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  1. I like the orange indicator lights the most about the 89 batmobile
  2. It was watchable. Leslie Jones was as terrible as always but wasn’t in it much luckily. Of course, Wesley Snipes stole every scene and the son was a decent addition. Would have been better if it had been American centred rather than being 90% in a big house. Just seemed to be low budget and claustrophobic at times.
  3. If you have Amazon prime, there are quite a lot of marvel comics available for free through the kindle app
  4. 1989 by far. It’s the only other properly defined bat mobile apart from the 60s one. The tumbler doesn’t count as it’s just a random vehicle painted black and the Snyder one is just too bland
  5. I’m pretty sure they are currently shooting season 2 for this. Also, Wanda was clearly the villain in this. Yet she walks away like she’s some kind of hero and Sword barely even try to stop her. She needs to be put down for what she did.
  6. Not sure about the 4:3 aspect ratio. Snyder is usually awesome at setting epic scenes and widescreen is part of that.
  7. Nah, the Krypton bits were ace! The could have done a whole movie just with Russell Crowe’s arc. I hate superman as a character as he’s so dull but are you telling me Man of Steel is worse than Superman Returns? It’s the best Superman film IMO
  8. Yeah that part is was dumb and didn’t make sense
  9. Man of steel has some of the best action scenes out to film. Definitely the best super hero action scenes. These are dumb action flicks, not some high art nonsense. His films are aurel and visual porn.
  10. Or maybe people can enjoy pulp comic book stuff for what it is? Marvel pump out bland cookie cutter flicks at a rapid rate and you guys lap them up. Snyder reaches for the skies and all you all want to do is tear him down. You mock his fans yet they managed to get the Snyder cut made. You all label us toxic yet all we’ve done is demand to see this film as the director intended. It seems haters just want to label us as gamer gaters or alt right toxic geeks just for trying to get a film made.
  11. Argos are in stock now im not even going to bother trying
  12. Nah, they’re still scrubs. Vision has maybe crawled a few spots up thanks to his comic timing. Hawkeye is still the worst though...
  13. Disney plus went from barren to having a collection of the best movies and tv shows. Disney need to buy Warner Bros next.
  14. Love burn notice but I think I stopped watching after 3 seasons. I might start again. It’s very enjoyable
  15. Been binging revenge! On season 3 now, well worth watching for silly fun. It’s like Gossip Girl with ninjas and stuff
  16. It’s 1 minute and 28 seconds longer than I expected. This is gonna be a sick. Fuck the haters!
  17. I’ve got a discord alert set up and clicked the game link as soon as possible and I was 32k in the queue and decided not to bother...guess I was wrong!?
  18. What’s the smaller box that comes with Darius? I bought Ninja Warriors last year and loved getting an actual thick manual with shitloads of artwork. On the opposite end, opening Mario 3D world and not even getting a shitty leaflet was genuinely saddening.
  19. Revenge is on here! Never watched the 4th season so I’m starting from the start again. First season is as awesome as I remember.
  20. Incredible Hulk doesn’t have cheesy quips. That’s a good thing. The only characters that seem to get away with quips are Thor and Bautista but that’s down to their actors.
  21. How come I’ve never heard of Huntdown? I have to second the similarities to Robocop vs Terminator. I think it’s the way the game scrolls and it’s presentation. £10 is too for me. I’ll pick it up when they drop it to £5 which is my limit for indie downloads. Im part of the problem ain’t I?
  22. Most of those games apart from mario kart and Luigi are shit. The digital ones are worth next to nothing. Better off buying a new one or offer him £200
  23. Hopefully Leto gets to go all out as Joker. He seemed genuinely dangerous in the nightclub scene in Suicide Squad
  24. Snyder has revealed that he’s forgone his salary to make sure Justice League can get made without any compromises. This may be the superhero cinematic event of the year.
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