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  1. I'm hoping for some NG+ from this like RE4 where you can take all your upgraded kit through for another playthrough, really enjoyed that and shame it wasn't in RE2 REmake.
  2. Three episodes in and I am really really enjoying The Mandalorian
  3. I have been waiting for a game like Exile since I was 11!
  4. I browsed through all of Action/Adventure and had the same video shop in the 80s feeling! Do we know yet when Caravan of Courage will drop?
  5. Yeah I'm on a C9 over wifi on a virgin cable line and it's been pretty good from checking out bits of Star Wars movies....feels like slightly softer than 4k but that's just like all streaming platforms Could some of it also be issues with a fibre/broadband connection, are those getting hit more with folk online?
  6. Agreed, I think the police station is superbly designed
  7. My TV switched to Dolby Atmos, on a Virgin 350mb/s line, not sure what side is doing any throttling
  8. Really liking this so far, thought it was just going to be all Star Wars films and series for me but already added The Rocketeer and Tron Legacy to my (re)watchlist.
  9. Got the year sub on the strength of The Mandalorian and having all that star wars to watch (hopefully in 4k)
  10. The SNES version plays really well, special mention to the god tier JP version box art
  11. Do we know much about the teams behind this? I heard 2016 had a LOT of Machine Games influence / dev time. It seems so different based on what everyone is saying, like it's DOOMCoD?
  12. I have always thought the same! Absolutely stunning!
  13. I do wonder if the silhouettes in front of Mark are auto-generated, could make a really good MST3K version of this using them
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