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  1. Being able to use staves on any class is Micaiah’s personal skill. You will still have stave proficiency but can’t use them again until changing to a class that uses them. Proficiency is for unlocking classes you can change to.
  2. Rosado like all Wyverns is the unit you save your energy drops and speedwings for. They always arrive just short of greatness and need the push. I’ve not been using them but tonics also help when units are points short, they’ve been a blessing to low turn count and iron man players.
  3. They’ll probably release a DLC for level grinding at some point. The game is closer to older fire emblem games in terms of character progression, you can still grind skirmishes but if a character falls behind they risk becoming a sunk cost should you persist with training them. I put a lot of time class changing and then promoting to get a character to become a Wyvern but in the end she ended up weaker than I’d have liked. The build stat feels very important in this game. They’ve gone back to not having the strength stat determine weapon weight penalties. I’ve promoted 2 female units to Wyvern but I can’t fully take full advantage of the ability to use axes. Women in fire emblem have generally always had lower build/constitution than men by default and get hit harder by weapon speed penalties. I’m yet to see a statue frag in this game (40 hours in) so you can’t just item buff the weight penalties away. Boucheron has unimpressive looking stats but he’s never been bad for me. His build is so high that he’s been attacking with the strongest weapons without ever taking penalties for doing so. One of the best ways to over come getting growth screwed in FE is to forge. More atk, more hit and the weapons become lighter. My entire farm is 5 dogs for this reason.
  4. Played enough of hard mode now to decide that Ivy, Yunaka and Louis should be the back bone of every players run. Those 3 and the dancer are the best units in the game. Sigurd is also the best emblem.
  5. The blades in that game were designed by multiple artists, some of who are known Hentai artists. On that note, the lead artist for the Etrian Odyssey games is a Lolicon artist, which caused a massive stink when he was commissioned to do art for Fire Emblem Heroes due to how he made the female characters look like children.
  6. Fire Emblem has been a trend chaser ever since Awakening’s resounding success made the studio put their efforts into pandering to the obsessive fan market (aka otaku). You don’t even have to be a huge fan of the series to see how different it was before Awakening. Fire Emblem has changed considerably in the past 30 years. The Kaga-era saw each game play their medieval war fantasy inspirations straight with 1995’s Genealogy of the Holy War being compared by many to a George R.R. Martin epic. The departure of series creator Kaga saw the post-Kaga era simplify the series down into hero’s journey stories focusing on teenage protagonists. Come the 2010s the series was on its knees due to poor sales so they gambled on a new direction which the series has mostly been stuck on since. If Kaga’s games are comparable to fantasy novels like A Song of Ice and Fire, and post-Kaga comparable to Star Wars, then post-awakening Fire Emblem is comparable to anime like Sword Art Online and Fate. The Fate influence is especially strong in Engage, it even has a recruitable Femboy archetype character to match Fate’s infamous Astolfo character. The opening movie that plays when you boot up Fates mimics the kind of opening you’d see in most modern anime. Three Houses was in some respects a schizophrenic game. It tried to hark back to the Kaga-era with the setting, plot and protagonists but it also still wanted to appeal to the obsessive fans with the cast of side characters, saunas, tea parties and ability to marry other units. The character designs are also included in this. As a series Fire Emblem has mostly been solid at subverting female armour tropes while also recently having some hilariously bad examples of it. The series reminds me of being a pro wrestling fan in many respects, it has highs that will make you a fan for life while also subjecting you to many lows that will make you too embarrassed to ever share it with another human being. Fire Emblem as it is today is a product of Japanese trends, it is almost entirely detached from the designer who wanted to tell his own fantasy war stories through the medium of games. It would take a big shift in the entire Japanese fandom market for Fire Emblem to move away from what it has become, the game design (each unit is a unique character who can die forever and therefore matters) is just too well suited to otaku, idol and gatcha gaming culture.
  7. Healing is staff base heal + users magic stat.
  8. Few more notes on classes since I’m still learning this game as I go along. 1. Any items used in a tempest trial will return to your inventory after. You can class change with a master seal on the deployment menu during a tempest trial. The unit will revert to their base class and you will get the seal back after you’ve left the tempest trial. It’s a nice way to try before you buy on class changes. 2. you can only change to classes outside standard progression if you have weapon proficiency. You obtain proficiency by bonding with emblems. Because I bonded Louis (armor knight) with Sigurd I was able to promote him to a Great Knight instead of a General thanks to the sword proficiency gained from Sigurd. 3. Thief and other “special” category classes do not have a standard promotion and continue to level past 20. If you want to promote them you must have them gain weapon proficiency. 4. some emblems can teach proficiency in 2 or more weapon types. Leif being an example.
