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  1. It’s heroes like you that save me the time in having to suffer through playing that trash game. The waggle was enough for me to sign out and not waste my time! Sounds like it’s worse than I expected.
  2. This is a weird tv show. I’m bored shitless for 90% of the time but for 10% of the time, it’s the best thing to happen in the MCU. Vision is my fav now. Rik Mayell made into the MCU in spirit
  3. Never. Whats sad is, there are plenty of arcade racers being released but none of the classics and the modern stuff doesn’t have the gameplay of the older stuff. Its all loose handling and crap tracks.
  4. check out assault suits leynos on PS4, a remake of the first game in the series
  5. Please understand. They are more sequel heavy now but the wrong games get multiple sequels yer classics get nothing.
  6. Wind Waker used to be my most hated Zelda but it was retroactively upgraded by twilight princess and skyward sword...this remake seems extremely low effort compared to the WW remake? Maybe the WW art style aged more gracefully but SS looks...vomit inducing
  7. I think I got trolled. I just finished watching it. It’s not too bad. Starwars f2p shooter may be worth dabbling in.
  8. The GBA Mario Golf games were legendary in their greatness. The Mario Sports range is just filler these days.
  9. It was impressive how fast very sold out. I refreshed and it was in stock, added buy and it was gone. Literally sold out in seconds. Clearly bots bought them all up. I know Argos got a lot of flack but their way of drip feeding by region randomly over a few hours was the best way.
  10. You guys mocked me for days. You don’t deserve F-Zero and Wave Race! You will buy Zelda Waggle HD and Tingle’s Dreams FULL PRICE and love them. Or else.
  11. I thought I was harsh. Some Trufax there. Tingle. Fucking sex offender Tingle?
  12. Oh dear oh dear. Fucking Tingle? Have they heard of #metoo. Totally tone deaf. I’m going to stay quiet and digest this shower of shit before commenting.
  13. Would love a Vanquish 2 Or maybe a Sega Rally or Daytona HD remix Or Ridge Racer 8
  14. Making Galaxy 2 DLC would be such an anti consumer move. This has always been our problem. Even our dreams are small. Nintendo broke us. My predictions are - DLC for smash - first paid DLC for AC - Cheap port of OoT - New item for Mario Kart Live
  15. It’s called hydro thunder and it’s no Fzero or wave race. I want both!
  16. Well, they are treading water but luckily for me, I sold my WiiU and decided to wait for their next console and made the right decision! I think some of you guys need to understand that people can criticise and like Nintendo at the same time. They are by far the most frustrating company in gaming after Konami.
  17. Yeh same for me, been like that since 4am
  18. Nah, they’ve smashed it with the switch. Its by far the best console out right now! My fav console since the GBA!
  19. Yet they were famously unable to keep hold of that era “gamers” but I’m still here. Nintendo need to remember not to alienate their users who have been with them since the NES. We may not forgive them for a another Wii if they sell us out for Karen sales again.
  20. BotW isn’t anything innovative. It was the obvious next gen move for Zelda. It was the original open world game. If anything, they were a generation late to making the jump because they were too busy thinking waggle was where Zelda should be going not a massive continuous open world
  21. Very will be 11am I’ve heard. Argos were a joke. I was checking regularly but nothing. Then again, they were getting hammered and the app didn’t crash. Their stock was definitely patchy in big cities.
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