shrine and seem to be just walking around in circles. I’m really shit at games now Where can I get a guide?
  8. For once, being part of the physical copy master race has paid off. Thanks shopto!
  9. Im looking forward to it but ngl the 2nd half of Dune was always shit. We’ve had the best of it.
  10. Am I bad for not having seen this apart from a few scenes here and there when it was on tv back in the day?
  11. SOTN is indeed an amazing game. Both Super Metroid and SOTN are some of the best games of the 90s and as good now. But for me, Super Castlevania is the best Castlevania. It’s sad we no longer get any games in that style.
  12. Any game that uses the exact same map system as Super Metroid is a Metroid clone not a Metroidvania. Symphony of the Night is a Metroid clone.
  13. I don’t think I’ve bought a Starwars game since rogue one. Ill wait for this to drop to £15 in CEX in 6 months if it needs this many patches!
  14. Ok…big ass space ship! It was cool seeing tie fighters attacking an imperial ship though!
  15. I loved the last ep. Some of the best Star Wars ever. Maybe it was watching it on a laptop but a star destroyer crashed into a planet and exploded and it just seemed kinda meh?
  16. I didn’t have time to watch last weeks ep but found the difference in opinions on Starwars tiktok between last week and this week hilarous. Last week it was end of days, this week it’s hardcore mando simping
  17. It was 3 on 1 though and he didn’t back down..
  18. This ep was very cinematic.
  19. I have no interest in an FPS Resi. Same as a FPS Metroid. Gimme a resi 9 in the style of the Resi4 remake.
  20. I’m on cacs side here especially as he’s brought this game back to the lime light. I loved this game growing up. My password for everything is still a mispelling of Leynos 25yrs later 😅😅😅
  21. It doesn’t make sense to want to play 30 year old games on cutting edge hardware but here we are! I want a physical release, with a printed book.
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