  9. Go by growths and what power level you need in the moment. If you've got a character who has already maxed out a key stat (such as strength, speed or magic) then they won't be able to increase that stat any further until they promote and raise the cap on the stat. If a character has growths that good you typically don't need to promote them early as the character doesn't need help and can take advantage of more level up stat rolls. Every class in the game has a base stat line that must be met; if a character has been RNG screwed on level ups then the promotion will automatically push them up to the class base regardless of previous level ups. (Say your mage has 6 mag, but sage has a base of 12, the units Magic stat will automatically jump to 12 on promotion). Some classes you don't need to promote early, such as healers and other non-combat units. Movement has always been a big incentive to promote early as units generally gain +1 move on promotion. Weapon and staff utility is also to be considered. Some units gain a second weapon type on promotion. Early promotion is something you'll never know to do until you have read a guide to be honest. On a first playthrough it is pretty much guesswork. Early promotion candidates in FE games are often: Flying Units, Magic users who gain staff utility, mounted units (in the games where the promotion gives +2 move) and Armor Knights. Because you can use second seal to change to other classes in the same tier, it becomes even more complicated on when to promote. My favourite example of an early promote is Canas from Fire Emblem GBA. Joins as a usable but unspectacular level 10 Dark Mage, if you promote him immediately he becomes one of the best units in the game because of his stat gains and newfound ability to use staves and act as a healer. Another example from the same game is Oswin the Armor Knight, his stat line is so good that promoting him at level 10 turns him into an absolute monster.
  10. Louis + Sigurd is absolutely game breaking by the way. Armor Knight with 12 move. Practically immune to physical attacks and can dish it out also.
  11. As an Everton fan all this shit today is so absurd that I can't be upset. It's crossed the line into being funny.
  12. Considering the first 3 Harry Potter books were mandatory reads in my primary school this justifies being posted. The problems caused by this woman are not exclusively a trans issue. Framing it as such has allowed to her to mostly get away with it. Transphobia is rooted in both misogyny and homophobia. To attack that group is to attack others by association. He/him lesbians were a thing before the media obsession of trans people, nothing being presented in the “trans debate” is new. The only thing that changed is that more people are now willingly coming out as LGBT+. Rowling and her ilk are reacting to something that is inherently counter-cultural be it gay men, non-binaries, butch lesbians or cis-women who do not align with a closed idea of what a woman should be. This was never just about trans people. When people say you can’t buy this game and call yourself an ally with a straight face, this is what they mean. Business success is vindication for Rowling, that’s been established enough times by now.
  13. Awakening has some story content DLC. If you’re choosy then avoid any DLC that involves quick level ups, extra gold etc. The only DLC really worthwhile in Echoes is the Rise of the Deliverance prologue chapters.
  14. I’m of the belief that novelty music games have extended the lives of arcades over the last 20 years. Dance Dance Revolution gave western arcades a last hurrah in the 00s. Japanese arcades are pretty much flooded with music games: Beatmania, Pop n, taiko, dance rush, project diva, the game that looks like a washing machine and so on. All of these games still get updates and revisions. They are impractical for the home so the arcades remain the only place you can normally play then. Even so, that side of Japanese arcades is declining and many of these machines are now falling into the hands of private collectors who play them in their homes. Having grown up in a seaside town I do think the move to make the arcades glorified casinos with claws and novelty ticket games has been a decision made for the sake of short term profit. These places will go out of business if they weren’t being carried by gambling addicts. I am also well aware of the card scan system used by fun factory brand arcades. I’m pretty sure the card costs £1 and comes with that same £1 on the card. I heard they wanted to release a mobile app but I guess it never took off. Japanese arcades still take coin but the best way to play them now is to buy a card such as a konami paseli as it comes out cheaper then using coin and it gives you bonus features in games. That said the cards can also cut into arcade profits which is another bastard move the game companies pull on the arcades to squeeze money from them. Pay-to-enter arcades are the way things are going. I’m fine with that if they aim for quality like arcade club do. NQ64 I’m not that impressed by, it prioritises bar goers and the machines vary in maintenance quality (the fighting games always have busted controls), they have also changed settings on some machines to get people off them faster (2 songs per credit instead of 3 on DDR, for example).
  15. Awakening was an excellent game in its own right and I put many hours into it. I won’t dispute it being a good game. I think any revisionism’s of that game are a consequence of Fates existing and highlighting all the flaws Awakening had by making them more exposed. Awakenings map design isn’t the strongest, the pair up system is too strong, there is a lack of tactical flexibility because of the accumulative systems and the game overall is designed around Min-maxing your units to clear entire armies in the enemy phase. Super hardcore dislike it for that, it’s not a real strategy game to them. Some of those criticisms could be aimed at Echoes also but Fire Emblem Gaiden was designed to be a JRPG with a strategy game battle system. Awakening is a SRPG with JRPG progression. Sacred Stones did the same but that game was far more restrictive with classes and progression so the balancing never got broken. If you’re going to pour 100 hours into one save then Awakening is fantastic for that. I’ve gone back to awakening but the super flexibility of the games design and class systems almost makes it feel inflexible, especially if you try to go old school and do story chapters & gardens only with no grinding. All this without going into the creative side of the franchise following awakenings success. It did save the franchise, and came at a time where loading up games to be feature heavy was the popular design trend. Times change and even if the game hasn’t changed or aged, our tastes have.
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