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  1. Grading has destroyed the market for trading cards (especially Pokémon) but it makes a lot more sense with those as they function well as collectibles. I always will be someone who buys games for the love of playing them so I’ll probably never keep stuff sealed (I’ve become massively keen on digital recently). The idea of a game going unplayed seems like a waste but I suppose they are just software at the end of the day, there are other ways to play them in a way that is on par or better than the original. It only really matters when inaccessibility creates issues
  2. Dig Dug


    Ghost Pilots is the worst shoot'em up I have ever played and beaten. Happy to be deleting it from my switch.
  3. They’ve shown the gameplay far too early. This is almost kof14 levels of bad first visual impression.
  4. RPGs are popular for the same reasons as always. They are mechanically simple, low impact games that anyone can beat given enough time. They give a very easy sense of cost value due to their length and for the most part can be played without the users full attention. They can invest more into visual elements such a graphics and art at a lower cost than more complex titles and can be among the best looking games on the market if given the budget. This isn’t me saying they are bad games or anything (some live and die on their battle systems), more that even the bes
  5. Did Raiden Fighters Aces on 360 ever get any kind of European release? Wikipedia says yes but I can’t find it.
  6. After the success of the guilty gear strive beta I can see players banding together to try and bully SNK into using rollback and I’m honestly all for it as the game needs to avoid being dead on arrival like 14 was.
  7. Atlus were on fire with the system and it’s a good thing they are still discounting their games on eshop as the Shin Megami Tensei series is excellent.
  8. Dig Dug


    Beat the first loop of Fantasy Zone on one credit in the sega ages version. Felt nice but the game is kind of easy and short so I'm going to aim for the two-all to properly legitmise it. Great game anyway, it's not hard to see why it is one of Hideki Kamiya's favourites. Either way I can add it the list alongside Thunder Force IV (Sega Ages) and Super XYX (True Last Boss) that I've 1CC'd so far this year. No idea what my next achievement will be but I still have the Thunder Force IV no miss on my mind alongside 1CC's for Jet Buster and Mushi (1CC'd novice original and maniac so it should
  9. I’m glad I don’t drink. I’d get wasted tonight if I did.
  10. The game bundles are listed as DLC.
  11. Dig Dug


    Cybattler got added to Arcade Archives today. Pretty damn good game.
  12. Dig Dug


    Giving me ptsd of the vasara collection switch port. No buy.
  13. Dig Dug


    5 frames is where I tend to draw the line on input lag so I’ll wait and see how things go with the collection.
  14. Dig Dug


    1cc Super XYX on challenging but failed the gauntlet so no true final boss feels bad. Currently waiting for the capcom arcade collection to release so I can give it a look.
  15. Dig Dug


    I'm addicted to Jet Blaster. Found bosses are the only thing in the game that really gives me trouble so I'm trying to bombless boss rush before I go for the 1CC. It's a struggle and I should just watch a replay but then I'd spend less time playing in the long run. It's fun to figure out these strategies.
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