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  1. It does seem to be 2 movies in one. The first 2hrs are pretty rough and all over the place. It’s pretty obvious most of the effort was put into the 2nd half as the colour grading and direction seems to jump back to Hollywood blockbuster levels. One thing I couldn’t get past was it not being widescreen. The composition felt off and less cinematic. Snyder knows how to frame a shot though but I miss rule of thirds!
  2. This is genuinely one of my favourite films and the soundtrack is amazing. I went into this blind and only knew a bit about the film and when it all starts getting weird I genuinely went WTF. My favourite memory was when Kurt Russell turns up half way. His scenes with Tom Cruise are genuinely touching and awesome. I felt sad for him at the end. Youtube has 20 minutes of unseen footage, a lot of it is around Kurt Russell and Cruise. This doesn’t seem to be available on any streaming services but I might be the blu-ray. It’s that good a film!
  3. Just finished it. My main take always are: 1. first 2hrs are rough and a complete waste time. 2. Batman said “fuck” 3. Bruce Wayne doesn’t have a random woman a sleep next to him when he wakes up. I guess that’s character growth I look forward to a 3hr fan made version that combines the best bits to this and joss version. Hard to say which version is better but Man of Steel and Batman V Superman were both better than either version of Justice League. At least Batman wasn’t a joke in this version and did as much as the oth
  4. I’m watching it now! See y’all at 10pm for my verdict
  5. I think people are too quick to call people trolls or trolling. I know we’re all getting old in here, most of his in our late 30s and 40s, but we need to remember we’re here to have fun and discuss topics we find interesting. Take a chill pill @Talvalin, have some fun, lighten up. We’re in a comic book movie thread not UK politics!
  6. I do get tired of being accused of trolling so maybe every now and again I do take subtle jabs at my detractors. The only bits I was taking the piss about in this thread were about TVs being able to stretch 4:3 into widescreen and waiting to watch it on streaming on Now TV as Snyder intended that were clearly more tongue in cheek than “trolling”.
  7. Superhero’s are toxic masculinity embodied and Batman is probably the worst/best example
  8. Wonder Woman is actually is very violent character. She murders and maims a lot in the comics. Not even sure where the beta no kill for Batman came from.
  9. Netflix are doing the same, their tiers are horrendous. I’m tempted to cancel as Netflix value goes down with each price rise. Now TV has less content but the quality is much higher.
  10. Jeremy Irons is the best Alfred. Sad we will never get a stand alone Batfleck. The haters won that battle
  11. I just want epic slow motion shots of Batman and some black suited Superman and dumb dialogue that sounds meaningful and deep.
  12. I’m going to watch this tonight. The only feedback I don’t like is that Batman feeling like a side character. As long as he isn’t a joke like the original JL, thats fine I guess. On a side note, I really enjoyed Aquaman on Prime. It’s got some of my fav actors in it and Willem Defoe isn’t a bad guy for a change...
  13. All this positive excitement on rllmuk is unheard of. Zak deliveried. Personally I’m going to wait until it’s on Now TV so I can view it how Zak envisioned it rather than yarring a copy.
  14. Who are the real trolls in here. The fans or the people shitting on it before even seeing it! Plenty of youtube reviews are glowing. No one gives a shit what some dickhead in The Sun or The Guardian thinks about it.
  15. Comics are not some high art medium. Their plots are dumb, don’t often make sense and often contradict themselves. Snyder’s movies are just like that. Dumb entertainment. The look amazing. They sound great. They have epic dialogue that yes, does sound pretentious but these are movies aimed at over grown kids. The Martha scene gets mocked but it’s in tone with comicbook stuff. I thought it was a great dumb scene with the epic music and the flashback to the credits sequence with Bruce’s dad uttering Martha with his last breath just like Superman does. Batman quick
  16. There are millions of fans looking forward to this. It’s not trolling to like Snyder. This isn’t the only place I’m shilling JL! I’ve been defending it with friends for years!
  17. I just watched a review on YouTube that also mentioned it’s 2hrs before they team up. The review was glowing! I can’t wait. By all accounts, Zak has knocked it out the park.
  18. The only games I want to play are PS4 games upscaled like Ace Combat and Final Fantasy 7 so I can wait another year or maybe even wait for the Slim. The switch is enough for me for now
  19. I’ve given up trying. I have stock alerts set up and a few times I’ve been up at 1-2am and got the Argos alerts and still not got one due to their annoying habit of drip feeding consoles over 3hrs by area
  20. Say what you will about the OG Dune movie, but no one can argue the casting was second to none. Casting for this seems spot on as well but Patrick Stewart will always be my Gurney
  21. Most TVs let you stretch to fill the whole screen so 4:3 ain’t so bad.
  22. Snyder gave superman depth and was hated for it. Enjoy your milk toast superman!
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