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  1. That BotW2 trailer... "Clean up, aisle 3"
  2. Same, it's been paying the bills for about 18 years now. Otherwise it's just reading the forum and playing games when I can
  3. I would say the opening section is rubbish compared to the rest of it, but yes also it's not going to appeal to everyone
  4. Same. I bounced off Burning Rangers hard at launch when I had a PAL machine. After I was done with Fighters Megamix and Virtua Cops I swapped my Saturn for PC Half Life at Chip Shop 2000 in Liverpool as a student in 98. But then got another one in the summer of 99 which I upgraded to a JP grey machine and spent all my summer job money on import games since I couldn't afford the DC It was and still is an absolutely brilliant machine and one of my favourites.
  5. My grey jpn Saturn pads were well on their way out and replacements I bought we're about the same so I think they're a great alternative. Also very generous cables!
  6. I don't want excuses, I want results...get on it! I bought a pair of those and thought they were great. L/R not quite right but good enough!
  7. Found this place late 2013 when NTSC-UK/Borders down forums felt much more quiet than back in the day. Really like it here, good bunch you all are!
  8. Resi unlockables have always been the best, love it.
  9. I've just played through this and I love the audacity of
  10. merrychan


    I remember first seeing DOOM and Sam & Max on a friend's PC in secondary school one lunchtime. I had my MD at the time so you imagine I was just absolutely blown away
  11. Did you keep at it in VR? Wondering if PSVR is something worth sticking with (great immersion but super super low res in this case) or just play on the TV, I bounced off the controls and the early missions but will go back to it at some stage...probably a bit too close to playing Ace Combat 7 (my god the music in that)
  12. Great month indeed....seems I've taken one for the team by getting Squadrons last Christmas in a sale and barely played it
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