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  1. This episode did feel like an entire movie condensed into 45 minutes. They’re on a streaming platform, who gives a shit about run time. Just let it run! This show doesn’t even have many special effects and talking scenes are cheap and it’s all filmed digitally, I’m sure Disney can afford the hard drive space
  2. Can Falcon even be considered an Avenger? I’ve actually never heard of him and even in the MCU, he’s a bit player. Winter Soldier on the other hand was the worlds most wanted man.
  3. I’ve always wanted to watch the ewok movies. I remember staring at the vhs artwork for ages in the local video shop
  4. I think the scene where he was spat at and the next scene kinda indicate he’s going to go off the rails. The direction of that 2nd scene was great, the subtle blurring in and out really showed how raging and unstable he is below the surface. So far, this has been the opposite of Wandavision. This could have easily been a marvel movie release.
  5. I’m glad he turned his back on Scientology. I loved Mallrats and a lot of his roles. He’s 50yrs old, fuck man. Brodie an old man.
  6. Why do people have such a vandetta against Snyder fans. We are just passionate about his art. Are you guys just jelly you didn’t get a Nolan cut of the Dark Knight Rises? No one complained about the Donner cut of Superman getting released!
  7. Was surprise to learn that the actor plays the new Cap is Kurt Russell’s son. The chin line makes sense and I see the resemblance. He looks 50/50 Goldie Hawn and Kurt! It’s uncanny. He auditioned for Captain America originally and they actually told him he’s got the part but he’ll have to wait 10 years! Talk about planning ahead!
  8. Really enjoyed this episode. So much so that I forgot it was a tv show when it suddenly ended!
  9. Yeah they are dumb stories. That’s what I said earlier in the thread when people where down on Snyder. I think people read too much into Superman. He’s probably one of the most boring super heroes. Batman’s no kill rule is also dumb. Batman is at his best when he’s a psycho just like the people he is up against. Batfleck at the start of BVS is what it’s all about. They then nerf’d him in Justice League. I have high hopes for the new Batman though.
  10. Yeah I know Spider-Man is poor but there was some pushback for instance for instance in the new Spider-Man game where you beat up escaping prisoners. Most are probably in there for low level drug possession
  11. To be honest people are slowly seeing Batman differently, likewise Spider-Man. Both are are privileged white males going around the inner cities and beating up poor people. Batman? Bateman more like!
  12. I’d like to see a 3hr widescreen Snyder theatrical cut to be honest.
  13. His fans are toxic but he’s a good guy. He I was watching an interview of his where he wanted black Green Lantern in JL but WB refused and his argument was he didn’t want to cut a person of colour. He has a good heart unlike Joss Weasel
  14. Two beings cannot go toe to toe without destruction. Superman rekt one district of one city to save the world. Man of Steel has the most realistic super hero battle. Look at the destruction two planes did on 9/11. Superman didn’t start the fight. Zod did. The fight actually moved to space before going back to metropolis. The entire scene is spectacular. My favourite action scene in recent years. My favourite bits are superman being thrown through 3 skyscrapers and the camera being upside down when he comes out the other end.
  15. I feel vindicated. I watched it for a 2nd time and it was better. I think the biggest flaw is that the fight at the end was set in another deserted city. How many can you have? Zack should have ignored all the disaster porn critics of man of steel. People say he doesn’t understand Superman but he does. Two people of the power of Zod and a supes cannot go toe to toe without a lot of destruction. Man of Steel is one of the few superhero flicks that seems to actually have stakes. The world is in danger and you can see it. Jus
  16. It’s an amazing trailer but Man Of Steel delivered. It’s the best Superman film.
  17. The only scene that seemed weird was the Norse woman singing her solo at the start when Aqua man leaves and Bruce walks away. You think they’ll cut to the next awesome scene but it turns into a solo concert and she’s actually creepily looking at us watching. If I were a studio exec, I would have been thinking wtf
  18. I’m gonna watch this again tonight. So much happens, it’s difficult to digest it all. I’ve heard rumours that based on the reaction to this, Zak Snyder may not be completely done with JL. There is still the flashback film coming that includes Batfleck and Keaton Batman and Aquaman was both a critical and commercial success. If anything, Justice League in the end was a seminal moment in both cinematic and comic history. We did it!
  19. My main positive take away from this is that it has the same feel of the Marvel films. I shouldn’t be surprised given that the MCU films largely have a TV show look
  20. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone in support of that last season. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed parts of it but it was a shitshow.
  21. Are D&D out? I’m glad they lost their Star Wars gig after the shit they pulled. A more reliable duo is needed going forward who aren’t going to shit on the material.
  22. Im guessing the shitstorm caused by the final season meant they needed a clean break. The writers of that series ruined not just their careers but GRRM as well. Wonder if he’s pissed.
  23. I checked a few months ago and it was pay only on Prime! Just finished watching it as it’s now “free”. Image quality was weird/poor. Really smudgy and the colour was overly purple. Maybe it was always like that. The actual movie is as good as ever. A true classic, can’t believe it’s been 20 years since it was made
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