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  1. Fuddle


    good! i bet pretty much everybody here knows that game like the back of their hand and could do it. I know my time isnt great, but i'm really happy i did it and got it on the official leaderboard thingy. and it was fun making the video too.
  2. Fuddle


    i am currently the 883rd best super mario world player EVER! (kinda) i'm pretty happy with that, i'm going to resist temptation of trying to improve it right now (which should be easy), as i want to try something else. https://www.speedrun.com/smw/run/y8r99kxm
  3. Open now with redd. hes got the usual stuff. Scary Japanese guy, chick with ferret, milk jug woman. Don’t know if any are real. I just bought a statue without even thinking about it.
  4. Decided to try a speed run, and super Mario world seems like a great place to start. I can definitely do better, there’s plenty of places for improvement. But just getting it done is good enough for now, the extra pressure of doing it all at once is real. submitted it to speed run.com as well, hopefully it’s ok for them. and here’s a few cock ups too Got a few ideas for what do next too
  5. Just do the bits you like. i haven’t hit rocks or looked at the nook atm in ages. I don’t bother speaking to villagers unless I think they might move out. I find the daily visitor, check turnip prices and maybe do a little redesign. 10 minutes everyday is the best way to play this.
  6. I still buy a few every week and check prices when I can. But being back at work means I always miss morning prices. i think I’ve only noticed a decent price worth sharing once this whole time though.
  7. Yeah, I went 350 / 450. but it will probably be a slightly weird amount instead.
  8. Lovely. I’ll have this. got a couple of the PSP versions around here somewhere. would love a controller to go with it.
  9. I decided to have a go at something different, and made a list! Cos that seems like a very “YouTube “ thing to do. and a normal one too. The list of fighters I want to play is around 50 something, so I’m aiming for one a month now... maybe. trying for chronological if I can.
  10. Got your friend request. Still open
  11. I’m open now with redd visiting. he has fake statues...David and the little alien looking thing.
  12. Thanks for that. Since going back to work I’ve not played much, haven’t seen her in ages!
  13. the sega rally 2 from the first post is all black and white for me, and the menus are definitely not right for 1 and 2. i'm shit at pc stuff though, and i havent even tried daytona yet. i assume its all because i only have a rubbish laptop. (it probably belongs in that ordinary things you never did thread in off topic....but before this year i never even used a pc/windows)
  14. ps2 version of initial d was awesome. and the psp one is almost the same game...i think it just doesn't have the story parts. as noted above, the ps3 one was quite a let down. its a constant frustration to me that sega has this amazing license and doesnt do home ports. i should try and emulate the earlier arcade ones, although my pc is just a little laptop. it might not do it.
  15. Still picking away at an 11 exit super Mario world run. i can definitely do it, but the extra pressure of trying to record it makes me do stupid things.... I just died on bowser where it would have been under 15 minutes. i don’t care if it’s not super fast and perfect, I just want one run where I don’t die!
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