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  1. Believe it not, that trope is recognised to the point it even has a name: planet of hats. (I agree that it’s a main limitation of the Trek ‘verse. Always thought it was a shame that the Star Trek Phase 2 script was never made, or or reused, where the Enterprise crew visit the Klingon homeworld. The Klingons as we the viewers knew them to that point were going to be discovered to be merely a warrior caste of a much wider civilisation, sort of a Space Samurai from a Space Japan.)
  2. Err, I got some free Apple TV action with my new iPhone. So I tried this, as it's the only series I've actually heard of.* Does it pick up after the first two episodes? It didn't engage me at all, despite the subject matter/concept being something I'd like, on paper anyway. (No, I didn't look at the second season trailer to avoid spoilers in case I stick with the series.) * Series or original film. Had no idea what any of them were that weren't For All Mankind. In fact, I'd probably have forgotten about the existence of Apple TV had my phone not started to pester me th
  3. Err, I’m not a Nintendo fanboy, but without Nintendo, specially the Switch, I wouldn’t even be into non-retro gaming. Don’t own a PS4 or PS5 or Xbox, and couldn’t even tell you what the new Xbox is specifically called(!), and have real motivation or time to get involved with the systems. I ‘get’ that Nintendo is quite frustratingly consumer-unfriendly in some ways, and rather backwards in some attitudes, but I also think they genuinely think of themselves as showering its users with fan-pleasing cool stuff, even if like the Switch NES/SNES games service, their offering could be far
  4. I agree that the DS version is actually really good, despite the DS hardware limitations, which includes the lack of an analogue nub. It’s actually... underrated, I’d say. In terms of DS and Mario Kart canon. (Why the dislike of 7, by the way? Not that I’m questioning your choice, as I haven’t played it in eight years and don’t remember much about it.) Would love Nintendo to make a back to basics Mario Kart, short, tight courses with plenty of laps, but with 3D graphics. To be honest.
  5. @ZOK @Silent Runner @Ste Pickford @Majora thanks for the RMDs. I’ll have a look at those various Netflix films. Edit: Had forgotten about The Irishman, which I have seen, incidentally. Think it needed a tighter edit, but it was still worth seeing.
  6. This isn’t available on BritBox or similar, is it? Would like to see how it’s held up after 11 years.
  7. I don’t think I’ve seen any decent Netflix original films ever, apart from Mank, which flopped in terms of ratings due to being slow paced and shot in black-and-white (and not being lowest common denominator trash, I guess). Netflix was at its best when it was a mix of their own (admittedly variable quality) series, bought-in series like Better Call Saul, Disney/Marvel stuff like Daredevil, big studio feature films and older British TV series. It’s since lost most of its older USP, to be honest, and I agree with @Art Vandelay about the direction Netflix seems to be heading in with
  8. Both are re-skins rather than sequels, really.
  9. Two of the outdoor scenes looked like Japan. The rest looked like wherever in Georgia they film the rest of it. I'm wondering how much of this is meant to be intentionally sitcom-y. The single-camera overlit US sitcom visual style that pervades throughout certainly suggests it kind of is. But then don't US soap operas usually look that style too? (Incidentally, one of my theories was that Cobra Kai is set in a universe where handguns aren't popular – or possibly even actually legal – in the States, and alternative forms of violence like karate fill the void as an outlet
  10. Would the little-known Ghoul Patrol being the sequel to Zombies Ate My Neighbors count?
  11. Good news for those of us who enjoyed this Bubble Bobble -alike on our Amigas and STs circa 1991.
  12. Amazing what secrets still can be found in olden games all these years later...
  13. Heh, true. The other three shouldn’t suffer (J. Marr seems to have distanced himself from the unfortunate comments he made as a younger man, so fair enough).
  14. Rewatched this film for the first time since I saw it in the cinema on St. Boxing’s Day morning two years ago. Still like it. Still pretty obvious where it’s had rewrites/reshoots shoved in. Think the superfluous videogame cutscene at the start needed excising. Wish there was a way for the Smiths songs to be digitally removed, as Americans unfortunately still haven’t realised what a racist bellend S. Morrissey is.
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