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  1. I replayed through RE4 in portable mode on an OG switch and continued on the Lite when that launched. It's completely brilliant
  2. I've probably posted this before but I got on better with Wipeout on the max settings (the one with the warning), full camera moving with ship, even rolls but with the larger cockpit enclosure. I actually felt worse when it was on default/comfort. Ace Combat 7 was fine too and my god that is fucking immense
  3. Yeah also I want to reduce clutter potential
  4. Have similar feelings to this, it's on pause for me at the moment with other stuff on the go but there is so much combat I feel like you almost have to stick to a certain discipline (dodge plus legion dashes/combo attacks, slow motion cuts, legion chain wrapping etc) more like an RPG ( hacker, tank etc ) Haven't given Bayonetta 2 a chance yet, but this is not quite up there with Nier Automata but for me that's a very special game indeed.
  5. I'm liking this claim! Just out of interest where does botw sit with you, best game shy of XC?
  6. I've gone fully digital on the hope that it 'could' be more environmentally friendly since there is the potential (aside for the parts for servers, exchanges and cables involved) to be powered by renewables. I know this isn't the case, but it could...whereas physical media will always contribute to the plastics problem plus transit of stock with fossil fuels.
  7. I think it's only a few planes since only a few hi poly cockpits were done, otherwise I don't see why you couldn't play through the whole campaign in VR
  8. The parrying in Souls never clicked with me and when I occasionally managed it I didn't find the results worth the risk. I've finished DS several times and don't even think about parrying now.
  9. God of War 7 Katana Zero 10 Gris 10 Read the last 2 as 9 if you're not mad about those type of games Obra Dinn is looking like a 10 too, honestly I'm not a GameSpot reviewer
  10. Hey if it's good it's good
  11. Thanks for that, good to know! I think someone mentioned Giant Dad a while back, will look that up.
  12. I did my first playthrough in portable mode on an OG Switch and it was great, given my available TV game time it was my best DS experience so far. Got a Lite now, looking forward to doing a run on that
  13. After giving up on God Of War and pausing Astral Chain I've focused on finishing more compact games. I've thoroughly enjoyed playing through Katana Zero and Gris on Switch. Just started Yakuza 0 on PS4 as my 'big' game, which seems like a great fit for current times (catharsis! singing! drinking! crowds!) and also Obra Dinn on Switch. In Other Waters after that, then Kentucky Route Zero...thinking of going through some point n clicks too like Beneath a Steel Sky, Blade Runner etc.
  14. I got the C64 Light Fantastic Pack Christmas 89 and I think the first thing I fired up on that was the light gun mixtape of levels from RoboCop, Platoon etc. Batman the Caped Crusader came with that too so let's go with that as first proper game because that was completely Awesome. First thing I bought with my money was a Zipstick and survived on Zzap/Commodore Format cover tapes. Great times!
  15. Sweet Christ that looks Fucking Majestic, day one!
  16. I really really enjoyed going through this again on the Switch as a Cleric Knight build that was recommended on here (the Mace!) but messed things up transferring to a Switch Lite I had to return due to dead pixel so that save is gone. I'm torn between Cleric Knight Once Again + Sunbro and (I know I'm sorry I posted this a while back) Sorcerer build since I've never done that and would be nice to play a bit more ranged...previsouly to all this I used to go melee style build on PS3...any other recommendations?
  17. merrychan

    Edge #345

    Mine arrived today too, superb issue.
  18. DS2 was the first one where I heard the term 'Fashion Souls' and immediately came to mind when reading this
  19. Finished this today after a couple of long sittings on Switch. Absolute masterpiece with great mechanics and top tier level design. Superb and would thoroughly recommend.
  20. I remember playing the demo and thought it wasn't very good at all, like a basic Platinum game reskin. It wasn't until I heard all the impressions and the A to E routes that I was drawn in and my god it's amazing. I also find it difficult to sell this to other folk, which is a shame.
  21. I think fatigue is a great way of describing this, regardless of the game, it's a very valid point.
  22. Nice! I'll give that a try, for some reason I was trying attack
  23. merrychan

    Edge #345

    They will all turn up today, as will mine, just in time for the weekend (crosses fingers)
  24. Wow! Out of interest did you play through ABCDE then seek out the other endings you hadn't accidentally got or just keep playing and playing? I stopped after E but I'm tempted to return to it now.
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