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  1. I've always thought if your employees are crunching then you're not a functional business entity. Also from a more personal perspective, life is too short, you don't get that time back.
  2. I did Leon A / Claire B first time through and yep it was nice to play the scneario from another perspective but it did feel quite repetitive. Also completely agree on the lack of secret / unlockable stuff...I didn't play it back in the day but folk I knew absolutely rinsed the game to get unlocks etc. Maybe I'm over whinging since all the unlockables that are there are tied to completing the game under a certain time
  3. I loved the film, but was thinking the exact same thing the other day about the recent films!
  4. That's what I need to get me back into this game
  5. How could I forget Hollow Knight! A glorious world to explore with atrocious (for me) bosses.
  6. For me it's Bayonetta, I tried getting back into it recently after having it on Switch (I wanted to finish it before starting 2) for a while and enjoyed it and made good progress, wicked weaving and dodging my way through the fights. Then there comes a bit where you fight Jeanne on a plane, chapter 12 and I just couldn't make any progress with it and the thing that annoyed me the most is that the core game system of dodging isn't really available since you can only witch time dodge certain attacks. I mean I could play another level and build up health potions but it really really annoyed me. So then I started playing 2 last night and I don't think I can be bothered playing games like this anymore
  7. Ah yes, I should really give that a go...I started a Claire / Leon recently run so maybe after that
  8. Is Survival a difficulty mode that's unlocked or a scenario?
  9. Yes, do it, it's so good! Previous to playing this I'd played only a bit of RE0, RE1, RE:CV and loads of RE4. RE2 : Remake is a very special game indeed. Not really a spoiler but I'll tag it anyway, regarding Claire's weapons
  10. Yep I level my way through the bits in other Soulsborne games that I find difficult, well that and online. Skillsborne is a different matter
  11. I started watching this at the weekend and am enjoying it so far, rewatched the first few episodes with my other half then us with a friend and both of them couldn't tell the difference between some of the story critical male characters, thinking they were the same person too!
  12. Thanks, I'll see how it goes...so far I'm enjoying the early combat and sneaking about, however I get the feeling the only way to progress with the skills is to kill / stealth kill everyone to increase the level bar
  13. Sweet christ! That is some proper Hyper Sweaty Palm stuff...I've only just started this and am already worried about not being able to read attacker poses when the kanji symbol pops up to do the relevant mikiro counter or jump kick
  14. On the UK version all but Puyo Puyo have the US boxart (JP) and run fullscreen on the emulator so I'm pretty sure it's all NTSC roms
  15. Really loving this on Switch especially with all the new fixes, found myself a bit stuck on the second chapter with no ammo and noticed there's a cheats menu! So I went with Give Everything and my DOOM adventure continues
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