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  1. I read on Twitter recently that Metroidvania games are described as Search Action in Japan and I so hope this is true and if not that's fine too
  2. In subsequent playthroughs I just bombed it through the areas where you needed a Transient curse or the more permanent solution..I absolutely hated getting piled on by the ghosts even when I could fight back
  3. I was thinking this too. Don't get me wrong, I love Revolution but their transition to 3D and games since Steel Sky and Broken Sword haven't hit the same bar in quality and fidelity, it's understandable given the required budgets involved. I kind of wished this was 2D.
  4. I picked up: Dishonoured 2 & Death of the Outsider Outer Wilds Metro Exodus Titanfall 2 I figured it would be good to go through these on PC as opposed to PS4. TF2 I've already played on PS4 but want to play on PC, I still haven't played the original Dishonoured and got bored of Metro : Last Light so that's logic for you! I should probably grab the Witcher 3 at this rate since I hated the combat in 2
  5. It's July for Steam, hopefully it'll come to consoles too
  6. Doom 2016 runs fine, I finished it on Switch in handheld mode first despite having the PC version and thoroughly enjoying it, because Switch
  7. I was 12 in September 1991, that's when I went from a C64 to a MegaDrive and sweet Christ what a jump that was the first time I fired up Sonic. However 91 was also the year where I first played Street Fighter 2 in the arcade (I think and pretty sure the SNES version was '92 otherwise I think I'd have chosen the SNES over the MD), must have been on holiday and was blown away by it. I also played Another World on a friend's Amiga (and would later play the MD version but I think that came out the year after). Another World really was something else and that's the game of the year for me.
  8. It's not next-gen until CD Projekt says it's next-gen (launch date)
  9. I'm totally buying this
  10. This could be Ace! Looking forward to failing escort missions....in VR!
  11. I agree with this, part of me thought about not getting this based on what seems like a product of persistent crunch culture...but I bought RDR2 and I think this even could be widely applied to Nintendo internal dev games and Platinum's shift working (and wider, culturally many Japanese companies)
  12. The music in Sunset Riders is proper brilliant
  13. Sunset Riders is the absolute best! Last time I played it was via mame on a laptop hooked up to the TV with arcade sticks. Saddle up!
  14. Honestly this is me with every Everdrive I have, all the games and just don't play anything.
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