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  1. Non-fan of football here. (As in, I’m indifferent. And uninformed. I’m asking as this is all over the news cycle today.) This new Super League – are the British football teams leaving the existing Premier league to join the super league, or trying to be part of both somehow?
  2. Have to admit, I think the Flagsmasher leader suffers from one of the worst bit of miscasting in the MCU. Up there with Karen Gillan, Natalie Portman and Martin Freeman.
  3. Interestingly the joint mission actually happened in real life, but in 1975. I think it’s a Russian ruse on this case, though. Predictions:
  4. Oh yeah. It's part of the appeal, the larger-than-life, over-the-top element of it. Accept that it's not on the naturalistic end of the anime spectrum(!), and you'll have a great time watching.
  5. *Scoots off to Youtube quickly* Didn't know that Japanese Tetris was different to the NES one before. Blimey. So, that's three NES/Famicon Tetrises, with the Tengen one taken into account. (Or four, if you count Tetris Flash.) Nice Famicom carts collection, BTW.
  6. That's probably why I've got a small pile of Famicom cartridges in my collection, even though I have no relevant hardware to actually play them on. The cartridges look nice, though – there's a certain toyetic appeal in the case colours and label designs which goes back to a much more innocent era of gaming.
  7. Oh, that was good, despite the wonky conspiracy angle which could’ve been excised in editing. Watched it last year. The documentary hit my girlfriend fairly hard in places, as she remembers her early childhood in post-reunification Germany, when people in the east were downtrodden and impoverished due to mass unemployment – the social misery we had under Thatcher during the first half of the eighties, eastern Germany had to a larger degree from 1990 onwards. That was a major consequence of reunification that we aren’t generally aware of in the English speaking world, one which still deeply aff
  8. Me too. They ideally needed editing down to 8 or 9 episodes, IMO (too much padding and characters clumsily recapping the plot to each other), but they were good. Going to be charitable with TF&TWS and assume the pandemic issues and hasty rewrites caused the studio a lot of problems, particularly if as rumoured there was a now-deleted plague/virus storyline.
  9. I had less disappointment with the Netflix series as they weren’t in the main continuity and starring the Avengers characters. I gave up on all of them partway through (didn’t even make it past ep. 2 of The Punisher). Liked season 1 of Daredevil and Jessica Jones, but both were riddled with padding and pacing issues. I think given I’ve spent the past five weeks rewatching all of the MCU films, and seen how the films are mostly actually good, I’ve probably got a lower tolerance for the mini-series not being up to scratch. (Agree about the pandemic issues, FWIW. WandaVision seemed to
  10. The Black Widow film better be half decent to compensate a bit, because the MCU really feels like it’s going off the boil. I’ll be generous and put it down to the studio not having a proper grasp on how to write the characters and setting into a mini-series format, but I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t disappointing more than the Netflix MCU-adjacent series ever did.
  11. Brucie Tangles-Voldemort’s claims that he invented the concept of graphics in computer games have nothing on this wild tale of an implausible career progression.
  12. I bought a lovingly-refurbished GB Pocket off an Excellent Forumite, but that’s it. I haven’t bought any retro games software for going on three years, because the prices for most stuff is extreme these days. Even a global mega-recession seems to not have cooled the overheating market. Feel fortunate in retrospect that I acquired the important bulk of my retro collection between 2010 and 2015, before the market bubble. (Another issue of course being that if you’ve got to isolate during a pandemic, you can’t exactly play many multi-player retro games. Well, very many if you live wit
  13. @Fallows I’m assuming it’s not that dissimilar, once familiarised, to keeping your computer’s OS updated with the latest updates and patches?
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