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  1. I think it was around that time I was done with Nintendo and just took a break. Touch and Waggle was a dark time to be a Nintendo fan. Remember when reggie suggested Animal Crossing was their main winter game for core gamers? Shudder!
  2. What you are saying is Nintendo is lazy and after easy wins. If they can waste time And money on low selling vanity projects like labo and Mario kart live and other lesser games they have released like that cutting game, they can release an Fzero or wave race.
  3. They had a long one the other year and it was full of smash DLC Kirby is a series that has had constant sequels that all seen the same and sell fuck all apart from Kirby Pinball which then never got a sequel . Iwata and Miyamoto clearly had favourites and there was no one powerful to stick up for the likes of Wave Race and Fzero and other actual beloved series. I recall Miyamoto was once puzzled why so many were asking for a new Fzero. He felt the series had run its course. No one fucking likes Kirby!
  4. Bowsers fury is good fun but honestly, I prefer the Mario 64 approach instead with distinct worlds.
  5. Argos are dropping area by area
  6. The last thing we need is a remake of the 2nd worst Zelda game ever (phantom hourglass). The only thing worse would be a remake of skyward sword. LttP is overdue a remake before those two gimmickfests
  7. Would love a castlevania in the classic style. Most look to The Metroidvania style when they think of castlevania but for me, Super Castlevania 4 was the peak of the series. Another in that style would be awesome. Similar HD Gothic mood, amazing music. Inventive levels, 8 way whip! Likewise, a Contra game in the classic style. No fucked up views. Side scrolling shooter. Like shattered soldier but not as hard!
  8. Mr Sunday movies have done a good break down of the trailer
  9. Making money isn’t the same as progress. Look where Sony and Microsoft were in 2013 and look where they are now in terms of their output. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe might be selling 30 million plus but as a sequel it’s barely a step up from Mario Kart 8 on the wiiu. Likewise, it’s tentpole game, BotW is another WiiU port. More than any other company, Nintendo has coasted through this generation selling lazy ports at full value when Microsoft and Sony have been doing the same and charging less for their remakes because they have AAA games as their main c
  10. I dunno why people still get excited with these Directs. Nintendo Japan clearly don’t know how the modern world works. It’s like your dad demonstrating Mario World. Fucking embarrassing.
  11. I’ll probably get it from very. They are straight forward and easy to deal with and I’m sure they get shitloads of stock. I don’t have actually have much I want to play on it right now and will probably stick it on 12 months interest free.
  12. I think they start releasing weird Fzero games based on an anime.
  13. Nintendo games are popular. If they make it, they will come. I doubt F-zero was that low of a seller. GC sales were low across the board and they pumped out a few low effort Fzero sequels on the GBA after the first one. As far as I’m aware, only GX was a flop.
  14. I’d like to see a new proper Metroid or 3D Metroid, not “Prime” or other outsourced product. Also, I’ve covered my yearning for a new Wave Race and F-Zero and I genuinely think there is a market for these games. Even as free to play GAAS Like something like what Sony did with Drive Club or even like the many free racing games already available on switch.
  15. Season 1 on Murder One was something had hadn’t been done before. A single season focusing on just one case and was riding on the OJ Simpson hype. The 2nd season was just a generic legal show so people just switched off. I enjoyed both seasons...I think there was a 3rd what went back to the format of season 1?
  16. I think at this point people are just looking for excuses to shit on Snyder and his movies.
  17. I don’t think it’ll work. Face/Off ended up being amazing because it had 3 crazy people working on it. Without Woo/travolta/cage it’ll just be another bland sci-fi cop movie
  18. 10 eps means less filler and more meaty eps but it does mean we don’t get to see the characters breath and grow in those fillers. Some of the best moments in tv have been in filler episodes.
  19. If I’m honest, I don’t want to visit Silent Hill again. I am actually scared of playing it. It’s such an oppressive game!
  20. This is my view of Silent Hill as well. Have amazing memories of playing the first 3 but know that times have moved on. Plus with how Konami are right now, it’s hard to know whether any remake would be a diamond or dihorea
  21. Had a heads up Argos had some today. Went straight away and got an error message!
  22. Batman is the epitome of grim dark.
  23. You’ve described That weird girl power film he made but I don’t think that applies to all the other films I’ve seen of his. Roland Emmerich is by far far a worse director. Maybe even a virus on Hollywood
  24. I don’t expect Se7en or Citizen Kane. When I was a teenager, I used to read sight and sound at college before my Media Studies class. I used to hate Micheal Bay movies. Why would anyone watch that trash. When I grew up, I realised the trashy goodness of The Rock, ConAir and Armageddon... it was deep impact that was the trashy movie in the end...remember that? Of course you don’t. These are comic book movies. You turn your brain off to watch them. They’re supposed to cool, cheesy, epic and yeah, immature. When I watch these movies, I just want shallow epicness
  25. Almost like the comics are aimed at teenagers...
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