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  1. Dear All, The BBC documentary on Nintendo which I last posted about here during the research phase of production, is finished! Part historical and part an analysis of the company's many present challenges it features exclusive interviews with many past and present Nintendo employees including Messrs Lincoln and Miyamoto amongst others. We can guarantee it has material in it that you will have never seen before! It will be broadcast at 9pm on the 19th April on BBC 3 with a possible repeat on BBC 2 (tbc). We hope you enjoy it. With thanks, Nick
  2. The BBC is making a documentary about Nintendo for broadcast Spring 2004. We urgently need a copy of Mega Man X (NTSC version) for the SNES for use as a filming prop. If anyone here has a copy, please could we borrow/hire it till the end of next week (Fri 13th)? Please pm me with your telephone number and I'll give you a call to make arrangements. Many thanks, Nick
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