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  1. Also I'm wondering how folk are getting on with their Satiators these days? It looks like Marvel vs Streetfighter is the only game I'll mind in terms of compatibility with it resetting after each round, right?
  2. I've used that Wingman adapter on a 360 HRAP EXSE and a PS3 SF4 Fightstick, they needed a bit of remapping which is a bit of a cumbersome process but after that they work really really well.
  3. Yeah I've recently started playing Prey as part of my Steam backloggery and I absolutely love it.
  4. Yes I've still to get to the bit in NG+ where I can pick up my new purchases...need to get on that and start Beasting those weapons. I reckon this gets better with repeated playthroughs and kit, just like RE3 Remake
  5. "A window cabin you say? That will be extra"
  6. I'm thinking this has recently been through a huge 'descoping' pass. So now it's something where you can pay to kit out a starship cabin with new things like the duvets with their magic tech and then get into bed and view your cabin from there. Cabin Citizen.
  7. Same, I remember back in the vita days it was games games games, barely needed to buy any games for it.
  8. That's really good to know, I've got mine still in the loft and it's soft modded from the Zelda exploit early on days...is it easy enough to update or best to try a factory reset and soft mod again?
  9. Same. I bought Zero 3 on Saturn near release and thoroughly enjoyed it, even bought the GBA version I liked it so much (I have a SF problem where I buy way more than I play) Then I was recommended to check out Zero 2 by someone who pointed out it was still a 'good to try and still super cheap' Saturn pickup around 2014. I was absolutely blown away by it, and while I really enjoy Zero 3 (especially coop Dramatic Battle) I find that Zero 2 feels like the logical evolution of classic SF2/Hyper Fighting, moreso than Zero 3 which has loads of characters and isms. I know Custom Combos are an option in Zero 3 but having them as the core of the game in Zero 2 feels just right to me.
  10. The actress 5 to 50 thing is something I never thought I'd hear. Excited for the sequels Alines, Aline 3, Aline Resurrection and potential spin offs
  11. Absolutely! I was recommended this as something to try after being so impressed with Radiant Silvergun, Battle Garegga, Soukyugurentai etc. First impressions were "this is pretty good" and then not long after "this is absolutely superb, why don't more folk talk about this!?"
  12. That lighting is totally DOOM x Carpenter Brut!
  13. PSPlus holds me ransom from the time so many vita games came with it , the cloud saves and the occasional MP for Souls games are about it for me.
  14. merrychan

    Edge 370

    This really put things into perspective for me, the 10 can be either 'this game is absolutely brilliant' or 'this should be seen as an important landmark for games' or both I don't care about Dreams but I can see why it's a 10.
  15. merrychan

    Edge 370

    I understand where you're coming from, but at the time for me it was a game crammed with so much joy and (what I thought) brilliance that I really really enjoyed it. In hindsight it obviously doesn't stand the test of time with all the other 10s we love like Super Mario World, Galaxy etc, ironically it hit one year later than Galaxy so all the other AAA grim games that were out inbetween must have got me seriously down
  16. merrychan

    Edge 370

    I think LBP fits all the criteria for a 10, even with the physics based jumping, it was such an excellently positive thing to experience just playing the main campaign. All those themed stages, outfits, music by The Go! Team..it was something really special for me at the time (I wasn't interested in the content creation side of things).
  17. This is exactly the F-Zero X knowledge I need, thanks!
  18. Outrun and Thunderforce IV would be my top picks, I've got Shinobi too but that's more a personal taste one (for my massive arcade nostalgia)
  19. I really really like O & S, great fun if you're familiar with it and hammering through like a Cleric Knight, even better with Jolly Cooperation. However the Old Monk from Demon's Souls is something so completely brilliant in concept and execution it really sticks in my mind...
  20. Same, except for the progress part ..there's lots of opinions out there about what works with drifting / sliding and if you should ignore them completely, how do you all tend to play it? At the moment I'm playing it like GX so boost boost boost but not air braking, is that even a thing in X?
  21. Played a few tracks this morning and it feels pretty good, I noticed only a few hitches but nothing that got in the way of playing it, analogue stick controls seem fine on the switch lite (apart from the acceleration / max speed slider which is comedy!).
  22. This is exactly me with compilations like this (Various Capcom Arcade Collections I'm so sorry)
  23. Really excited for this, I completely missed it back in the day and I have a good friend who swears this is the better game than FZero- GX, which I absolutely adore
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