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    SNES Mini

    I gave him and my other mates the heads up as soon as I ordered mine. I could easily make £200 just selling the pre-order never mind the console. I wasn't in a rush for the NES until they were stopped, I knew I had to get it ASAP before the scalpers bumped the price up more. £99 is a fair price. I've still got it sealed, probably wait until it's like £500 and then sell it on. I'm more of a SNES guy.
  2. Guys...stop supporting this BS. Refuse to buy it. It's worth £15 tops.
  3. probotector

    SNES Mini

    Managed to get a pre-order at GAME and Amazon within a few minutes of seeing Nintendo's facebook announcement...didnt even wait to see what the price was or what games were on it. Was going to keep one sealed and play the other one but my best mate was too slow, so he's having it off me. Only charging him an extra £50. He's well chuffed, but that's what mates are for I suppose. I paid £99 on eBay for the NES Classic as soon as I saw the discontinuance notice, it was £200 within an hour from the same seller. You gotta be fast guys!
  4. Really enjoying this update. Not played for 6 months. Went into brum city centre today and the scene was alive. Did a snorlax raid with 10 other people in the bullring, probably about 4-5 groups of people all playing together. Later did another raid in Digbeth for another level 4. Only Blastois but again, probably about 17 people showed up within the first 10 minutes.
  5. I hate the look. The whole thing stinks of Super Mario Sunshine meets Sonic 2006. I loved the next gen Mario 3 feel of 3D Land and World. Hate the hat gimmick. Hope I'm wrong but I've got a bad feeling over it. Plus it looks shit compared to the Galaxy and 3D games
  6. 8bit - Nothing 16bit - SNES 32/64bit - N64 but then later PS1 when it had "no gaems" (also had a saturn) 128bit - PS2. 128bit - PS3 Had a Wii and WiiU but couldn't class them as my main sadly. Used to be a Nintendo fanboy, sad looking back and seeing how bad they fell.
  7. For the past 5 years no game has gripped me apart from Assassins Creed 2 and Mario 3D world. i had become what I hated. A casual gamer, playing shitty phone games and the newest console and then barely playing the games. But it in the last year, Pokémon go and now, breath of the wild have brought me back. I love it again, the wonder is back, the fun is back. gaming has become a chore but this year seems different and I hope Zelda is the start! yes it's that damn good that it's inspiring new threads! Wnats your comeback game?
  8. I've been damn strong to avoid spoilers for this game. All I know is there is a large green world and link's been asleep for 100 years...! Still waiting it to arrive while a play with some demos
  9. Friend code is 0755-0915-1794 I thought Nintendo did away with the codes and went with the NNID? My NNID is Probotector80 Still waiting for my Zelda to turn up. I refuse to buy anything online with Nintendo for now until I can confirm their online account policies are not stuck in la-la land.
  10. I'm having massive wifi connection problems. Connected first time. Put into sleep mode and took ages to connect again. Trying now and it won't connect. The wifi router is 200cm away from the console. HELP!
  11. Fuck me. I feel like I'm the bad guy here. Sorry guys but 1-2 Switch is fucking shit. Milking cows? Really? Mario is setting off alarm bells right now, reminds me of Sunshine for some reason. It looks shit too. But I trust Tokyo EAD. They're the only Nintendo team that seem to know how to finish a game. With the line up they have, they'll have a strong start and then crash and burn. The real test will be Pokemon. I've pencilled in an xmas purchase so I've not given up completely. Prove me wrong Nintendo. Release some fucking new games
  12. I honestly struggle to believe that. The launch is just a shambles. I actually love the hardware. Looks quality and £279 is a fair price but it's the worst collection of launch games ever. I don't class Zelda as a Switch game. It's a last minute port. I felt the same way about the Wii and bought Twilight Princess on the GC (glad I did)...I don't even have that option as I sold my Wii-U years ago
  13. They need to sack Miyamoto and all the out of touch old dudes who can't even speak english. Reggie too. Nintendo 2017 makes me cry. Nintendo 1987 would bitchslap their asses.
  14. Cancelled my pre-order last night. I want to love it. I want Nintendo to win but this just smells of another Wii-U disaster. I honestly just want a simple Nintendo console and a simple Nintendo handheld with no gimmicks. A true successor to the SNES.
  15. I'm looking forward to this a lot more now. Both the WiiU and 3DS left me cold. In fact, so did the DS and Wii. As long as the only gimmick is home/portable console, then I'm happy. No waggle, no dual screen BS, no fucked up GC style controller buttons. Give me a 6" touch screen portable, 4 face buttons with SNES colours, 4 shoulder buttons and dual analogue/D-Pad and I'm happy. Just make sure the screen is 1080p
  16. I popped to Birmingham city centre this evening. Amazing atmosphere. Groups of people of all ages out all hunting Pokemon! The sun was out as well! We went to Birmingham cathedral as I predicted it would have loads of pokestops and I was right. About 5 all within a few seconds walk. 2 had lures on them and lots of people milking all the Pokemon that were popping up. i managed 10 before the servers went down. There was one surreal moment when a squirtle turned up! Ther was a mad dash and lots of people shouting squirtle!!! Amazing times.
  17. Waste of time going for a walk. Better off driving from spot to spot!
  18. I think it's pretty dodgy on my 6plus so I'd give up until they have a few updates!
  19. Downloaded this morning. Only played it a bit. Barely uses any more battery than any other game on an iPhone 6plus.
  20. Nintendo has amazing game designers hampered by a bunch of weirdos leading them. Including Miyamoto. 100% the NX will have some stupid gamepad gimmick that will ruin this game, just like Skyward Sword.
  21. 2nd worst thing to happen to Nintendo. Mentioning the 1st would get me banned! I'll be there day 0 but I won't be happy about it.
  22. I was really looking forward to this game but 2 things worry me. 1. The NX version is supposed to be identical. 2. Nintendo ain't interested in a spec war. Worried this Zelda will be neutered by Reggie's idiocy.
  23. Why would you want to have this wicked, exciting tech and then use it to do mundane stuff? We want to be chased by Zombies while armed with shotguns, not walking around a boring park!
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