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  1. Imola, San Marino, Italy part 1?...whatever you want to call it, my third race is finally here, and the start of the european part of the tour. The sun is shining, Damon Hill is on pole position, and Murray Walker is back in the commentary box. We've got real excitement coming up now! F1 Championship Edition - SNES version. This is a pretty good game. Feels really fast when you're playing it. Qualifying seems pretty important, as overtaking is super difficult, and can get a bit frustrating. You don't really get much punishment for bumping into othe
  2. Noooooo, although I like the idea of turkey too.
  3. ok, i cant resist an opportunity to pimp my youtube. www.youtube.com/user/AvexFuddle I started this last year, mainly playing old arcade games in mame, and seeing if i could actually figure them out with a couple of credits. And this year i started trying out a few different things to keep it interesting. but i gotta say you tube is a lot harder than i thought. i count over 20 views on a video as very successful! it feels a bit weird to try and pick the best, as im not sure any are that great. (and dont worry, you wont see my stupid face or hear my stupid voic
  4. Open with shooting stars if anybody still needs them
  5. Well jealous! loved the ps2 and PSP versions. The ps3 one just wasn’t quite right. i need to look into teknoparrat more, but I suspect my little laptop won’t be up to the task.
  6. Even the cat gets a dramatic turn to camera! picard season 2 is tempting, but I can avoid this.
  7. some mentions of games i've already recorded, which is very nice to see. got a few more modern stuff coming in the post, as i need a few for newer tracks. i cant remember what ive ordered now, might be 2002, 2010 and 2013 for ps2, ps3 and xbox 360. trying to get a good mix of platforms.
  8. Fuddle

    F1 2020

    I just got 2018 as it was cheapest. I only really want it to try a couple of modern tracks like Azerbaijan, it seems ok so far. But it does seem to take ages to get into a basic race, way too many loading screens etc. I guess I’m just used to playing super old retro stuff. Had to work through a bunch of options and turn off annoying stuff, but I think I’ve got something I like more now.
  9. Confusing it for Pangya maybe? im kinda glad to hear this doesn’t have online... that would tip me over. But I think I can do without, I was just thinking of getting the vita out again the other day too just for some golf. of course if there was a new ps5 game...
  10. I’ve no idea why you wouldn’t have rules about going outside the track limits, seems bonkers. moto gp have been doing it for ages and it works pretty well most of the time. There has to be some punishment, and I don’t see gravel traps coming back, although it would be awesome to see them coping with real repercussions of making mistakes.
  11. Fuddle

    Moto GP

    I can’t wait for him to come back. it would be so funny if he just rolled up and destroyed everybody again. I’d love it.
  12. That was from the ‘arcade’ part of the game, but there’s lots of options. Obviously I had damage off as I was hitting everybody. Still great fun though. Almost all the games I have planned for this aren’t what I would call technical. There’s even a few proper arcade games coming up if it all goes according to plan.
  13. I've decided to try and do a thing this year. I'm going to make my own F1 championship! Every weekend that there is a real race I'm going to play a different retro F1 game, hopefully on as close to the real track as I can get. Seeing how good or bad they actually are, and if the games still hold up these days. And of course I'll be adding up all the points as I go. I decided to get organised and make a start on this earlier in the year, and made videos for Australia, Bahrain and China... and then the schedule all got changed. But I really wanted to start with the orig
  14. Just turned the ps3 on for the first time in years. I’d totally forgotten what I had on here. GTI club, afterburner climax! Wipeout hd, outrun2. loads of stuff I want to play again now, tempted to do journey and unfinished swan again. i do have dark mist, which I remember really liking at the time too, so I need to check that out again.
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