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  1. I had no interest in this at all but I just saw the trailer. I’m sold. Can’t wait and it’s on Netflix too!


    There is a longer better trailer on Facebook that I just caught and came into this thread.

    It looks like the Zombies are more interesting compared to the usual, more like those in I am legend rather than walking dead 




  2. 2 hours ago, Sexton Hardcastle said:

    This is one terrible show and it’s meandering around like one of those Marvel Netflix series now. Sam isn’t a strong enough character to be a lead, his only trait is he was a friend of Caps & they haven’t really developed anything else for him. Bucky was pretty badass in the movies, but he’s just another chump now. The pair of them have zero chemistry together & I get the feeling the whole show was commissioned on the basis of them having one mildly amusing scene in the car back in a movie from seven years ago, and that was a dry chuckle at best.

    There could have been a good storyline with the new Cap if they show had just stayed focused, but it spends way too long on tedious garbage like the flag smashers & that really really really terrible actress is getting way too many scenes. People are supposed to be following her as some sort of revolutionary? Give me a break, I wouldn’t follow her down the street if she was giving out free money. Matt Hancock is more convincing (also a better actor I presume too). Scenes exist just to move characters around to new locations where they continue to do nothing interesting. Maybe Ubisoft is writing this. 

    Not even sure I can be bothered with the last two episodes. Hopefully someone will do an edit on YouTube that only has Zemos scenes. Daniel Bruhl is too good for this shit. 

    This is a pretty good review of the show but I still enjoy it.


    But that actress is not just terrible but horribly miscast, she has a unique look which must be why she keeps getting high profile roles but this is the first time I’ve seen her act. The accent doesn’t help.

  3. 3 hours ago, hub2 said:


    I hate when they allude to shit like that to provide 'depth' or tortured scars and PTSD to a Vet.


    They're basically saying Captain America is a war criminal.

    Not to get too political but I would be surprised at the true level of war crimes committed by US and UK forces in Afghanistan. Hell, even the Australians have been caught running wild so yeah, that Cap probably is a war criminal

  4. 12 hours ago, cubik said:
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    I quite enjoy how the main other characters are developing week on week, but new Cap has predictably gone from hero to baddie in about 5 minutes, and Zemo (who could and should have been amazing) is instead being used a shit comedy foil to two moody guys.



    I disagree. I think Zemo is the best character in the show. He’s actually a good guy I think. He was the real hero in Civil war.

  5. 4 hours ago, Pob said:

    Also, it had that uncanny valley-type effect I get from The Mandalorian where it comes across as both mega-budget and TV-like at the same time. I think we're at the point where VFX has advanced to the stage of making locations, CGI and stunt-work feel very realistic on a TV-budget but it's clearly not reaching movie quality in other areas e.g bit-part actors. That Brummie woman felt totally incongruous, for example.

    I get what you are saying. 

    The brummie woman felt like a passerby that had somehow walked into set and pretended to be the right person.

  6. 2 hours ago, Don Wiskerando said:

    Are you certain about that bolded bit?  I've seen shows that looked like they had zero special effects, only to later discover that almost all of the background scenery was CGI.  Mindhunter is a good example.

    yeah totally. All the night street scenes are definitely cg for instance. I’m talking more about the talking scenes. They could have had some more talking head scenes etc.


    But I guess the episode was tight. But some seemed rush. The dialogue in the airplane seemed cut, eg the discussion around the books between zemo and Falcon/winter 


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