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  1. Another reasonably nice episode, good that we are seeing a bit more of the different crew members. Already more than the first few seasons of discovery. They really do need to lay off the tragic back stories though, it’s getting comedic now.
  2. Pleasantly surprised it’s still okay! Swearing still feels weird, and I did roll my eyes at But still, not bad
  3. I’m amazed it was good. A nice self contained story, nothing immediately jumped out as not making sense. Nobody even cried! Im not convinced it won’t shit the bed next week, I totally skipped the ‘this season on...’ trailer nonsense tv shows insist on these days. but once more I have hopes that Star Trek can be good again.
  4. Hopped on to check out the new dailies, and got a super easy win. Guy in first just didn’t brake at the Suzuka chicane at the end of the first lap, leaving me two seconds ahead for most of the race. Guy in second binned it on the first corner of the last lap. Won by almost ten seconds! It feels so weird winning like that, I’m so used to arcade games where you fly past cpu cars, but still only just win because they are all spread out.
  5. I’ll watch it, but I’m not going to tricked this early. I fully expect it to be a drawn out season long story of saving the universe again. And if it’s not I’ll get a nice surprise.
  6. I’d happily spend ages doing that if it counted, hopefully the time trial stuff will get added soon.
  7. Amazingly enough I managed to win another online race, this time in that radical car. I understand it’s not that impressive to most, but it’s so rare I’m in that position I was practically having heart palpitations for most of this race! I usually get shunted off in the first few corners, so don’t worry there won’t be many of these.
  8. I quite like this new “don’t be a dick” video in the sport section. Although I’m not sure many people are going to take any notice of it.
  9. I was really surprised the cappuccino want in originally, it’s the first car I went to buy. But I guess there isn’t the usual kei class races upfront anyway. Hopefully they add some more.
  10. I did like the zero/alpha games, and have quite a few over a bunch of consoles, but I’m another that never really got it properly. All the different v-isms are something I never worked out properly, and just stuck with a standard street fighter 2 play style. It wasn’t until 3rd strike that I got back into actually learning how to play properly. The style of the alpha games is probably my favourite though, the cool anime style art and the presentation of the menus. The announcers! And of course the easy cross overs with the marvel games. Having a style across multiple games was a brilliant idea.
  11. Trying to get some model 2 stuff recorded now, without going for the super obvious ones just yet.
  12. Where did that magic thingy go anyway? It would have been fucking useful this series!
  13. And it’s another episode done, somebody’s going to do a “fan” edit of this when it’s over and it won’t be as long as a normal tng episode. Just so bad.
  14. It would be nice if the specific car you need for an online race is actually available to buy... My GTO has the widebody mod, so isn’t eligible for this week’s race A. So instead I’ve been messing about in race B... using the Suzuki swift. Not coming last counts as a win in my book!
  15. Every time an episode of this ends I’m sat here wondering what actually happened! Because it’s absolutely fuck all.
  16. It took me bloody ages to make this, I'm not sure anybody will even get it.
  17. Advertising season 3 half way through season 2 is a new one on me. Sadly I assume they're getting on with it as quick as possible before Patrick Stewart deteriorates more. I haven't seen twitter, but I'm always amazed how upbeat people on Instagram are about modern trek. Modern fans calling anybody who dislikes it 'Trekbros' as if old fans are incapable of understanding this amazing new thing. If it was exactly the same story with new characters/universe, nothing to do with Star Trek, it would have died on its arse instantly. It's just bad sci-fi.
  18. I couldn’t really be bothered to play it last night, but then thought I’d just do enough for the marathon ticket thing... went and won my second race! And the ticket got me a genesis car. Whatever that is. It might not be the most exciting race ever, but I’m well happy with my D rank victory
  19. Finally won a race! Didn't think it would ever happen. It's not easy being clean. Of course in the next race I got smashed into on the first corner and ended up last by about 30 seconds.
  20. What! I still play a few rounds every week or so too. I’d like to think this means there will be a new version, but then again I don’t think it really needs one.
  21. Was really hoping there’d be a super basic dirt cheap option with no games at all. I’m only paying it for online play, couldn’t care less about most of the ‘free’ games.
  22. This go kart race is full of dirty scumbags, but it’s still pretty fun!
  23. Been attempting to record my steering wheel and get that in a few of my videos as well as just the game footage. I think it works ok.
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