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  1. Open with Celeste here. up by the houses, if anybody still needs recipes. Seen a few stars too
  2. I guess most people have the new insects by now, but I wanted to make a little video for them. It was supposed to be in more of a ‘spring watch’ style. But that was hard.
  3. I’ve got redd here today if anybody wants him. not sure what’s real/fake. scary Japanese bloke vegetable guy lady with ferret
  4. A couple of SNK games here. jumping Cross which I had never heard of. and then Fatal Fury. It’s been a while since my sf2 vid, so I wanted another fighter (and now I want to do them all in order)
  5. I’ve used up all the bait I had amassed over the past few weeks... maybe 100? did it all exclusively off the pier, and finally got the giant trevally I wanted for my own wall of fish. So it was worth it for that.
  6. Not me, I saw some stuff and thought it was for cataloguing, but there was nothing I didn’t already have.
  7. I made a thing. (Somehow cocked up and it’s only mono... but it’s too late now)
  8. I just discovered the cannonball version of outrun. I’m sure it’s old news. But it’s great. It doesn’t seem to like my pedals, so I’m using a normal controller which is a shame. really enjoying it though, I don’t remember really playing outrun before... not sure why it passed me by, I guess it wasn’t on SNES, and I skipped Saturn at the time.
  9. Yeah, it used to be there before you talk to them. But now it seems to pop up like that for a second after. i never noticed it before the update
  10. I’ve got the mermaid dress and tiara! It’s like he knows me! and it seems every time I visit somebody else for Celeste I get home to find her at my place too
  11. Got all the new ones now. I stayed up late last night just for the scarab, which took a few attempts as it appeared on a tree with a hedge around it first and I missed. i did look up what the giraffe looked like though, so I knew I wasn’t scaring off stuff I needed.
  12. Just got a recipe for a boomerang, unfortunately it’s just something to hang on the wall. Was really hoping I could hold it like a wand or tambourine. we need more stuff like that. Hopefully Brewster will appear and I can walk around with a cup of coffee again.
  13. Put me in the ‘loved it’ section. i think it was very much in the spirit of Eurovision, and I really want to go listen to some random europop now. I wonder if Graham norton is in all versions?
  14. Finally got all the new fish, and there’s a million other stuff to catch. I’ll have to rethink my great fish wall.
  15. Could I have one of those too? is there one of kappn as well, was it you that had all the cards ?
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