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  1. golf has to be Everybody's Golf, which version is the question. I think PS3 is probably my favourite, but they are all brilliant. I still love Super Tennis on the SNES which is pretty much perfect. obviously the japanese version for the swears. Smash Tennis on the SNES is also great with the multitap for four players, I presume anna kournikova is a sequel
  2. I don't think I'm going to do a whole season like this again next year, its been a lot more work than I thought. Although I do have an idea for something maybe in the future, which would probably be more! I do want to go back and play some of these arcade games again, and do the courses I missed, so there might be F1 games still on those weekends. And I'm now pretty sure I'm going to try and do almost only racing games on my channel instead of a big mish mash of stuff, which is probably good for the youtube side of things.
  3. Fuddle

    Squid Game

    i'm not watching that unless they actually do get shot.
  4. I know nothing about league of legends, but it looks pretty nice. I’m slightly turned off by the easy input stuff, although I don’t know why as I’m rubbish anyway, so it’s probably good for me! looking forward to seeing more of it, but presumably it’s not going to be out for ages.
  5. Round 21 - South Africa I can't do Qatar, so back by popular demand is South Africa. Its a great circuit too. Another very long race, so I decided to cut a few laps like the channel 4 highlights. Great game this one, which I hadn't played before. I wasn't expecting much from it, so was pleasantly surprised. Very twitchy on the steering, but lots of fun once you get used to it. Results
  6. is that a dig? people who can watch it legitimately enjoy it, people who watch it other ways are just hate watching? maybe I'm reading into it
  7. Round 20 - Brazil Brazil is in every F1 game ever I think, so it's finally time for some N64, and there's quite a few to choose from. I think this one might be the best? Its a long one this, the shortest you can do is 10%, so its a big 7 laps! The main problem with this is the steering, which is very weird. You kinda rotate around the outside edge of the analogue stick like a steering wheel, and occasionally it just seems to drop the input. So I spent most of my time with this game on edge wondering when it was going to happen next. Apart from that its pretty good. Results
  8. that Italy race up there was in duckstation, but I haven't ever really messed around with the settings. partly because my laptop is rubbish, but mainly as I quite like keeping it looking like a real playstation. I'm not too fond of seeing games on youtube that look way better than they ever did originally. I assume you can make all the polygons look super clean and crisp though.
  9. Round 19 - Mexico We're in the home stretch now. Got all the last races recorded, just needing to add the Murray Walker commentary now. This is a game I always wanted back when it was new. It always looked cool in magazines, now I've played it I think I dodged a bullet. It is incredibly difficult. I didn't really want to use so many SNES games, but this is the best version I think. The PC Engine version doesn't have the map which makes it incredibly hard, and the MegaDrive one has a mini map/radar type thing which isn't much use either. I wonder how much I would have persevered if I had ever got hold of it back in the day? Results
  10. Round 18 - USA! So this is definitely not retro! I got this in a sale at the beginning of the year with the intention of using it for this series, then decided it was too modern. Unfortunately I got to this stage of the season and realised USA isn't in a many games as I expected... even the indy circuit. So I went back to this, and then noticed it has Russia in it too, so I could have had the proper circuit a few races ago after all. I'm not really much a fan of this to be honest. The first thing that annoys me is the presentation, it seems to take forever to just get into a race compared to most of the stuff I've been playing lately. And it's just a bit too realistic I think. I spent most of this small race trying to keep my position rather than zooming around like you do in more retro/arcade like games. It was interesting to see how things have changed, but I just dont think its as much fun though. Results.
  11. maybe its because i dont have proper twitter (or i dont understand how it works), but when i click on a link people post here like that trailer, i expect to see loads of hate filled comments, but its always just people being super excited. what i do have is instagram... and pretty much anything discovery related gets tons of negative feedback, even jokey memes. so its definitely not just confined to this place.
  12. Kapp’n’s the best thing about all this!
  13. Fuddle

    Squid Game

    Just finished off the last episode. It’s largely great. but the few bad parts are really bad. I’m actually a bit disappointed to hear people talk about a second series. It could have been an awesome one and done show.
  14. largely deep space nine all the way. picard and sisko are pretty equal though... i could go either way depending on the day and great to see voyager's doctor getting so many, best thing in that show.
  15. I don’t get why they’re trying to make “let’s fly” a thing. “Engage” is obviously linked to Picard, but it’s not like he was the only one to say it, the other captains don’t have catchphrases do they... nothings Jumping out at me now I’m thinking about it.
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